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WWE 205 Live results: Six-pack challenge for SummerSlam title shot

- In the opening video, Drake Maverick talked about 205 Live getting back to normal after his match against Mike Kanellis last week. Maverick said Kanellis is still welcome to compete in the cruiserweight division -- and he won't do anything to hurt Kanellis' career professionally.

Maverick hyped tonight's number one contender's six-pack challenge. Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari, Jack Gallagher, Oney Lorcan, Akira Tozawa, and Kalisto will face off to determine Drew Gulak's challenger for SummerSlam.

- Humberto Carrillo came out with a revamped entrance video. It's still just his name, but it's in a better font than Arial. Lince Dorado entered to face Carrillo for the honor of lucha libre.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Lince Dorado ended in a double countout

They exchanged some arm work while Nigel McGuinness talked about historic masks in wrestling -- including Rey Mysterio and Blue Demon's. Dorado took Carrillo down with a spinning headscissors, then they missed stereo dropkicks and had a stalemate spot.

A handshake got mild applause, but the "lu-cha" chant got the crowd going. Dorado dropkicked Carrillo out and hit a springboard crossbody ala Taka Michinoku. They exchanged sunset flips into basement dropkicks. Aiden English talked about the Lucha House Party making lucha bigger than its ever been, and saying something like that after Triplemania is so monumentally stupid. 

Dorado hit a handspring kick and a crossbody off the top after Carrillo did a backflip off the top and a back roll on the mat to create separation. Dorado landed a leg drop off the top onto the apron while Carrillo was draped over the second rope.

Dorado missed a giant splash. Carrillo missed a Neuralyzer kick by a mile, but it was supposed to hit and Dorado's a pro, so it got two.

Dorado and Carrillo fought up top and Carrillo dropkicked him to the floor. Carrillo then hit a flipping dive and slammed his own back into the barricade. Dorado stopped Carrillo from getting back into the ring at nine. The referee counted them both out, with Carrillo coming in under the rope right as the decision was called for.

Carrillo took out Dorado and Gran Metalik with a dive after the match.

- Tony Nese talked about overcoming adversity and wanting to take back the Cruiserweight title. Nese said he doesn't know where he stands in the division if he doesn't win.

- Daivari spoke to Dorado and acted as a devil on his shoulder. Dorado said he's proud to be a part of the Lucha House Party, but Daivari pointed out that Kalisto is in the six-pack challenge and he thinks Dorado deserved that shot.

- Gallagher said he wants to fight Gulak to prove to him that he can beat him and become champion in his first shot at the title.

- Tozawa said that he knows what it's like to lose the title at SummerSlam, and he'll let Gulak know first-hand what that feels like.

Oney Lorcan defeated Tony Nese, Jack Gallagher, Kalisto, Akira Tozawa, and Ariya Daivari in a six-pack challenge

Tozawa hit a suicide dive onto Daivari to start and everyone chopped Daivari's chest to bits. Daivari went up top and just dove onto nothing as the pile of guys move away.

Nese and Kalisto had a fast-paced exchange in the corner before Nese faked out Tozawa off a lariat and then fell prey to a hopping arm drag from Kalisto. Lorcan hit a series of stiff strikes to Nese mid-ring before diving onto the pile on the floor with a flip dive.

Gallagher did his goofy umbrella dive before Kalisto dove onto the pile and they caught him. They opted to just heave him over the announce table, smashing his right leg on the table and sending the rest of his body into the barricade on the floor. Well, that was completely nuts.

Daivari chucked Gallagher into the barricade and started another war with Lorcan. Lorcan hit a blockbuster for two, but Gallagher broke up the pin. Gallagher got a Muta lock-style knee snap, but he got put into the Iron Octopus by Tozawa. Lorcan was put in a neck lock by Nese. Daivari broke it up, then Kalisto landed a crossbody on him.

A basement rana to Daivari got two. Nese superkicked Lorcan and hit a Dudebuster for two. Tozawa hit a shining wizard, but Nese powerbombed him onto Lorcan for two. Gallagher clubbed away on Nese and hit the knockout headbutt for 2.9!

Nearly everyone fought with Nese up top. He got put into a tree of woe but hit a Tower of Doom German suplex on Gallagher and Kalisto. Daivari frog splashed onto Tozawa for two. Lorcan and Daivari stiffed each other with chops and forearms before Daivari hit a Rainmaker.

A chain of finishers took place before Nese hit a German suplex in the corner and a Running Nese on Gallagher. Before Nese could go for the pin, Lorcan hit a half-and-half suplex on Nese to win the match and get a shot at Gulak's Cruiserweight title on Sunday.

Gulak vs. Lorcan should be a fantastic match and could end up being the best match on the SummerSlam card.

With Lorcan mid-ring and Gulak on the ramp, they had a staredown to close the show. This really needs one more episode of build to do something to make you care about these two facing each other -- even if it's just something focusing on their styles.