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WWE 205 Live results: SummerSlam rematch

- A recap of the SummerSlam Cruiserweight Championship title match between Drew Gulak and Oney Lorcan started the episode off and told the tale of Gulak using a shot to the throat to retain -- thus causing a rematch tonight.

The move was just Umaga's old Ugandan spike, so I'm not really sure why that was never a DQ, but at least it led to a great match on this show.

A recap of the six-pack challenge that Lorcan won last week told the story of Jack Gallagher coming closer than ever to a title shot.

Akira Tozawa defeated Jack Gallagher

Gallagher started the match off with a lot of mat work before Tozawa escaped and locked on the Iron Octopus. Gallagher sent him outside face-first into the post for a nine count. Tozawa came up with some blood, leading to the ref checking on him before Gallagher wore him down with a straightjacket choke.

Tozawa recovered, landed a shining wizard, and wanted the flying senton. Gallagher telegraphed his escape, so Tozawa rolled out instead of going for the senton. That led to Tozawa being put in a Gory Special, but he escaped, kicked Gallagher to the floor, and hit a suicide dive.

Tozawa hit a facebuster, then another shining wizard got two. Gallagher hit a nice dropkick and put Tozawa in a vertebreaker position before ramming his gut into the buckle. Tozawa countered a superplex attempt and landed the senton off the top. Gallagher's foot was briefly on the rope, but Tozawa was still given the win.

- Oney Lorcan cut an intense promo swearing that he'll get revenge and win the Cruiserweight title tonight.

- We saw that Humberto Carrillo found Gran Metalik down and out backstage, resulting in Lince Dorado not trusting Carrillo. So of course, Drake Maverick said that -- with Metalik unable to wrestle -- Kalisto & Dorado will instead team with Carrillo tonight in their match against Ariya Daivari & The Singh Brothers.

Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Humberto Carrillo defeated Ariya Daivari & The Singh Brothers

On commentary, Nigel McGuinness said he's tired of speculating on all the sneak attacks in WWE. Daivari ate some arm drags and arm work by Carrillo. Sunil Singh was then worked over before Dorado sprung off the second rope onto him for two. Kalisto came in and got beaten down with a variety of double and triple-teams before a backbreaker from Daivari got two.

Vic Joseph said that Kalisto was doing some good lucha things before getting cut off, which may be his best line ever. Carrillo came back in and hit a sliding dropkick against Sunil and a standing moonsault for two. Dorado and Carrillo hit stereo dives onto the Singhs on the floor.

Daivari left the Singhs high and dry. Carrillo dropkicked Sunil and hit a splash off the top, but Dorado made a blind tag and stole the pin after hitting a Shooting Star Press on Sunil.

- Gulak talked about changing the division and wanting worthy contenders. Instead, he got the ghosts of his past and is fighting a war -- and anything is fair in war.

- Tony Nese said he learned a lot from his past and will regroup to get his title back.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak defeated Oney Lorcan to retain his title

Lorcan started things off with a wild punch and then an awkward kick in the corner. McGuinness talked about how Lorcan must be careful to control his anger, because Candice LeRae lost due to not doing that at TakeOver.

Lorcan hit a quick half-and-half suplex, sending Gulak to the floor shocked. Lorcan hit the somersault senton off the top to the floor. He set up a super half-and-half, but Gulak avoided it and sent Lorcan to the floor. He slammed Lorcan's throat into the announce table and then threw him in for some corner chops.

Gulak got two off a neckbreaker before landing the pumping lariat off the second rope for two. Gulak worked away, but Lorcan recovered and got two off a lariat.

Gulak wanted the Cyclone Crash, but Lorcan slipped out. Lorcan wanted the half-and-half, but Gulak fought out of it. Gulak then landed a lariat for two.

Lorcan hit a super half-and-half that sent Gulak to the other side of the ring, resulting in a two count when Gulak got his foot on the rope. They fought on the floor and Lorcan sent Gulak into the announce table, then into the steps.

Gulak ate a chop to the throat and then a few more to the chest. They slugged it out and Gulak got the Gu-Lock. Gulak retained due to Lorcan passing out.