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WWE 205 Live results: Swann & Alexander vs. TJP & Nese

The Big Takeaway --

Akira Tozawa's issues with Neville continued, with the meandering Brian Kendrick vs. Jack Gallagher feud also being furthered. This week, Kendrick mocked Gallagher with a Photoshop montage. TJP & Tony Nese teamed up in a fairly good main event against Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann, who now wears long pants that match his new bright coats.

Unfortunately, this week's show wasn't a strong offering -- and everything but the main event was rather skippable.

Show Recap --

Neville was interviewed by Dasha Fuentes about his attack on Akira Tozawa and it resulting in Ariya Daivari beating them both up. Neville said that he was gone for one week, but that doesn't make his kingdom vulnerable to a hostile takeover and 205 Live is his world.

Neville praised Daivari for doing well last week -- but that was only because he allowed it. Tonight, Daivari will learn the difference between destroying someone injured and then facing the King of the Cruiserweights.

Vic Joseph and Corey Graves, in a fabulous blue suit, welcomed us to the show. Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander vs. TJP & Tony Nese was hyped up as the main event. Tozawa then came down and did commentary for Daivari vs. Neville.

Daivari cut a long, fairly boring promo about how he beat up Tozawa and deserves a title shot before him. He dedicated his future victory to yet another Iranian wrestler and said that he will inspire future generations. Neville came down looking angrier than usual.

Ariya Daivari defeated WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville by countout in a non-title match

Daivari started things off with stalling, so Neville gave chase and Daivari got the higher ground mid-ring. He tossed Neville hard into the barricade upside-down and then said this is his kingdom.

Daivari hit a frog splash for two. Wow, they gave him a lot here. He went for a Rainmaker, but Neville avoided it and landed a superkick. Neville sent him out and stalked him. Neville stared down with Tozawa and Daivari tossed him into Tozawa, leading to a countout win for Daivari.

Neville wanted a fight and Tozawa obliged, but the referees broke things up before they could fight.

A recap video aired for Mustafa Ali and Drew Gulak's two-out-of-three falls match last week. Brian Kendrick then made his way down and complained about getting angry tweets. He said that he's trying to teach the difference between a fighter like himself and a clown like Jack Gallagher.

Kendrick said that the fans are stupid and need photos. He mocked Gallagher for being pasty white and then we got some Photoshop of Gallagher being even whiter and now having a rainbow wig. This Photoshop montage died a death in front of the crowd before Gallagher thankfully came down.

Gallagher noted that he turned the other cheek last week and hoped Kendrick would get over his issues -- so instead, he'll just knock his head off. Kendrick left and said he doesn't like clowns.

Fuentes interviewed Swann about why he picked Alexander and he cited the Noam Dar beating as to why. TJP came in and slapped Nese's chest to hype up 205 Live's premiere athlete, then everyone argued.

Thankfully, TJP's Mega Man theme hit to signal the beginning of the main event. Nese bragged about his abs and said that they're eight reasons why he's better than everyone else.

TJP & Tony Nese defeated Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander

Nese shoved Swann off so he could kneel and pose. Alexander came in with new black, red, and gold gear that looked slick. He went on offense for a bit, with it culminating with him tossing Nese off the ropes. The faces hit a double hip toss and a double basement dropkick for two.

TJP entered and hit a spinning headscissors on Alexander. The babyfaces regained control with a big dive to the floor that we thankfully got a replay of in slow motion. Alexander used an armbar on TJP, but he slugged away and decked Alexander in the corner before laying him out with a running Misawa elbow on the floor. 

Nese landed some body shots in the corner before tying Alexander to a tree of woe for more corner knees and then doing the silly sit-up kicks. TJP came in and dabbed before doing the Eddie Guerrero spinning face scrape.

TJP locked on a chinlock, but Alexander fought free before eating a springboard forearm strike. Alexander spun out into a back elbow, then Swann got a hot tag and ran wild, including sending Nese down with the gut shot somersault legdrop. Alexander and TJP came in and had an exciting flip exchange before a C4 counter got two for Alexander.

Nese pulled Swann out and hit a wheelbarrow facebuster onto the announce table. TJP hit the chicken wing gutbuster, but he moved Alexander around too much and the ref kept stopping the count. Alexander landed the handspring kick for two, but Nese shoved him off the top and TJP got a cradle and won it.

Well, that was an underwhelming ending -- but the main event was at least worth watching. A long Alexander vs. TJP feud would be awesome because they had outstanding chemistry here.