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WWE 205 Live results: TJP vs. Kalisto, Tozawa vs. Gallagher

Drake Maverick narrated a hype video for Cedric Alexander vs. Buddy Murphy at Super Show-Down, and we will see them train tonight.

Also, Akira Tozawa faces Jack Gallagher tonight (with Drew Gulak and Brian Kendrick at ringside). In the main event, Kalisto takes on TJP -- with TJP promising to make him tap out.

Akira Tozawa entered to a mild reaction before Gallagher came down with Gulak and Kendrick to no reaction. 

Akira Tozawa defeated Jack Gallagher

Gallagher took Tozawa to the rope for a clean break, but he got terrified by Tozawa's "Ha" chant. Gallagher is so great at little bits like that. He worked Tozawa around on the mat for a bit before getting two off a backslide. They went back and forth with cradles before a basement penalty kick and a senton combo got two for Tozawa.

Tozawa landed his chops into the jab fakeout before going for a suicide dive, but Gulak tripped him up. 

Gallagher landed a big European uppercut and clubbed away in the corner. Gallagher raked Tozawa's face with his boot before locking on a cravate, but Tozawa kicked free and landed a windmill kick. Tozawa went for the senton, but Gallagher rolled to the floor and ate a suicide dive headbutt.

A missile dropkick got two for Tozawa before the modified Octopus stretch. Gallagher dropped him and then locked on a modified half crab. Gallagher got nuclear heat for yelling at a fan saying he loved him. Tozawa reversed a superplex attempt and won with the senton off the top.

Gulak said that their team is not living up to its potential, so it's time for an old teaching tool of his. The PowerPoint presentation returns, and there is no place for mercy in the ring. He said there's no room for former champions who have lost their edge. Kendrick attacked Gulak and Gallagher before they got the chance to do it first -- but the numbers worked against him.

Percy Watson pointed out that Kendrick won in record time last week, while Gallagher lost to Tozawa -- and thus Kendrick isn't the weak link. That's a great way to make a squash match seem so much more important later.

Gulak got the Gu-Lock on Kendrick while Gallagher slugged away.

We got a recap of the issues between Alexander and Murphy and video of them preparing for Saturday's Cruiserweight Championship match.

Gulak told Kayla Braxton that Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami will have a match in the future that no one will want to miss.

Kalisto defeated TJP

Kalisto and TJP exchanged knuckle lock flips, Kalisto hit a back kick to the gut and tripped him up for two, and Kalisto put on a long cruiserweight armbar. Kalisto sent TJP outside for a dive fakeout. TJP hit a triangle basement dropkick while Kalisto was on the apron and got an edge for the first time.

TJP ripped off part of Kalisto's mask before doing an arm-trapped curb stomp for two. TJP hit a super Russian leg sweep into an octopus lock, then a cradle got two.

TJP mocked Kalisto with the lucha bit before dabbing. TJP went up top and did the lucha bit again, but he rolled to block a missed dive and Kalisto came back. Kalisto hit the twister dive and the Listo kick before a basement rana got two. Both were down, and in theory this should've got the crowd amped up. A few people in the front row did the lucha bit and Kalisto went for the Salida Del Sol, but TJP sent him outside.

Kalisto went up and got kicked and sent down for two. A super victory roll by Kalisto got two. TJP dropkicked Kalisto's knee and locked on the kneebar, Kalisto turned it into a cradle for two, and TJP got the kneebar back on before Kalisto fired up to make it to the ropes.

Lince Dorado ran down as TJP was trying to rip Kalisto's mask off. TJP attacked Dorado, giving Kalisto a win via distraction cradle. TJP attacked Kalisto after the match and ripped his mask off. Kalisto covered his face, with TJP bailing into the crowd when Dorado came to make the save. TJP held up Kalisto's mask to mock the Lucha House Party.