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WWE 205 Live results: Tournament semifinals

Drew Gulak started off by saying that the semifinals will separate the men from the boys -- and it's where Tony Nese will predictably collapse under the pressure once again.

Nese said he can't make a mistake tonight -- because if he does, Gulak will exploit it and he needs to focus.

Oney Lorcan said that he has no ill will towards Humberto Carrillo, but he had to do what he had to do to advance. Now, he will snuff out the soul of 205 Live to accomplish his goals.

Cedric Alexander said Lorcan is one of the toughest out there, but Lorcan will have to go through him.

The brackets were shown and an Instagram video from Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy aired, with him saying he'll beat whoever wins the tournament and challenges him at WrestleMania 35.

Cedric Alexander defeated Oney Lorcan in a number one contender's tournament semifinal match

Lorcan worked the arm a bit before grounding Alexander with a headlock and then landing a stiff chop. Alexander took him out in the corner and then grounded him with a basement dropkick to the neck for two.

Alexander went for the Lumbar Check, but Lorcan stood stout and blocked it. Lorcan worked him over with a long reverse bear hug before Alexander escaped and elbowed Lorcan's jaw. A running knee to the gut got two for Lorcan. Lorcan applied a kneeling abdominal stretch before Alexander escaped, chopped away, and hit a lariat and back elbow.

A spinning back elbow led to the Neuralyzer and a turnbuckle high kick. Alexander then hit a springboard flatliner for two. Alexander set Lorcan up top for a superplex, but he got shoved off. Lorcan went for a blockbuster but rolled through it to land a running variant for two.

Lorcan wanted the half-and-half suplex. Alexander elbowed out before eating a flipping version of the half-and-half for two. Lorcan charged, but he got low bridged and Alexander landed a running STO on the apron!

Alexander got two -- so he snapped with a series of PRIDE stomps. He wanted a springboard lariat but ate an uppercut from Lorcan.

Lorcan landed a half-and-half off the top for 2.9. Lorcan hit a series of strikes, but he left himself open, ate a slap, and Alexander hit the Lumbar Check to advance to the finals. This was a strong start to the show.

Mike Kanellis' beating of Colby Corino from last week was shown. Mike was backstage with Maria and was wearing an ungodly bad suit jacket. He demanded that Drake Maverick show him respect and said he's tired of being given pity by Maverick.

Maverick told Mike that he will face one of the world's best and he'd better win, because looking good in defeat won't work for long.

Ariya Daivari said he's tired of making other people look good and he'll unleash a year of frustration when given the chance.

Tony Nese defeated Drew Gulak in a number one contender's tournament semifinal match

On commentary, Vic Joseph talked about each man starting out together. Gulak took Nese down with an arm drag. Nese got an armlock, but Gulak escaped and went for an early Gu-Lock that Nese got out of.

They fought near the ropes, where Nese did a cartwheel evasion off the apron and sent Gulak down. Nese sent him in and hit some chops, but Gulak landed an alley-oop onto the ropes. An inverted suplex got two for Gulak. Gulak put on a modified STF and slugged away at the back. He grabbed Nese's beard and slugged away a bit for two.

Gulak chopped him in the corner, but Nese came back with a series of kicks. Gulak met him with a knee to the gut and suplexed him for two. Nese hit a corner lariat and a flying lariat for two.

Nese kicked away at the face and gut and landed a tornado rope hang to the floor. Nese hit a split-legged moonsault for two. Gulak hit a dropkick and snapped Nese's throat on the rope. Gulak got two off a double powerbomb.

Nese landed a series of strikes but missed the 450 splash. He avoided the Gu-Lock, but he got snapped into a sunset flip for two. Nese rolled through a Gu-Lock quickly, but he ate a lariat for two.

Gulak locked on the Gu-Lock, but Nese threw himself off the bottom rope into a cradle for the surprise win.

Alexander vs. Nese is set for the finals next week. The winner will challenge for Murphy's Cruiserweight title at WrestleMania.