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WWE 205 Live results: Tozawa and Kanellis face off in no DQ match

Maria Kanellis narrated this week's show-opening video, putting Mike Kanellis over as the best person on the roster. Maria said Mike will defeat Akira Tozawa tonight and prove himself as the next challenger to the throne.

Brian Kendrick said that Maria has interfered in all of Mike's matches and Mike has made Tozawa's life hell. Kendrick said tonight's no DQ stipulation favors Tozawa because he's ruthless.

Ariya Daivari entered and we got a recap of a WWE.com video where Daivari confronted Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese after Nese defeated Drew Gulak last week. Nese will defend his title against Daivari at Money in the Bank.

Noam Dar came down, returning to 205 Live to face Daivari this week. Dar took his jacket off and we got a shot of about 80 percent of the hard camera side being empty. Nese walked down to join in on commentary, which didn't have David Otunga this week.

Nese will face Ligero on next week's 205 Live in London.

Ariya Daivari defeated Noam Dar

Both got in some mat work early before Dar attempted a multi-rotation backslide for two. Dar got choked in the corner and chucked into the announce table. Daivari locked him in a kneeling Cobra Clutch, but Dar escaped.

Daivari hit a falling reverse DDT for two. He talked smack to Nese at ringside, leading to Dar getting a flash cradle for two. A Northern Lights throw then got two for Dar. Dar applied an ankle lock, but Daivari kicked away before missing a Rainmaker and going for a superkick.

Dar got a second ankle lock, but this escape led to a superkick. Daivari then won with a frog splash and Rainmaker.

Nese came into the ring and faked like he was going to attack Daivari. Nese said he could take out Daivari at any time.

Oney Lorcan talked about losing a chance to get a Cruiserweight title shot, but adversity has always taught him that nothing comes easily.

The Singh Brothers entered for a match against Kevin Lee & David Kauffman, who were dressed in the worst Solomon Crowe-esque singlets in ages. Aiden English hyped up the Singhs by saying they were like if Demolition and the Hart Foundation had a child.

The Singh Brothers defeated Kevin Lee and David Kauffman 

The Singhs landed a double suplex before Sunil hit an elbow. He hit a spin kick, then Samir tagged in and they landed a Demolition decapitation to win. Their theme being changed up a bit to sound like the original Mortal Kombat movie theme is a nice improvement.

The Singhs got on the mic and talked about the Lucha House Party ruining their return to 205 Live. They challenged Lucha House Party to a rematch.

Maria thanked Drake Maverick for banning Kendrick from ringside for Mike and Tozawa's no DQ match. Maverick let her know that she is also banned from ringside -- for, as she said, the integrity of the match.

A fatal four-way match between Jack Gallagher, Humberto Carrillo, Mark Andrews, and James Drake was announced for next week. Gallagher was interviewed about the match and said he's grateful to be cleared to compete. Carrillo told Gallagher that he's going to finish what they started.

Akira Tozawa defeated Mike Kanellis in a no DQ match

Tozawa started things off with an iron octopus on the floor, but Mike sideslammed him on the steel ramp. Mike set up a table and then put another one next to it. A set of chairs were set up in the corner and Mike ate a snap rana.

Tozawa's suicide dive was met with a superkick. That got two, so Mike landed a suplex and then another. Kento Miyahara has a way to take basic offense and make a riveting match out of it -- Mike Kanellis is not Miyahara. They fought over a suplex on a chair bridge that Tozawa won.

Tozawa hit a shining wizard and threw Mike into the announce table. Tozawa put a trash can on Mike's head and did all of his pomp and circumstance while Mike was, I guess, too stunned to move his arms upward and just ate a suicide dive headbutt. Well, that was hilarious. Tozawa then got two off a missile dropkick.

Mike hit a Samoan driver on the trash can for two. Tozawa landed his chops and a jab before eating a big boot and then hitting a snap German for two.

Tozawa went up top and got caught while the fans chanted for tables. They fought on the apron, with Mike eating a German suplex on it. Tozawa put him on the tables for a super senton off the top to the floor, which Tozawa has used before to win. Mike got off the tables and superkicked him.

Mike went up and Tozawa teased a superplex to the floor, but Mike turned it into a super Samoan driver before Tozawa turned that into a super rana off the top to the floor through two tables. However, since it's no DQ and not a falls count anywhere match, Tozawa had to throw Mike back into the ring. Tozawa put chairs on him and landed the senton to win.