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WWE 205 Live results: Tyler Breeze debuts

A recap of Brian Kendrick's return on last week's show aired to start things off. With Tom Phillips getting ready to call NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II on Sunday, Byron Saxton was here alongside Aiden English -- who was wearing a shirt I'm guessing he stole from the set of an unannounced Saved by the Bell reboot.

Tyler Breeze's 205 Live debut was hyped up before Isaiah "Swerve" Scott came down. Lio Rush then made his entrance. I would assume that Rush will be the heel here, though the crowd didn't respond to either guy at all.

Lio Rush vs. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott ended in a no contest

Things started off quickly with Scott avoiding the basement stunner and Rush avoiding the basement calf kick. Scott worked away on the mat with a variety of armbars until Rush flipped out of them.

Rush backflipped off the apron to avoid Scott, so Scott did a front dive onto the floor and stared him down. This was a joy to watch, but the crowd was killing it. The Singh Brothers then came out, with them adding a cheap camera from 1987 to their act.

Rush said whatever idiotic movie the Singhs are making is canceled. He challenged them to a tag match, but the Singhs said they weren't here to wrestle. The ring announcer got word from Drake Maverick that the tag match was official -- and this at least got a mild reaction from the crowd.

Lio Rush & Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeated The Singh Brothers

Scott worked the arm of Sunil Singh for a bit before tagging Rush in for some quick kicks. Samir Singh tagged in and locked in a long chinlock on Rush. Rush slugged his way out of that, enabling Sunil to tag back in and superkick Rush into a Samir Russian leg sweep.

Sunil got a floatover suplex for two and then another long chinlock. Rush got double teamed until he rolled through a double suplex attempt and tagged in Scott.

Scott hit a flurry of kicks to both Singhs and landed a slick basement uppercut to the back of Sunil. Swerve kicked both men in the ropes with a series of round kicks before tagging Rush. Rush hit the Come Up stunner and Swerve followed with the House Call for the win.

These two have fantastic chemistry together as a team and probably have a higher ceiling in the NXT tag team division than they do as just cruiserweights. They would have a fantastic match against Undisputed Era if given the chance.

A Tyler Breeze hype video aired, and they somehow didn't put his Jushin Thunder Liger match in there.

Ariya Daivari came out to face enhancement wrestler Jeff Brooks. English talked about Daivari being an OG 205 Live wrestler and how he doesn't like the new talent coming in, including this Jeff Brooks fellow.

 Ariya Daivari defeated Jeff Brooks

Daivari heeled it up by working the hair for a bit and then landed the hammerlock lariat for a quick win. He hit a second one after the bell to mild disapproval.

Jack Gallagher's losing streak and beating of Maverick from November were shown, along with Maverick's tweet announcing that Gallagher's suspension is over.

Breeze entered with his Breezango tron and Fashion Police LED boards. Tony Nese then came out and pointed to his abs and bragged about his physique.

Tyler Breeze defeated Tony Nese

Nese ducked down and ate a dropkick before Breeze posed. Breeze slingshotted him into the corner and got two off a floatover suplex. A Calgary Crab by Breeze led to Nese getting the bottom rope.

They brawled on the floor and Nese clubbed Breeze's back before throwing him in for two. Nese hit a basement sole butt for two before locking on a bodyscissors. Nese wanted a pumphandle driver, but Breeze avoided it. He went for an Unprettier, but Nese countered it before eating an enzuigiri from Breeze. He hit the floor and Breeze wanted a suicide dive, but ate a high kick.

Nese quickly got two and threw some punches from the mount. The Lionsault missed for Nese and Breeze hit a modified backstabber for two. Breeze also got a two count after hitting a head-trap superkick in the corner.

Nese landed a Macho Man neck snap on the rope and the double-jump moonsault for two. Breeze missed a crossbody and Nese went for a cradle, but Breeze cradled him out of that to get the win.

This was a collection of moves that told a minimal story and never quite got out of first gear, but at least being on this show gives Breeze a chance to mix it up with slightly different roster members. He comes off as more of a star on NXT though.