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WWE 205 Live results: WrestleMania tournament begins

Drake Maverick talked about the rise of Tony Nese during Nese's time training alongside Buddy Murphy -- and tonight, Nese will face Kalisto in an effort to move on in the tournament for a WrestleMania title shot.

Maverick is just perfect at putting the roster over in these videos, and he did it again while recapping the history between Drew Gulak and Brian Kendrick. Their match doesn't just serve as a means to further their feud, but the winner will move along in the tournament as well. Maverick said that Kendrick has accomplished a lot in his career, but he's never been at a WrestleMania and he wants to do that now.

Backstage, the Lucha House Party cut a promo on Tony Nese not being at WrestleMania before -- or now.

Tony Nese defeated Kalisto in a number one contender's tournament first round match

Nese started things off with a variety of long arm and body locks. Kalisto recovered and landed a series of kicks to the legs and body to gain an edge. A tumbling exchange led to Kalisto hitting Black Mass as a transitional move that sent Nese outside.

Kalisto hit a suicide dive, then a springboard crossbody got two. They had a tumbling exchange that culminated in Nese doing a cartwheel off the apron and landing perfectly -- only to eat a back elbow to the jaw. He recovered with a backdrop to Kalisto over the steps.

Nese worked over Kalisto's ribs on the floor before Kalisto responded with overhand chops, but Nese's power won out and he threw Kalisto back-first into the timekeeper's area.

Kalisto got a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and another springboard dive before a tilt-a-whirl DDT got 2.5. The basement rana hit for two as Murphy looked on backstage. Nese put Kalisto up for a super back suplex, but Kalisto slugged his way free. He wanted to hit the Salida del Sol from the top, but Nese got a spider German off the top!

Nese got up top, went for a 450, and missed. Kalisto landed a 450 of his own for 2.9, with Nese getting his foot on the rope. Nese avoided the Salida del Sol and shoved Kalisto into the buckle for a forearm shiver.

Kalisto hit a Listo Kick for two. He went for a shotgun knee strike but ate a monkey flip. Kalisto got a flash rana ala Rey Mysterio in the mid '90s and got a two count. Nese Rampage Bombed Kalisto in the corner and knocked him out with the Running Nese to win and advance to the second round.

This was a high-octane match, with Nese shining brighter in new ways on the main roster.

Jack Gallagher showed Humberto Carrillo some of Carrillo's last match on a tablet and said he didn't do anything wrong by flying, but he could've done a similar amount of damage with a wristlock. Gallagher told him Gulak's match will be a master class for Carrillo to learn from.

Cedric Alexander's win over Mike Kanellis last week was shown. Maverick said the referee's decision was correct, with Alexander just getting his shoulder up on a near fall. Maverick said Kanellis' loss doesn't mean as much to him as Kanellis giving his all in a great match. Kanellis will have a non-tournament match next week.

Gulak came out in the most patriotic-inspired gear that a heel has ever worn.

Drew Gulak defeated Brian Kendrick in a number one contender's tournament first round match

They started off with a lot of matwork, which is something Kendrick doesn't get as much credit for. Gulak won out by controlling the knee and ankle before landing a nice German suplex.

Kendrick turned a neckbreaker into a backslide for two. He landed a series of chops, but Gulak hit a big lariat for two. Kendrick got an armbar, but Gulak's arm was at such an angle that it couldn't do any damage.

Gulak attacked Kendrick's back while the fans chanted "this is boring." He stepped on Kendrick's face while working on the fingers. Kendrick landed a series of forearm shivers in the corner and went for a bulldog, but Gulak shoved him off.

Kendrick used a sloppy pinning attempt for two and a calf kick landed solidly. Kendrick got a side headlock that was turned into a back suplex by Gulak, then Kendrick got two off a body block.

Gulak got two off a trapped-leg German. Kendrick landed a release Dragon suplex, but Gulak fought up and landed a big lariat. Gulak put on the Gu-Lock, but Kendrick rolled through for two. Kendrick applied the Captain's Hook, but Gulak got the rope before Kendrick pulled him into the center of the ring.

Gulak fishhooked the mouth and landed a big powerbomb for two, with the fans booing for the match not ending. Gulak rolled through an O'Connor roll and got the Gu-Lock! Kendrick passed out and Gulak got the win

Kendrick slumped over in the corner while next week's card was run down. Humberto Carrillo vs. NXT's Oney Lorcan and Cedric Alexander vs. Akira Tozawa will be next week's tournament matches.