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WWE Elimination Chamber live results, news & recap

The build towards WrestleMania continues with Elimination Chamber from the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. The show is the last PPV for the SmackDown brand before the biggest WWE event of the year.

The Kickoff pre-show got underway with Renee Young hosting the panel alongside media personality Sam Roberts, Booker T and Carmella. Dasha Fuentes was in the "social media lounge" taking questions to ask Becky Lynch later on the Kickoff show.

Carmella was playing on her cellphone while the panel discussed the upcoming card. She acted annoyed when Renee asked her a question.

The new Chamber contraption is much different than the older design with the new structure being more square than round.

James Ellsworth interrupted the panel to invite his "boo" to join him in a sky box to watch the show. Carmella at first was reluctant, but she eventually left with him.

Dasha Fuentes interviewed Becky Lynch in the social media lounge. Lynch was of course in character and answered questions mostly relating to her match later on against Mickie James.

Booker T was laughing out loud as he informed viewers John Layfield took a spill in front of the live crowd, tripping himself as he two-stepped to the ring during his off-air entrance. A replay showed the bump, and a perturbed JBL vowed revenge on whomever was responsible for showing the clip.


Rawley pinned Hawkins after a tilt-a-whirl slam in a pre-show match where Hawkins shined up Rawley to fire up for a quick comeback leading directly into the finish.

A teaser for Raw tomorrow night plugged a "Festival of Friendship" with Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.

The main card opened with a video package that put over "the beauty and the brutality" of the Chamber match.


Lynch pinned James with a rollup. This grudge match began with a collar and elbow lockup. James worked an arm, which was ironic because Lynch usually targets an arm. Lynch made a comeback, but James soon cut her off for a near fall after a seated senton. Moments later, Lynch came back with a missile dropkick for a near fall. James delivered her Mick Kick, but she could not capitalize. James countered Lynch's armbar submission finisher only to get immediately rolled up by Lynch for the pinfall. 

Dasha briefly interviewed Carmella and Ellsworth in their private box. Carmella thought the wrong woman won the last match. "What she said," Ellsworth replied when asked his opinion. This skit would continue throughout the show.


Crews and Kalisto won the handicap match when Crews pinned Ziggler. In a sneak attack, Ziggler jumped Kalisto on the entrance ramp before the bell. The match began as a singles with Crews against Ziggler. Ziggler targeted the neck and generally worked over Crews. Eventually, Kalisto limped to the ring for a hot tag. Kalisto did a few highspots then tagged Crews so he could finish off Ziggler with a sit-down powerbomb. 

Afterwards, Ziggler attacked Kalisto and left him laying. Ziggler then grabbed a chair to attack Crews. Ziggler supposedly injured Crews' ankle after doing the Brian Pillman spot with the chair. 


American Alpha retained the titles in a gauntlet match.

The gauntlet began with Rhyno & Heath Slayer eliminating Fandango & Tyler Breeze. Rhyno made a blind tag and gored Fandango before pinning him. 

The Vaudevillians were out next, and a few minutes later Slater delivered a DDT on Aiden English and pinned him for the second elimination.

The Usos eliminated Slater & Rhyno with Slater dropping the fall. 

Smackdown Tag Team Champions American Alpha entered the gauntlet and the Usos left the ring to met them on the ramp as they all brawled to the ring. The Usos got heat on Chad Gable before a hot tag to Jason Jordan. 

American Alpha eliminated The Usos when Gable pinned Jey Uso with an O'Connor roll. Getting their heat back, Usos then attacked American Alpha for a beat down before leaving the scene.

The Ascension looked to pick the bones as they were the final entrants. Gable made the save on a false finish after Ascension laid out Jordon with the Fall of Man.

American Alpha eliminated The Ascension as Gable pinned Viktor after they executed Grand Amplitude to win the match and retain their titles.


The match ended with a double countout. Nattie worked over Nikki throughout much of the match with Nattie as the ring general. Nattie heelishly taunted Nikki's mother, who had a seat at ringside. Nattie began taunting Nikki by doing "u can't see me" hand gestures. This fired up Nikki for a comeback leading to several near falls. For one highspot, Nattie superplexed Nikki. Nattie applied the Sharpshooter only for Nikki to counter into the Fearless Lock. For the finish, or lack thereof, they began brawling on the floor and both got counted out.

For a cheap shot after the bell, Nattie suckerpunched Nikki. As Nattie was leaving, Nikki recovered and tackled Nattie on the ramp. Nattie fled so THIS FEUD MUST CONTINUE!


Orton pinned Harper with a RKO out of nowhere in a heated bout. They settled into a slow build before picking up the pace for key highspots, then brought the crowd to their feet for the dramatic conclusion. They first built to Harper doing an elbow suicida to the outside. Orton later superplexed Harper. Hitting two consecutive superkicks, Harper covered Orton for a close near fall. Harper got another near fall with a sit-out powerbomb. At that point, "this is awesome" chants began just in time for the finish. Harper was winding up for an elbow, but Orton leapt up for the sudden RKO.

During a backstage interview, Nikki was saying her feud with Natalya was not over. Proving her right, Natalya then attacked Nikki for a pull-apart brawl.


Naomi won the title pinning Bliss after a split-leg moonsault. Put in a tough spot having to follow the previous match, they both worked hard and got the crowd into the match by the end. During a post-match interview, the crowd chanted "you deserve it" at Naomi. She was thankful for having won and planned to remain champion heading into WrestleMania.

The show-long skit with Ellsworth and Carmella unfortunately continued. It apparently concluded with Ellsworth yelling at Dasha to leave the private box.


Bray Wyatt won the WWE Championship in an exciting Chamber match. AJ Styles and John Cena picked up where they left at Royal Rumble as they started the match. They set the pace for the rest to follow as they continued their rivalry.

The buzzer sounded for the first pod to open and Dean Ambrose dashed into the fray. Ambrose climbed atop a pod and jumped off with a flying elbow on Cena. That brought on "this is awesome" chants.

Wyatt was next to exit a pod. He squared off with Ambrose as Cena and Styles scaled the cage. Styles knocked Cena off the cage. On top of a pod, Ambrose met Styles and smashed him into the plexiglass portion of the structure. For one highspot, Ambrose powerbombed Wyatt as Wyatt also suplexed Styles off the top rope. 

Corbin exited a pod and found himself locked in the STFU by Cena. He escaped and picked up Cena for the End of Days. Corbin proceeded to dominate, making him look strong in the process.

The last pod opened, releasing Miz. With Corbin having laid out everyone else, he dared Miz to exit the pod. With Miz begging off, Ambrose rolled up Corbin with a schoolboy to pin him for the first elimination. Corbin went on a rampage getting his heat back after being eliminated. Corbin sent Ambrose crashing through a pod. He kept pummeling Ambrose before leaving him for dead after hitting End of Days.

Waiting until Corbin left the scene, Miz swooped in to cover Ambrose and pin him for the second elimination. Miz proceeded to clean house until Cena cut him off. After delivering an Attitude Adjustment, Cena pinned Miz for the third elimination.

Wyatt and Styles began to double-team Cena. Wyatt would eventually turn on Styles. With their attention turned on each other, Cena made a comeback into a flurry of his signature offense. Cena did a ten knuckle shuffle on Wyatt and Styles.

Styles countered an AA into hitting a Styles Clash for a close near fall. Styles went for a springboard only to get caught with an AA for a near fall. 

Cena climbed atop a pod, pointed to the WrestleMania sign and flew off the pod into a crossbody on Wyatt and Styles. Cena hoisted Wyatt for an AA, but Wyatt countered into Sister Abigail. Wyatt then eliminated Cena by pinning the champion, ensuring a new champion being crowned as the crowd popped.

Wyatt and Styles traded big moves and near falls. Styles did a springboard 450. He tried to follow up with another springboard, yet Wyatt caught him for Sister Abigail. Wyatt pinned Styles for the final elimination to win the title. The crowd erupted.

Randy Orton appeared on the ramp for a stare down with Wyatt as the show closed.