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WWE Elimination Chamber live results: Two Chamber matches

The road to WrestleMania continues as Elimination Chamber 2019 takes place at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas tonight.

There will be two Chamber matches on the show. WWE Champion Daniel Bryan will defend his title in one of them, with AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Kofi Kingston, and Jeff Hardy all challenging for the championship. Orton will enter the Chamber last as a stipulation of winning the gauntlet match on last week's SmackDown.

Women's Tag Team Champions will also be crowned as Sasha Banks & Bayley, Nia Jax & Tamina, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville, Peyton Royce & Billie Kay, and Naomi & Carmella face off inside the Chamber. Banks & Bayley and Rose & Deville will start the match.

Also on the pay-per-view: Ronda Rousey defends the Raw Women's Championship against Ruby Riott (with Charlotte Flair front row for the match), The Usos challenge for The Miz & Shane McMahon's SmackDown Tag Team titles, Finn Balor challenges for the Intercontinental title in a handicap match against Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush, and Braun Strowman takes on Baron Corbin in a no DQ match.

Buddy Murphy defends his Cruiserweight title against Akira Tozawa on the pre-show, which starts at 6 p.m. Eastern time.


Jonathan Coachmen hosted the kickoff show with his panel of Sam Roberts, Booker T and Beth Phoenix. Phoenix will also join the commentary team for the Women’s tag team title Elimination Chamber match later.

Footage aired from a house show last night. During Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka, Becky Lynch attacked Flair. Flair fought back and attacked Lynch’s injured knee with a chair.

In the back, Ruby Riott promised to defeated Raw Woman’s Champion Ronda Rousey later tonight. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan promised to be the first ever WWE Woman’s tag team champions. Charlotte Flair approached The Riott Squad. She told Riott to do whatever it takes to beat Rousey. Flair promised to be at ringside.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy defeated Akira Tozawa

Tozawa rocked Murphy with hard chops. They went to the floor and Murphy briefly took over. Murphy went for his own chop but Tozawa ducked and Murphy hit the ring post. In an awesome spot, Tozawa attempted a suicide dive but Murphy caught him and hit a suplex on the floor.

During the match, they went backstage to Kayla Braxton on a split screen. She tried to interview Kofi Kingston. Xavier Woods and Big E. came out instead. They talked about Kingston and promised that he’d win the WWE Championship later. While this interview was going on, Murphy and Tozawa were having a good match in the ring.

Tozawa hit a backdrop driver and shining wizard for a near fall. They fought on the top turnbuckle. In another awesome spot, Murphy lifted Tozawa up and attempted a powerbomb off the top but Tozawa reversed into a hurricanrana for a very close near fall.

Tozawa hit a big clothesline and German suplex for a two count. He tried to climb to the top but Murphy stopped him. He tied him up and attempted a superkick but Tozawa hit his own kick. He followed up with two suicide dives to the floor.

Murphy was hanging on the middle rope and Tozawa hit a Senton for a close near fall. Tozawa locked on the Octopus submission but Murphy powered out and hit the Murphy’s Law for the win. They had a really good match.

Kevin Owens sent in another video. He picked up a pizza and will be watching Elimination Chamber with his family. It hurts him not to be in the Chamber match. He promised the Kevin Owens Show is going to return soon.

Kayla Braxton was on the stage and introduced Texas’s own Mark Henry. Henry told the fans to give it up for the Cruiserweight match. They talked about the Elimination Chamber matches later tonight.

He picked the IIconics and Kofi Kingston to win. The fans broke into a huge “Kofi” chant. He noted that if he was in the match there would be a lot more superstars introduced to the Hall of Pain.

Bayley & Sasha Banks defeated Nia Jax & Tamina, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville, The IIconics and Naomi & Carmella in an Elimination Chamber to become the first WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

Rose & Deville and Bayley & Banks started the match. Deville missed a knee and hit the cage. Rose attempted to kick Bayley but she ducked. Rose’s leg got caught in the cage and Bayley hit a neck breaker.

Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan were next in the Chamber. Logan sent Banks’ shoulder into the pod. Rose & Deville gave Bayley a double superplex as The Riott Squad power bombed Rose and Deville.

The IIconics were the next to enter. They tried to pin all the women in the match. 

Naomi & Carmella entered next. Carmella climbed up the cage but Billie Kay tried to powerbomb her. Carmella reversed into a hurricanrana and sent her into the cage. Naomi hit a split legged moonsault for a near fall.

Naomi and Rose faced off in the middle of the ring. Naomi ran wild on Rose but The IIconics rolled up Naomi to eliminate Naomi and Carmella from the match.

The rest of the teams surrounded The IIconics. Then Nia Jax & Tamina entered the Chamber. The IIconics ran back into a pod. Jax & Tamina destroyed the other teams. Jax & Tamina pulled the IIconics out of the pod. They swung The IIconics into the cage over and over. Jax & Tamina hit double Samoan drops to eliminate The IIconics.

Riott Squad climbed up the cage to the top of the pod and dove off onto the Deville, Tamina, Jax, and Rose. Jax gave Morgan the Samoan drop off the top turnbuckle. Tamina then hit the splash on the Riott Squad for the elimination.

Outside the ring, Jax charged at Bayley but she moved and Jax crashed into the pod. The other two teams worked together against Tamina. All four superstars pinned Tamina for the next elimination.

The final two teams are Banks & Bayley and Rose & Deville. Banks hit a backstabber on Deville and Bayley hit the Belly-to-Bayley but Rose broke up the pin attempt. Banks, Bayley and, Rose all ended up on top of the pod. Rose pushed off Bayley and Deville pushed her into the pod.

Banks checked on Bayley. Rose jumped Banks from behind and hit the Angel Wings for a close near fall. The finish came when Deville accidentally speared Rose and Banks applied the Banks Statement on Deville for the submission win. Bayley & Sasha Banks are the first ever WWE Women’s tag team champions. This was a good chamber match, especially toward the end. 

Charley Caruso interviewed Bayley & Banks after the match. They were both overcome with emotion. The fans gave them a huge ovation and chanted, “You deserve it”

The Usos defeated Shane McMahon & The Miz to win the SmackDown tag team titles

Before the match, The Miz brought out Maryse and she announced they’re having another baby. Miz dedicated the match to his unborn child.

McMahon and Miz were firmly in control early. The Usos took over and isolated Miz in their corner. Jimmy charged at Miz but he got caught with a clothesline. McMahon got the hot tag and ran wild.

McMahon set up Jimmy and Jey in separate corners. He then hit the coast-to-coast on Jimmy. He attempted a second coast-to-coast on Jey but Jey hit a superkick for a close near fall.

Jimmy missed a charge in the corner and Miz hit a DDT for a two count. Jimmy attempted a suicide dive but hit Jey instead of Miz. Miz placed Jey on the announce table and McMahon hit an elbow from the top turnbuckle.

Jimmy hit a superkick and followed up with a splash but Miz got his knees up. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale and attempted the pin. However, Jimmy rolled Miz up to win the SmackDown tag team titles.

After the match, Miz and McMahon were both disappointed they lost. Miz told McMahon he’s sorry. Miz checked on McMahon and they walked away with their arms around each other.

Finn Balor defeated Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush in a handicap match to win the Intercontinental Championship

Rush teased starting the match but tagged out to Lashley. Lashley had the early advantage but Balor fought back. Lashley regained control and beat down Balor.

Lashley attempted a powerbomb but Balor backdropped him to the floor. Balor attempted a dive but Rush tripped him up. He chased Rush but Lashley pushed Balor into the barricade. Anytime Rush tagged in Balor would briefly regain control. Rush would quickly tag out and Lashley would dominate Balor.

Lashley attempted a spear but Rush tagged himself in. Rush missed a frog splash. Balor blocked Rush from making the tag. He sent Lashley and Rush to the floor and hit a dive on both. Balor hit the dropkick on Rush and hit the coup de grace on Rush to win the Intercontinental title.

After the match, Lashley was furious that he lost the title and yelled at Rush. Lashley grabbed Rush and teased a move but stopped himself. He then changed his mind and slammed Rush.

Raw Woman’s Champion Ronda Rousey defeated Ruby Riott

Before the match, Charley Caruso interviewed Charlotte Flair. Flair noted life is good when you’re Charlotte Flair. She bragged about beating Becky Lynch with a chair last night. Flair is going to sit at ringside to find out who her opponent will be at WrestleMania.

Rousey came out dressed similarly as Sonya Blade. Rousey voices Blade in the new Mortal Kombat video game. Riott stalled on the floor and got in some brief offense. The fans broke into a “Becky” chant. Rousey took over and hit Piper’s Pit. She locked on the armbar for the win in a short match.

After the match, Rousey and Flair went face-to-face in the middle of the ring. Becky Lynch came out through the crowd on crutches. The fans broke into another “Becky” chant. All three superstars stood in the middle of the ring. The fans broke into a “She’s The Man” chant.

Lynch attacked Flair with one of the crutches. Rousey just stood back and watched. Rousey then picked up the other crutch and squared off with Lynch. Lynch stood back and convinced Rousey to attack Flair.

Rousey went to attack Flair but Lynch attacked Rousey from behind with the crutch. The fans broke into another loud “Becky” chant. Security took Lynch out of the arena. Rousey was furious about the attack.

Baron Corbin defeated Braun Strowman in a No Disqualification match

Corbin used the kendo stick to gain an early advantage. Strowman yanked the kendo stick out of Corbin’s hands and broke it in half. Strowman charged at Corbin on the floor but he threw a chair at him. Strowman caught the chair and ran after Corbin. Corbin moved and Strowman ran into the steps.

Corbin took over after hitting Strowman with the steps to the face. Corbin hit two right hands but Strowman regained control. Strowman power slammed Corbin into the table set up in the corner.

Drew McIntyre walked out with a chair. Bobby Lashley attacked Strowman from behind with a chair. McIntyre and Lashley then beat Strowman down with chairs. Strowman tried to fight back but Lashley hit a spear.

Lashley and McIntyre brought in the steps into the ring. Corbin and McIntyre then brought two tables in the ring. They placed one table on top of the other. The heels then gave Strowman the Shield’s triple powerbomb off the steps through the tables. Corbin then pinned Strowman for the win.

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan defeated Samoa Joe, Kofi Kingston, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton and AJ Styles in the Elimination Chamber to retain his title

Before the match, Bryan came out with Rowan. He said he’s being punished for enlightening the fans. That’s why he has to start the match. The referees then sent Rowan to the back.

Bryan and Joe were the first two to start. Joe backed Bryan against the cage and rocked him with a series of chops. Joe then applied a series of submissions transiting from one to the other.

Kofi Kingston entered the match next. Kingston ran wild and hit a splash to Joe’s back for a two count. Bryan draped Kingston over the top rope and nailed a knee for a near fall. Bryan climbed to the top of the pod and sat down.

Joe whipped Kingston into the corner but Kingston climbed up the pod Bryan was sitting on. Bryan tried to escape by climbing across the cage but Kingston chased after him. Joe pulled off Bryan and Kingston dropped off and landed on Joe and Bryan.

AJ Styles entered the chamber next. Styles caught Joe with a forearm. In the background, Bryan slowly climbed up the cage. Styles then hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Bryan as he hung onto the cage.

Joe whipped Styles into the cage and then backdropped him into the ring. Kingston went after Joe but he locked on the Coquina Clutch. Kingston fought out by hitting a jawbreaker. Styles then hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Joe for the first elimination.

Jeff Hardy entered the chamber next. Hardy leaped off of Kingston’s back, went over the top rope and hit Bryan outside the ring.  Hardy placed Styles on the top turnbuckle. He then hit a Swanton Bomb on Styles from the top of the pod. As Hardy turned, Bryan hit the running knee to eliminate Hardy from the match.

Bryan tied up Styles in the tree of woe. Bryan superplexed Kingston as Styles gave Bryan a German suplex from the tree of Woe position.

Randy Orton was the final entrant in the chamber. Orton went after Styles who was still in the tree of woe. Styles fought back and regained control. He went for the Phenomenal Forearm but Orton hit the RKO on Styles to eliminate him.

Kingston rolled up Orton for a close near fall. Orton fought back and hit the draping DDT. Orton attempted the RKO but Kingston hit the Trouble in Paradise on Orton to shockingly eliminate him.

It came down to Kingston and Bryan. The fans broke into a “Kofi” chant. Bryan hit a series of kicks but Kingston hit the S.O.S. for a very close near fall. The fans broke into another “Kofi” chant.

Bryan hitting the running dropkicks in the corner but Kingston countered the last dropkick for a close near fall. The fans are solidly behind Kingston. Kingston attempted Trouble in Paradise but Bryan rolled outside the ring. Kingston rammed Bryan’s head into the cage. He attempted a bulldog but Bryan shoved him into the pod.

Bryan then hit the running knee for a close near fall. He went for the running knee again but Kingston hit Trouble in Paradise for a very close near fall. Bryan locked on the Labelle lock but Kingston made the ropes.

Kingston and Bryan fought on the top of the pod. Kingston attempted a superplex but Bryan fought it off. He rammed Kingston against the glass. Bryan attempted the superplex but Kingston kicked him off. Kingston dove off the top but Bryan moved and hit the running knee for the win.  This was a good chamber match. It was tremendous when it came down to Bryan and Kingston.

After the match, Xavier Woods and Big E. ran down to check on Kingston. The fans cheered for Kingston. They broke into a  “Thank You Kofi” chant. The fans chanted “Kofi” as Elimination Chamber went off the air.