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WWE Mae Young Classic episode five results: Round two begins

WWE released the next four episodes of the Mae Young Classic on the Network this morning, taking us through the second round, quarterfinals, and semifinals. As we did for the first batch of shows, we'll have four results posts over the next few days covering this set of episodes.

Show Recap --

The first round was run down as they showed the winners being elated while the losers were crushed. On this episode, Rachel Evers faces Abbey Laith, Serena Deeb matches up against Piper Niven, Mercedes Martinez battles Princesa Sugehit, and Kairi Sane takes on Bianca Belair.

The second round competitors appeared on the stage before Laith and Evers' first round victories were shown. Evers came down, with the graphics now displaying height, styles, and finishers. Laith pointed to the Mae Young Classic statue on her way to the ring.

Abbey Laith defeated Rachel Evers

They took each other out with a kick early on. A forearm exchange was won by the fired up Laith, who finished it off with a kick before going up top. That proved to be a mistake as Evers powerslammed her off the top for two.

Evers went for a running kick, but she got countered into a powerbomb and then an Alligator Clutch to end it. Abbey Laith moves on to the quarterfinals to take on the winner of Princesa Sugehit vs. Mercedes Martinez.

Piper Niven's first round dominance was recapped, then Serena Deeb's personal journey told her tale in the tournament. 

Piper Niven defeated Serena Deeb

Niven won a collar-and-elbow tie-up, but Deeb hit a big forearm to the jaw. Deeb used her speed to avoid the size advantage, but she got back suplexed out of a side headlock. A big splash got two, but a senton backsplash missed for Niven.

Deeb locked on a run-up side headlock, resulting in her being powered up top -- only to fight Niven off and land a second rope Codebreaker. Niven used her power to regain control and hit a cannonball in the corner before going for the Niven Driver, but it got countered into a snapmare driver for two.

Niven avalanched Deeb for two and ended it with the Niven driver to continue on.  She'll face the winner of Toni Storm vs. Lacey Evans next.

Princesa Sugehit and Mercedes Martinez's first round matches were recapped. Kalisto was shown in the crowd trying to get a lucha chant going.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Princesa Sugehit

Sugehit was wearing some Wonder Woman gear and rolled Martinez up quickly for two. Sugehit gave her a schoolboy into the buckle and a cannonball for two. Martinez then landed her trifecta double suplex into a rope-assisted spinning neckbreaker for a near fall.

Martinez pounded away in the corner but missed a corner kick. Sugehit landed some shotgun knees, but she couldn't follow up on them. Sugehit sent Martinez off the top and hit a tornado DDT.

Sugehit locked on La Mistica, but Martinez turned it into a cradle attempt to free herself and hit a knee to the gut. She then won it with the fisherman buster to move on. She'll face Laith in the quarterfinals.

Bianca Belair said she will prove she's the best, while Kairi Sane said she wants to inspire people through the tournament. Lita hyped up Sane as a pirate while saying that Belair doesn't know that she should be intimidated by Sane.

Kairi Sane defeated Bianca Belair

Sane avoided a tie-up but got locked in a headlock and was tackled down. Belair blew her a kiss, so Sane caught it and stomped it out.

A big running shotgun dropkick hit for Sane and got two. Belair used her hair as a whip to the stomach of Sane before whipping her in the corner. She got two off of a lariat before getting another two count off a delayed suplex.

A full nelson clutch dominated Sane before Belair surfboarded her, but a splash met the knees and Sane was given a chance to fire back. Chops and forearms allowed Sane to get some distance before a machine gun chop in the corner.

Sane hit a second rope forearm for two and locked on a straightjacket choke. Belair hit a shoulder-mount powerslam for two, but Sane fired back with forearms. Belair hit a big spinebuster and a 450 splash for a close near fall.

Belair was absolutely crushed and blindly charged into the corner. She missed and ate an axe kick as a result of her haste before Sane marched and hit the sliding forearm in the corner. Sane's backfist sent Belair down and the diving elbow gave Sane the win.

Sane will take on the winner of Dakota Kai vs. Rhea Ripley in the next round.