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WWE Mae Young Classic episode one results: The tournament begins

After everything leading up to the finals was filmed in July, the Mae Young Classic debuted on the WWE Network this morning. The first four episodes were released, completing the initial round of the tournament. The next four will drop next Monday, but we'll have you covered with four results posts of the first round over the next few days.

The tournament began with Stephanie McMahon narrating a video showing some of the most notable female wrestlers of all time -- including Bull Nakano and Madusa alongside Mae Young and tying the eras together with clips of modern-day stars like Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss.

The 32 competitors were briefly shown before we went to the arena with the Mae Young Classic trophy being shown and Jim Ross saying history is in the making.

Kay Lee Ray and Princesa Sugehit were showcased in videos, with Sugehit getting her name from being the only female training in her gym while Kay Lee Ray's Shimmer work is shown and we see her taking risks and flying high. KLR entered first before Sugehit showed off her incredible ring outfit.

Princesa Sugehit defeated Kay Lee Ray

They started things off with strikes before Sugehit outsmarted KLR with a cradle. A Gory Special got turned into a Code Red by Sugehit for two. KLR then knocked her to the apron, spun her around, and hit a big Misawa elbow for two.

They exchanged slaps before KLR came out on top of that and landed a basement flatliner into a Koji clutch. Sugehit escaped and got two off a rolling cradle. KLR countered a kick with a Gory Bomb and got two before Sugehit applied a Fujiwara armbar to end it. This was solid and gave each quite a few chances to shine.

Serena Deeb and Vanessa Borne were showcased in a highlight video. Borne's past as a cheerleader was referenced and she was shown winning in NXT. Deeb talked about wanting to be the best in the world and having had a chance in WWE before, but costing herself that chance due to alcohol.

Deeb views this tournament as her chance for redemption and wants this to be the culmination of her in-ring career. She came down to a fairly large ovation. Borne entered acting cocky and was the clear heel here.

Serena Deeb defeated Vanessa Borne

Lita hyped up Jessicka Carr as the first female referee since the '80s before Deeb got the better of a lock-up. Deeb dominated with matwork, but she ate a big headbutt from Borne on the apron.

A sliding headbutt got two for Borne. Deeb went for a big tackle, but she ate the buckle and Borne got a near fall off a spinning neckbreaker. Deeb was able to recover and win it with a spear. This was sloppy and Borne didn't appear ready for primetime yet.

Charly Caruso was in the control center and ran down the results so far. Shayna Baszler vs. Zeda was then hyped up with a video package. Zeda talked about wanting a superhero to protect her growing up due to bullying. She opted to become her own hero by learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu and learning how to defend herself.

Baszler's Shimmer work was highlighted, including clips with Ruby Riot alongside her MMA past. Baszler came out and Ross talked about the Four Horsewomen of MMA before we saw Ronda Rousey and Marina Shafir in the crowd. Zeda had a high-energy intro and Lita talked about how they went to the same judo club in Virginia.

Shayna Baszler defeated Zeda

Zeda got a kneebar, but Baszler transitioned into an armbar that Zeda turned into a rear naked choke before getting armbarred again. She was able to stack Baszler up for a two count.

Baszler kicked away before Zeda landed some kicks in the corner, then Ross talked about Baszler being trained by Josh Barnett and Billy Robinson. Baszler blocked a suplex and ended up getting a suplex of her own and a rear naked choke to win it.

This was short, but it was definitely memorable -- it was a showcase of a completely different style than anything you would see on WWE TV. The Horsewomen posed and celebrated Baszler's win. 

Jazzy Gabert and Abbey Laith were featured next. Gabert talked about fighting hard to get where she is and having a demon inside her that destroys the little girls she faces. She gives off a nice badass vibe that makes her seem like the biggest physical threat here.

Laith talked about winning with the Alligator Clutch to honor Mae Young and we were shown her kicking and chopping her way through Shimmer.

Laith came out first before Gabert walked out and Ross talked about how her life story is one of the most fascinating he's ever heard. She was adopted and her family didn't support her going into athletics -- so she was on her own at 15 and made her own way. Ross talked about her being tough in both pro wrestling and MMA, while Lita said that Gabert told her that wrestling is her only family.

Abbey Laith defeated Jazzy Gabert

They shook hands to start before Gabert pulled her in and took Laith's best shots -- leading to the crowd going absolutely rabid. Gabert tossed her around to a "Jazzy" chant before pulling Laith into a split, leading to a fake out on a kick and a split-legged jawbreaker giving Laith some distance.

Gabert pulled her up off an arm drag attempt and tackled her down before clubbing away for two. Gabert locked on a modified Cobra Clutch armbar that Laith turned into a headscissors before Gabert transitioned into a rear naked choke that was turned into a pin for one.

Gabert slugged away in the corner before a face wash and a big slam got one off an amusing posing cover attempt. A tarantula necklock by Laith set up a buzzsaw kick for two. Laith avoided a shoulder-mount backbreaker and landed a pair of Brogue kicks and a swanton for two.

Gabert hit a big lariat and some ground and pound before a powerbomb was countered into an Alligator Clutch to win the match for Laith. They set that up wonderfully and not in a way that felt forced. They hugged after the match before the next episode's card was revealed.