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WWE Mae Young Classic episode seven results: The quarterfinals

It’s the quarterfinals of the Mae Young classic and all four matches in the round took place on this episode. Mauro Ranallo opened the show with a video package running down how all eight wrestlers got to this point.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Abbey Laith

Laith beat crowd favorites in Jazzy Gabert and Rachel Evers to get this far, while Martinez got past Xia Li and Princesa Sugehit.

There were dueling chants in this one, but the crowd seemed slightly more behind Laith, who appeared to be getting over as an underdog. Laith did an awesome high crossbody from the top turnbuckle onto Martinez, who was on the entrance ramp. Back in the ring, Martinez nailed Laith with a high kick and a fisherman’s buster to get the pin.

Shayna Baszler defeated Candice LeRae

LeRae is giving up five inches in height but has a distinct experience advantage. Her husband, Johnny Gargano, was shown prominently at ringside as he has been during all of LeRae's matches in the tournament.

Baszler, of course, had her Four Horsewomen teammates Ronda Rousey and Jessamyn Duke (no Marina Shafir) watching on. LeRae got past Renee Michelle in round one and Baszler’s SHIMMER stablemate Nicole Savoy in round two. Baszler is coming off wins over Sarah Logan and Mia Yim.

The crowd was solidly behind LeRae with “Candice Wrestling” chants right from the start. The audience exploded a couple minutes in when LeRae applied the Gargano Escape on Baszler, but she reached the ropes to break it. LeRae went for Miss LeRae’s Wild Ride off the top rope, but Baszler reversed to a rear naked choke in mid-air to pick up the win, her third straight by submission.

Baszler kept the hold on for about 30 seconds after the bell, which the crowd did not like at all. LeRae could not even stand for the winner’s announcement as Gargano attended to her. Baszler kicked her prone body on the way out of the ring, drawing more boos.

Charly Caruso was at the control center going over the brackets. Baszler and Martinez will meet in the first semifinal and the winners of the next two matches square off in the other.

Toni Storm defeated Piper Niven

Niven beat Santana Garrett and Serena Deeb to get to the quarters. Storm is coming off wins over Ayesha Raymond and Lacey Evans. Storm is just 21 years old and is giving up a lot of size here to the crowd favorite Niven.

There were chants for both throughout. Niven was compared to Klondike Kate during this match by play-by-play man Jim Ross. Niven used various forms of splashes to dominate the match.

Niven nailed a Michinoku Driver and followed with a cannonball into the corner. She looked to set up a big splash off the top rope, but Storm connected with a belly-to-back suplex off the top. Storm hit a top rope leg drop to get the win.

Rousey, Shafir, and Duke were being interviewed about Baszler’s win outside of Full Sail and were confronted by Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Bayley. Rousey challenged them to name the time and place. Rousey said that they'd be waiting after Lynch, Flair, and Bayley went to leave.

Kairi Sane defeated Dakota Kai

Sane beat Tessa Blanchard and Bianca Belair to advance to this round. Kai defeated Kavita Devi and Rhea Ripley in the opening rounds. Kai has a five-inch height advantage but is the huge underdog here.

Sane drew chants throughout. She hit an Alabama slam and then her awesome top rope elbow drop to get the pin after a really good match. She will meet Toni Storm in the semifinals.