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WWE Mae Young Classic episode six results: The Horsewomen face off

Images: WWE

On episode six of the Mae Young Classic, the second round of the tournament concluded and an angle highlighted tension between the Horsewomen stables.

While the second round matches were the focus of the show, probably the most newsworthy aspect of the episode was the face-off between the two Horsewomen factions. The WWE faction and the MMA faction exchanged words across the aisle at ringside.

The show opened with one of four matches that wrapped up the second round of the tournament.

Toni Storm defeated Lacey Evans

Storm pinned Evans after executing the Strong Zero. Storm targeted the neck early on in the match with hip attacks.

Evans used a combo where she swept the legs and followed with a slingshot flying elbow drop. Displaying a mean streak, Evans then worked over Storm. Storm fought back to set up a charging hip attack in a corner. They went through a series of exchanges, then Storm maneuvered Evans into the Strong Zero finisher and covered her for the pinfall.

Storm advances to face Piper Niven in the quarterfinals.

Shayna Baszler defeated Mia Yim

Baszler submitted Yim with both sets of Horsewomen (minus Sasha Banks as she was in Australia doing a promotional tour for WWE) watching from the front row.

The story was Baszler utilizing her MMA style, and Yim would counter with pro wrestling-style offense that threw Baszler from her gameplan.

The match began with them exchanging kicks. Baszler was getting the better of the exchanges when Yim countered with a hurricanrana that sent Baszler outside the ring. Yim followed with a suicide dive through the ropes.

Baszler cut her off and began working the ankle, which was a trend that would continue throughout the match. Yim caught her in a tarantula, and also hit a cannonball. Baszler went back to working the ankle.

Yim fired up with a series of kicks, and she got a two count after using a German suplex. Baszler applied an ankle lock, but Yim escaped. Moments later, Yim got a near fall with a sit-out powerbomb.

The fans began a “women’s wrestling” chant as Yim climbed the turnbuckles. She jumped off the top rope into a 450 splash. Upon Yim landing, Baszler caught her in a rear naked choke. Yim tapped out to give Baszler the win via submission.

After the match, Baszler went to celebrate at ringside with her MMA Horsewomen faction. When Baszler turned to leave, she stopped and glared at the WWE Horsewomen. Baszler had a staredown with Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Becky Lynch. On the other side of the aisle was Ronda Rousey, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke.

Baszler held up four fingers as the two Horsewomen factions shouted at each other across the aisle.

Baszler advanced in the tournament and will meet the winner of Candice LeRae vs. Nicole Savoy.

Dakota Kai defeated Rhea Ripley

Kai pinned Ripley after delivering a double foot stomp. Kai played the babyface-in-peril who showed her resilience. She sold being down-and-out only to eventually get the win.

They fought on the top rope, and Kai shoved Ripley off to trap her in the tree-of-woe. Kai leapt off to deliver a double foot stomp that led to the pinfall.

Dakota Kai advances to meet Kairi Sane in the quarterfinals.

Candice LeRae defeated Nicole Savoy

LeRae pinned Savoy upon delivering Miss LeRae’s Wild Ride. Savoy kept cutting off LeRae and looked in control at various times during the match, but LeRae would always fight back.

They traded surfboard holds, and LeRae caught Savoy in a Black Widow at one point. Savoy perched her on the top turnbuckle, which allowed LeRae to set up her finisher to score the pinfall.

LeRae faces Shayna Baszler in the quarterfinals on the next episode of the Mae Young Classic.