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WWE Mae Young Classic episode three results: Niven vs. Garrett

Round one of the Mae Young Classic rolled on with four more matches from the tournament, and it was an international field for episode three. Like with the previous episodes, promo pieces helped give you a good sense of who the wrestlers are even if you're not familiar with everyone.

Toni Storm defeated Ayesha Raymond

Raymond is the “deadlift diva” from London. The crowd did not seem very familiar with her when she came out, with Storm being the definite favorite. Storm is representing Australia and got a huge reaction as she’s worked for promotions like Stardom and PROGRESS -- so she has some familiarity with the hardcore audience.

Storm gave up a lot of size to Raymond, who refused to shake hands prior to the match. Raymond got distracted by the fans, who were heckling her, and missed a top rope dive and Storm won with a roll-up off of it.

Storm goes up against the winner of Taynara Conti vs. Lacey Evans in the next round.

Sara Amato and Charlotte Flair were shown sitting together at ringside.

Dakota Kai defeated Kavita Devi

Devi came from a tryout in her home country of India and she put over Great Khali as her trainer in her pre-match video package. Kai is from New Zealand and has a look somewhat reminiscent of Bayley. She has worked for Shimmer and Shine in the past and was formerly known as Evie.

Kai was the definite crowd favorite as Devi got almost no reaction coming out.

Devi had very good presence despite her lack of experience, and the story of the match was that Kai was giving up a lot of size and was overpowered by Devi. The crowd was really behind Kai as the plucky babyface. She won after a running kick to the head and a double foot stomp off the top rope.

Kai will face another much larger opponent in Rhea Ripley in round two.

The Rock’s family was shown at ringside, including Ata Johnson, Simone Johnson, Dany Garcia, and Nia Jax.

Bianca Belair defeated Sage Beckett

Both wrestlers are American and are signed to NXT. Beckett was formerly Rosie Lottalove in TNA. She retired in 2012 due to health issues, but then came back two years later having lost 130 pounds and going by the name Andrea on the indies.

Belair has the gimmick of using her very long braid as a weapon. Neither woman got much of a reaction coming out, though the Full Sail audience seemed more familiar with Belair.

This match was like the first two in that one wrestler had a distinct size advantage, but Belair, the smaller wrestler, took control quickly in this one. She’s very good despite starting from scratch less than two years ago.

Beckett took too long posing prior to doing a move off the top, allowing Belair to roll out of the way and stun her with a whip of her braid. Belair followed up with a spear for the pinfall win.

Belair will face the winner of Tessa Blanchard vs. Kairi Sane in round two.

Piper Niven defeated Santana Garrett

Garrett does a Wonder Woman gimmick, while Niven is the former Viper from the ICW promotion in Scotland. She came off as very likable.

The American, Garrett, was giving up a lot of size in this one. There were dueling chants for both right from the start as there was no real clear crowd favorite. They had a back-and-forth match early, but Niven used her size to wear down Garrett.

Garrett had flurries of offense and quick near falls, which kept the crowd into it. They booed a near fall by Niven off of a splash that actually looked like a three count. Garrett hit a reverse hurricanrana off the top for a two count that made the crowd explode, but Niven hit another splash and then a Michinoku Driver to get the win.

This was easily the best match of the night and maybe the best of the tournament so far.

Niven will meet the veteran Serena Deeb in the next round.