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WWE Main Event results: Alexander & Perkins vs. Nese & Dar

Cedric Alexander & TJ Perkins v Tony Nese & Noam Dar

The Big Takeaway: Bo Dallas stole a win against Sin Cara, then Noam Dar made his Main Event debut in classic cruiserweight tag team action.


Bo Dallas defeated Sin Cara (4:57)

Sin Cara is becoming quite the regular on this show as feuds and storylines have dried up for him on the main roster of late. He has dazzling gear on tonight and looks great. The same could be said of Bo Dallas, but as the weeks go on and the beard gets longer, I still maintain it can’t be long before he joins up with his brother, Bray Wyatt.

After the early back and forth, they settle down into the heel (Dallas) beating down the high-flying babyface (Sin Cara) with punches, stomps, and kicks.

They do a great spot where Sin Cara gets some hope and manages to launch Dallas into the ropes, but Dallas takes the move really skillfully, making it look like he has gone face first into the ropes. While on the matting outside, Sin Cara launches himself off the apron with a senton.

Finally, after Sin Cara has taken the rest of the action, he goes up top to deliver the senton for the win. Dallas, however, has other plans -- he gets up, catches Sin Cara in a crossbody position, tumbles over, and reverses the pin for the win. He runs out of the ring, making off like a bandit. This was a good, short match.

Cedric Alexander & TJ Perkins defeated Tony Nese & Noam Dar (6:08)

This was Noam Dar’s Main Event debut. It has been a long journey to regular television for the Israeli-Scot and after a few appearances on Raw of late, it was unfortunate to see him taking part in another loss. At only the fledgling age of 23, he’s already wrestled for everyone who’s anyone and it's great to see him on Main Event this week.

Nese and Perkins start the match off together and it quickly settles into tests of strength and ebs and flows. Perkins goes for the cross armbreaker but Dar comes in to break it up. The ring fills, Dar gets thrown outside, and Perkins Pele kicks Nese and we head to a break.

Perkins has control over Dar as we return and they exchange wristlocks and mat wrestle intricately. He and Nese cut the ring in half and Nese applies a body scissors as we see Perkins in peril and await Alexander’s hot tag. Perkins manages to hit Nese with a last gasp fireman’s carry double knee gutbuster and both men tag out.

Alexander runs wild with clotheslines and flips, covering Dar for a near fall. He then goes for a springboard crossbody, but Dar catches him and craftily applies the STF and Perkins is forced to make the save.

The finish sees Perkins take care of Nese to send them both outside, while Dar rolls up Alexander. Cedric reverses the roll-up and hits the Lumbar Check for the win.