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WWE Main Event results: Cruiserweights come to Main Event

Tony Nese v Lince Dorado

The Big Takeaway: Rare singles action for Goldust and cruiserweights in the main event made for a fun, festive Main Event this week.


Happy holidays, everyone!

Goldust (w/ R-Truth) defeated Curtis Axel (5:18)

Austin Aries joined Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips on commentary this week and was a more than welcome addition.

You have to back as far as February this year to find Goldust in singles action on a televised WWE show. Who did he face? His brother, Stardust, and my goodness hasn’t Cody Rhodes thrived since leaving this company. Goldust and Truth have been fairly inseparable since they linked up to form a new tag team this year.

After some early exchanges, Axel -- who is playing the heel this week after several babyface outings of late -- slows things down with chops, strikes, and forearms. He applies a rear chinlock as Truth plays cheerleader. Axel hits Goldust with a dropkick and pauses to drink in the boos. Axel works out the right arm and thwarts Goldust’s attempts to take the momentum.

Goldust finds an opening with a spinebuster and gets the heat with clotheslines and a running bulldog. Axel kicks out of a beautiful powerslam, but the Final Cut sees him off. As Aries points out, “Goldust still moves so well in the ring,” he’s absolutely turning back the years.

Tony Nese defeated Lince Dorado (8:19)

With only a couple of appearances on Main Event under its old format to their names, neither man had ever won on this show going in.

Dorado shows his agility right off the bat, but is punished by a waistlock takedown. Dorado rolls him for a small package but Nese kicks out. Dorado explodes with a series of high flying moves and then slows things down with an arm lock. Dorado dictates the early pace, trying to neutralize Nese’s strength by keeping him on the ground. Nese gets a breather when he is able to dump Dorado outside and we head to a break.

Nese is throwing Dorado around after the break. Ridiculously, Nese puts on a bearhug. Dorado hurricanranas Nese to the outside, but he charges back in and annihilates him with a clothesline.

Nese uses a body scissors. This all feels decidedly un-cruiserweight. Things improve immensely, however, when Dorado uses a springboard stunner and then hits Nese with a suicide dive. His top rope crossbody only gets a two count.

The finish sees both Nese and Dorado trade attempts off the top only to thwart each other. Finally, Nese throws Dorado off and as he is on all fours, Nese comes off the top rope with a 450 splash to Dorado’s back. He rolls him over and covers him for his first win on Main Event.