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WWE Main Event results: Gallagher & Ali vs. Dar & Nese

The Big Takeaway: Jinder Mahal squashed Curtis Axel in the opener, but some super tag team action from the cruiserweights made the show.


Jinder Mahal defeated Curtis Axel (2:46)

After a good couple of weeks on the show where matches felt more relevant to main roster storylines, it was disappointing to see R-Truth missing from the announce team and matches like Mahal vs. Axel back on this show.

Now that he is so much more lean and muscular, Mahal’s heelish offense is a lot more effective and believable. When Axel misses a dropkick, Mahal takes over with knees, stomps, and chokes. It is admittedly a limited move-set, but it's working more than it used to.

Axel gets the heat and snapmares Mahal, then clotheslines him for two, but Mahal is able to block the Perfect Plex attempt and sends Axel throat-first into the top rope. There he locks in and hits the arm trap neckbreaker for the win.

Jack Gallagher & Mustafa Ali defeated Noam Dar & Tony Nese (w/ Alicia Fox) (5:44)

This was Jack Gallagher’s Main Event debut. Hardly much of a milestone for the 27-year-old Mancunian who has been with the company since November, has already been on two pay-per-view events, and has a win record of 80 percent.

They did some lovely comedy early on. Gallagher knows exactly what an expectant pre-Raw crowd wants and balances on the top rope, threatening Nese and Dar with his feet to keep them away. After they both give up, he flips over the top of them and Ali nails them off the top rope as we head to a break.

Gallagher has to bide his time while Nese and Dar work him over and cut the ring in half. Nese shows off his strength, carrying Gallagher around like a lawn dart and it is only Gallagher’s wit that gets the tag to Ali.

Ali comes in and is such a pleasure to watch; he’s totally fluid and full of tricks. He dominates Nese and sends Dar off the apron but can only get a two count.

The finish sees Gallagher come in and headbutt both Dar and Nese to set Ali up on the top rope for his reverse 450 splash. This was great tag team action and exactly what these cruiserweights should be looking to achieve in this company.