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WWE Main Event results: Gallagher & Metalik vs. Dar & Daivari

The Big Takeaway: There were two short matches that saw Jinder Mahal steal one against Curtis Axel and Jack Gallagher and Gran Metalik go over in the main event.


Jinder Mahal defeated Curtis Axel (3:44)

Mahal and Axel continue to be regulars on this show, having four-minute matches and languishing in a limbo where they don’t really get to develop much in terms of their quality in the ring or their characterization.

The proof comes as Axel comes down to the ring where there are shots of fans booing, because they don’t see Axel on TV anymore to know that he’s a babyface.

They very quickly get into it and start trading falls early on. After dropkicking Axel to the back of the head, Mahal rolls outside and takes a breather. He seems to be using his "shante" pose less now and instead his character is just a little bit more generic. He rolls back in and starts to work Axel over.

Axel gets the heat with clotheslines and a snapmare, followed by a sliding clothesline to the mat but Mahal kicks out at two. Axel looks like he’s going to get the win until he mounts Mahal on the second turnbuckle and Mahal is able to slide out underneath him. He very quickly locks in the Cobra Clutch slam and pins Axel in the middle of the ring.

Jack Gallagher & Gran Metalik defeated Noam Dar (w/ Alicia Fox) & Ariya Daivari (3:25)

After losing with Rich Swann on 205 Live against Dar and Daivari, Gallagher was able to get his win back, this time teaming up with Gran Metalik. Disappointingly, this was again far too short and the trend now seems to be to give the cruiserweights four minutes or less on Main Event, regardless of whether it is a singles or tag match.

Dar and Daivari cut the ring in half for most of this short bout, working Metalik over with quick tags. Gallagher is really over -- standing on the apron waiting for the hot tag you can sense the anticipation in this pre-Raw crowd wanting to see him get in and do his thing.

When he gets the hot tag, the match explodes into action. Gallagher dropkicks Dar, whips him into the corner, and hip tosses him and goes for a cover. Daivari makes the save but eats a top rope missile dropkick from Metalik.

Dar scoops up Metalik to send him over the top rope, but Metalik uses the velocity to crossbody onto Daivari on the outside. Gallagher then headbutts Dar and hits the Gentleman's Dropkick for the win.