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WWE Main Event results: Gran Metalik vs. Ariya Daivari

The Big Takeaway: Sin Cara beat Bo Dallas in a rematch from last week, while Gran Metalik and Ariya Daivari had a very short bout in the main event.


Sin Cara defeated Bo Dallas (3:59)

This was a rematch from last week when Sin Cara was pinned by Dallas in what felt like an unfair finish after Sin Cara had dominated. This week, they pretty much did the same match with a different finish and with very similar back and forth and high spots.

Dallas locks in a headlock takedown until Sin Cara flies around with flips and an enzuigiri on the apron. He then does the same senton as last week off the apron onto Dallas on the matting outside, but this week the move looks more out of control, as Dallas crashes into the dasher boards.

Dallas rolls Sin Cara through the ropes to the outside, where he sells his knee and takes a nine count to get back into the ring.

Dallas uses his finisher, the rope-hung whiplash neckbreaker, but Sin Cara kicks out at two. Dallas then misses a running charge as Sin Cara gets his knees up, which lets him set up and hit the Dragon Bomb for the win.

Gran Metalik defeated Ariya Daivari (2:56)

Despite being of a similar age, Gran Metalik (28) and Ariya Daivari (27) have had very different routes to achieving their position on the WWE main roster. Metalik’s runs in CMLL and New Japan saw him gain some significant status in the wrestling world, under the moniker Mascara Dorada.

Meanwhile, Daivari was trying to carve out a role for himself across the world, including a stint in TNA’s India project, Ring Ka King. This week they go toe-to-toe, but are barely given any time to make much of an impression.

Early on, Daivari misses a running crossbody in the corner and Metalik is able to take control. A hurricanrana leaves Daivari prone, but too far across the ring as Metalik goes up top. Instead of overextending himself, he walks across the top rope a few steps before hitting a splash onto Daivari, who kicks out at two.

After some back and forth, Daivari comes back with a lariat for two. He slaps the back of Metalik’s head and disrespects him, posing for the crowd. Metalik’s response is to catch Daivari in a fireman’s carry position and hit his Samoan Driver for the win.

This was oddly short and Metalik celebrates clutching his jaw, though it isn’t clear whether this has anything to do with the finish.