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WWE Main Event results: Rusev vs. Sin Cara

Sin Cara v Rusev

The Big Takeaway: Former Social Outcasts friends Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas battled it out, while Rusev dominated Sin Cara in the main event.


Curtis Axel defeated Bo Dallas (3:48)

As former teammates as part of the Social Outcasts, Dallas and Axel have a fairly storied past. As the bell rings, Dallas offers Axel a handshake. No, this is not 205 Live, it is a heel offering that Axel falls for, shaking Dallas’ hand only to be clotheslined out of his boots seconds later.

Dallas’ Amish beard is getting longer by the week and you have to wonder how long it is before we see him team with his brother, Bray Wyatt.

Dallas is angry and mocks Axel, but this allows Axel to get some offense in himself. He dropkicks and pummels Dallas, but he is cut off by a choke on the top rope and Dallas slows things down with a cravat. They go back and forth and eventually both go down for a count of seven.

Axel gets up first, getting the heat with clotheslines and flying forearms. He teases the Perfect Plex but Dallas twice scouts it and reverses the move. Against the run of play, though, Axel eventually locks in the Perfect Plex and gets the three count. He seems as surprised by the victory as anyone else.

Rusev (w/ Lana) defeated Sin Cara (7:40)

Lana cuts a pre-match promo on the crowd, calling Portland “a village.” She emphasizes Rusev’s ability and looks, introducing him as "Handsome" Rusev. The facemask is an excellent heel gimmick -- one we haven’t seen since Cody Rhodes’ run against Rey Mysterio in 2011.

As you would expect, Rusev dominates here with lots of power and force. Sin Cara tries to use his speed to thwart Rusev, but he is continually caught and punished. Eventually, Sin Cara dropkicks Rusev out of an Irish whip and it sends him through the ropes to the outside.

Sin Cara missile dropkicks Rusev again, sending him into the dasher boards. But outside, Rusev shakes it off and Sin Cara is punished yet again, this time with a wheelbarrow suplex as we head to a break.

Rusev is now working over Sin Cara’s left arm and he continues to cut off any attempt at momentum from the luchador. Rusev toys with him, pulling him around the ring by the wrist and using all parts of the ring to help him.

He misses a splash, though, and Sin Cara flies around, finally getting some heat. Rusev kicks out of the top rope senton, hits the superkick, and locks in the Accolade for the win.