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WWE Main Event results: Women's & cruiserweight divisions in action

Alicia Fox v Dana Brooke

The Big Takeaway: Brian Kendrick beat Lince Dorado in a solid opener, while Alicia Fox showcased her talent against Dana Brooke in the main event.


Brian Kendrick defeated Lince Dorado (5:10)

Both Kendrick and Dorado have new ring gear this week, with Kendrick sporting a kind of hippie flower collage on his tights that Mick Foley’s Dude Love would have been proud of, while Dorado is in Legion of Doom circa 1992 colors.

After taking an early pummeling from Kendrick, Dorado fires up with a string of big moves, culminating in a top rope crossbody for a two count. This is as smooth as I’ve seen Dorado since he made the main roster. He spikes Kendrick with a hurricanrana through the ropes into the dasher boards.

Kendrick is creative, trapping Dorado’s left leg in the ring wiring under the apron, then baseball sliding him. Austin Aries calls it perfectly, saying that it will have hurt his knee ligaments.

But back in the ring, Dorado doesn’t sell the spot at all and instead builds up to hitting a frankensteiner for two. Kendrick then kicks out of the springboard stunner as the crowd really gets into it.

Kendrick gets his knees up to block the shooting star press and then immediately rolls Dorado over into the Captain’s Hook for the win. This was as good of a five-minute match as I’ve seen from these two.

Alicia Fox defeated Dana Brooke (7:00)

Brooke and Fox go back and forth until Brooke gets the better of her opponent and taunts Fox by doing a one-handed push-up. Fox ranas her as payback and then locks in an armbar followed by a hammerlock.

Brooke shows her strength by lifting Fox into a powerslam from the lock, but Fox holds on to reverse it into a pin for a two count.

Fox really carries the action, guiding Brooke through the match. For all the criticism she takes, Fox has been doing this for over 10 years now and has been with the company since 2006. She outwits Brooke over and over again and we head to a break.

Brooke finally gets some heat when we return, but she can only stifle Fox with kicks, knees, and stomps. She tries to draw some heat by posing to the crowd, flexing her biceps after every attack on Fox.

After taking a backdrop and a long body scissors, Fox is able to get the heat with two dropkicks and a beautiful Northern Lights suplex. She then finally gets the win with a scissors kick.