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WWE Mixed Match Challenge live results: Asuka teams with Miz

Images: WWE

Asuka & The Miz advanced in the Mixed Match Challenge tournament winning their match on the second episode of the show from Washington, DC.

Asuka and Miz advance to the second round and will next wrestle in week seven of the tournament. They'll face Sasha Banks & Finn Balor, who defeated Natalya & Shinsuke Nakamura on the inaugural episode of Mixed Match Challenge.

The show opened with entrances by the mixed tag teams. In between time, pre-tape promos established their team dynamics.

Carmella & Big E -- along with the rest of New Day -- cut a promo putting over their chosen charity. In the ring, Carmella & Big E wore matching gear and ate pancakes together before the match. In the opposing promo, Miz spoke Japanese. Asuka in English then led a "we will win" chant.

Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan also did a very wooden promo before the match.

Asuka & The Miz defeated Carmella & Big E

Asuka submitted Carmella with an armbar in a match with a lot of gaga. The wacky antics began when Big E spanked Miz on the bottom while applying an abdominal stretch. The wackiness would continue.

Carmella begged off from Asuka. Big E gave Carmella a large letter "L" prop. He told Carmella to give Asuka her first "L" -- as in loss. So Carmella gave the letter "L" to Asuka. At first, Asuka acted happy to receive the gift. Her face soon flashed to a maniacal gaze as she tore the letter to pieces.

During the match, Michael Cole gave a tutorial on navagating the complexities of hiding and unhiding the interactive features on Facebook Watch. Thanks for looking out, Michael. Corey Graves seemed unimpressed as he took a dig at Cole.

Meanwhile, Miz executed a DDT and covered Big E. Carmella jumped in to break up the count. That led into "yes" chants for Miz & Asuka delivering a series of kicks.

Carmella riled Asuka with several slaps to the face. Asuka fired up with spinning back fists of fury. Following a sliding dropkick, Asuka applied an armbar and Carmella tapped out.

After the match, Renee Young conducted a post-match interview with the winners. That turned into a Miz promo after Asuka briefly spoke in Japanese. Claiming to provide a translation, Miz put himself over for mentoring Asuka. Miz went on to vow they would dominate the tournament -- all in honor of their charity. Even if the promo was heelish, at least their hearts are in the right place.

Next week the tournament continues when Alexa Bliss & Braun Strowman meet Becky Lynch & Sami Zayn in another first round match.