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WWE NXT results: Baszler vs. Ripley, Gargano addresses his future

Images: WWE

Shayna Baszler and Rhea Ripley collided in the main event on the last taped episode of NXT before the show goes live next week. The move to USA Network was a main focus on the show.

Next week's first hour of NXT that will air on USA Network got most of the hype, and the second hour set to stream on the WWE Network was barely mentioned until late in the show. 

A cold open started the show with a dark SUV arriving to the building. Out stepped Rhea Ripley and she went into the building. She would meet Shayna Baszler in the main event later in the episode.

Damian Priest defeated Boa

Priest pinned Boa after hitting The Reckoning. Boa would not back down from the start, but Priest kept knocking him down. Priest stomped him and hit him with an enzuigiri. He followed with a Falcon Arrow, with the announcers billing Priest as the “Archer of Infamy.” That nickname needs some work.

Priest viciously grabbed Boa by the ear and twisted. Boa made a comeback with a series of kicks. Priest mowed him down with a discus lariat, and then he delivered a spinning kick that set up his finisher. The Reckoning led to a three count.

A featurette chronicled the saga of Velveteen Dream and his burning couch. Roderick Strong lit the couch on fire in a skit on the previous episode. When NXT goes live next week, Strong challenges Dream for the NXT North American Championship in the USA Network hour.

Johnny Gargano came out to address the audience about his future in NXT. They milked this for all it was worth, and the live crowd more than played their part. The promo was a vehicle that gets to an angle involving Shane Thorne. How well that will all work out is debatable, but Gargano’s promo beforehand displayed a great atmosphere at Full Sail.

The crowd serenaded Gargano with “Johnny Wrestling” chants for several minutes. Gargano said everyone is asking what the future holds for him. The fans chanted “please don’t go” in response.

Gargano talked about the last time he was in an NXT ring. He fell off a cage and was knocked out (in the finish of Adam Cole vs. Gargano at the last TakeOver). Gargano said he woke up to the crowd chanting “Thank you Johnny” at him. That cued the Full Sail crowd to chant the same thing.

Gargano thanked the fans, and then he declared his love for NXT in an impassioned speech. He put over the roster and referred to NXT as the best wrestling show. Gargano went back to putting over the fans.

“You guys had my back since day one,” Gargano said.

So he wanted to tell them something, but Shane Thorne interrupted him instead. Thorne trolled Gargano by asking if all this was necessary. Thorne mockingly asked if we even needed more “Johnny time” on NXT.

Thorne got in the ring to confront Gargano. He got in Gargano's face and talked more trash.

Thorne told Gargano “this place is going to be just fine without you.” Thorne went on to say NXT would be better without Gargano, basically because people like Thorne could get a push. “Take your bow, and take a walk,” Thorne said in conclusion.

Gargano stepped up to Thorne to proclaim he was not going anywhere. Gargano then decked Thorne and laid him out. Gargano stood over him and smirked.

Pete Dunne defeated Angel Garza

Dunne submitted Garza with a finger break spot. This was more of a showcase for Dunne, but Garza still got some time to get himself over. He also continues doing a Latin Lover gimmick. So Garza teased pulling his pants off, but Dunne cut him off.

They grappled, and Dunne targeted a hand with joint locks. Dunne continued with joint manipulation until Garza countered with a submission hold. They ran the ropes and Dunne got the better of the exchange.

Garza avoided a stomp and begged off. Dunne grabbed his begging hand and went for a finger break, but Garza gave him the slip. Garza then pulled off his pants to reveal his trunks.

The fight spilled outside and Garza superkicked Dunne off the apron. This set up the heat spot as Garza began working over Dunne. Soon after, Dunne fired up with chops, a step-up enzuigiri, and then a German suplex. Stomping on Garza’s hands and a follow-up kick netted Dunne a two count. Garza countered and fought back.

Dunne nonetheless caught him for a sit-out powerbomb. Garza again fought back for a series of near falls on Dunne. They went back and forth down the stretch. Garza fired up in the closing moments, but he was only speeding ahead to defeat.

Garza went for a springboard quebrada, but Dunne caught him in a triangle before he landed. Dunne trapped Garza in the triangle, then did the finger break spot for a submission.

In a “Street Talk” segment, The Street Profits were at Central Park in New York City this past Monday for Raw. They talked about getting to be in Madison Square Garden, and then they hinted at them challenging Undisputed Era in a Tag Team title match on the first live episode on USA Network.

Cameron Grimes defeated Raul Mendoza

Grimes pinned Mendoza after jumping into a double stomp out of nowhere. Mendoza got to shine with his high-flying lucha arsenal. He also used a rolling casita cradle (la magistral). Grimes was reeling until he dropkicked Mendoza out of the air on an attempted springboard.

During a long armbar spot there was a hard plug for NXT on USA. Then Mendoza began fighting back. He did a rope walk and springboarded into a missile dropkick. Mendoza followed with a standing Shooting Star Press for a two count.

In the closing moments, Mendoza went for a Phoenix Splash. Grimes moved and Mendoza rolled through. He charged towards Grimes, who leapt into the air and caught him with a double stomp for the pinfall.

Candice LeRae barged into William Regal’s office. She was upset that Io Shirai was in the upcoming number one contender’s match. Regal thought LeRae had a point about the triple threat match, so he added LeRae to the bout. Thus it becomes a fatal four-way. Regal also wondered out loud about adding Rhea Ripley to the match if she wins later on.

A vignette hyped the return of Dakota Kai.

Three-quarters of the way into the show, and finally a mention of next week's second hour live on the WWE Network. The move to USA Network had plenty of plugs, but this was the only mention on this show of the second hour. An announcement revealed that Matt Riddle and Killian Dain's street fight will be on the second hour next Wednesday.

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler defeated Rhea Ripley by DQ in a non-title match

The Horsewomen interfered and introduced a chair into the match. Ripley wrestled the chair away from Baszler and hit her with it for the DQ. This was a hoss match, and it played out almost like two monsters facing off in a Godzilla movie.

As they started the match with grappling, Baszler tried to punk out Ripley. Baszler instead got punked. They went back to grappling and did a simple (yet logically effective) scoop slam. Ripley dominated for a stretch as she rained down forearms on Baszler.

Baszler countered with a small package for a two count. Ripley missed a running kick and got her leg hung in the ropes. Baszler capitalized and attacked a trapped Ripley. That was a turning point as Baszler grounded her.

Ripley nevertheless countered with a backdrop. She missed a dropkick trying to follow up. Baszler locked in a sleeper hold. Ripley backed into a corner, and Baszler turned the hold into a hanging sleeper. Ripley escaped and dropkicked Baszler to the outside.

They fought on the floor and Ripley picked up Baszler with an electric chair. She then dropped Baszler onto the ring steps. Ripley rolled Baszler into the ring seemingly with victory at hand. Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke ran in to cause a distraction.

Ripley mowed down Duke, but Baszler was still able to get a chair into the ring. Ripley blocked a chair shot and took the chair away from Baszler, and then she hit Baszler with it for a DQ.

Ripley remained in the ring where she sat in the chair after the match. She dared Baszler and company to get back in the ring. They wanted no part of that.

The show closed with a promo by Undisputed Era. Adam Cole talked about prophecy. He predicted that Roderick Strong would defeat Dream for the North American Championship. Strong said he also hated that couch, and he hates Dream.

Cole claimed NXT is getting bigger than ever because of them. They dropped their catchphrase before the show faded to black. 

Next week, NXT goes live on USA Network as a new era begins.