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WWE NXT results: Ciampa goads Johnny Gargano & Aleister Black

Johnny Gargano and Aleister Black -- with help from NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa -- set up their rematch on episode #480 of NXT. Ciampa goaded Black and Gargano into booking themselves into a cage match on the December 19 episode of NXT.

Besides the cage match, other matches became official for the coming weeks on NXT. Likewise, other matchups were teased as storylines shifted in new directions.

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Matt Riddle defeated Punishment Martinez

Riddle submitted Martinez with the Bromission in Martinez's NXT TV debut. The match was short but far from a squash. The crowd dueled with chants of "Let's go Riddle" and "Punishment." Riddle dodged some kicks at the outset and went for a sleeper. Martinez escaped and dropped Riddle with a punch. Riddle then fired up with strikes. Martinez mowed him down with a cyclone kick. Riddle turned a flip for a lariat.

Riddle began to throw a flurry of strikes. Martinez grabbed him by the throat, but Riddle kept throwing kicks. The fight went to the ground, where Riddle threw rapid fire back elbows. Creating an opening, Riddle then applied the Bromission for the victory.

As Riddle was leaving, Kassius Ohno jumped him in a sneak attack. Ohno hit Riddle with an elbow and knocked him off the ramp. Their feud surely must continue.

A vignette and press scrum put over Ricochet as a superstar. Ricochet defending his North American Championship was teased for the next episode.

A featurette and promo from Heavy Machinery looked to establish them as the next contenders for the Tag Team titles. They claimed their journey in NXT won't be complete without them winning the NXT Tag Team Championship.

William Regal in a tweet announced a fatal four-way match in three weeks time to determine the next contender for the NXT Women's Championship. Bianca Belair is the first entrant confirmed for the match.

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The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake w/ Jaxson Ryker) defeated Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza

Cutler pinned Mendoza in an action-packed tag match. Mendoza and Carrillo flew around throwing kicks while shining. Mendoza was cut off and worked over. The Sons targeted the back until a hot tag to Carrillo. He launched into a flying crossbody. He springboarded into an arm drag, and Carrillo then hit a missile dropkick. A roll into a standing moonsault got a two count.

The Sons laid out Mendoza on the floor so they could double-team Carrillo. Cutler leapt off the top rope with a foot stomp while Blake gave Carrillo a Scorpion Death Drop. Cutler then covered Carrillo for the pinfall.

Cathy Kelley tried to interview Velveteen Dream. She asked Dream what was next for him. Dream said everyone was talking about him. He even gave hints about Triple H mentioning his name. To answer her question, Dream told Kelley that leaving her was his next move. Dream turned and power-walked away.

The Undisputed Era had words for several people in a group promo. Bobby Fish used an analogy about sharks to talk about EC3. He warned they bit him once, and they can bite him again. Roderick Strong mentioned them injuring War Raiders at TakeOver. Kyle O'Reilly blew off any notion of Heavy Machinery being serious contenders.

Adam Cole concluded the promo by saying, "They can keep trying. This is our era. That is Undisputed."

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NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler (w/ Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir) defeated Dakota Kai in a non-title match

Baszler choked out Kai to win via submission. They had a competitive match with Kai looking strong at times. Kai fired up on Baszler in the early portion of the match. Baszler tripped Kai and jerked her down from the apron. Torturing Kai, Baszler targeted the arm as she first manipulated it with joint locks. She then stomped on Kai's arm.

Baszler toyed with Kai until a comeback. Kai ran wild with kicks and a face wipe.

Baszler suddenly cut off Kai throwing strikes. Kai answered back with a kick that knocked Baszler down to the mat. Kai climbed the turnbuckles for a double foot stomp, and Baszler proceeded to kick out for a near fall.

They teased an avalanche gutwrench suplex, but Kai knocked Baszler off the ropes instead. Moments later, Baszler gave Kai the avalanche gutwrench off the top rope. Baszler maintained wrist control, which is a spot not often seen in WWE. Kai kicked at her trying to get free. Kai was able to break the grip -- only for Baszler to sidestep a charge. Baszler locked in a rear naked choke, and Kai tapped out.

Duke and Shafir joined Baszler in kicking and stomping on Kai after the match. Io Shirai ran in to make the save and clean house. Kai joined in as she had Baszler set up for a yakuza kick. Duke and Shafir pulled Baszler to safety as they powdered. They all had a staredown as the Horsewomen sulked up the ramp.

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa was out next for an in-ring promo with his title belt named Goldy. He is still the MVP of NXT after yet another TakeOver. He is a man of his word -- and yet the people refuse to believe him. He motioned towards fans, saying they didn't believe him.

Ciampa singled out Mauro Ranallo and said he didn't believe him either. He mocked Ranallo's catchphrase. When all is said and done, Ciampa claims he will be the greatest ever in NXT. He will once again be sports entertainer of the year.

Ciampa was then interrupted by the entrance of Aleister Black. Wanting a title match, Black said he is invoking his rematch clause at TakeOver in Phoenix over Royal Rumble weekend. Johnny Gargano joined the party by interrupting to say he is not finished yet with Black. Ciampa was gleeful with delight at the sight of a heel Gargano. He was glad Gargano brought out Johnny Badass instead of Johnny Wrestling. Ciampa suggested that Gargano and Black have a steel cage match.

Ciampa goaded the crowd into chanting for the match. Gargano's temper finally boiled over and he demanded the bout. The tension grew to a fever pitch before Black shot in to try catching Gargano with Black Mass. However, Gargano escaped his clutches and fled the ring.

Ciampa was on the apron admiring the scene he cultivated. Upending his moment of Zen, Black connected with Black Mass to drop the NXT Champion. "You deserve it," chanted the crowd. Black accepted the challenge for a cage match. Gargano smirked and Black sneered as a rematch between them looms ahead in two weeks.