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WWE NXT results: Fatal five-way contender's match

Images: WWE

Adam Cole is heading to TakeOver: New York to headline against Johnny Gargano in a two-out-of-three falls match for the vacant NXT Championship. Cole moved into the main event position after winning a fatal five-way on the latest episode of NXT.

Triple H appeared on the show to book the fatal five-way after Tommaso Ciampa had to vacate the title due to injury. The angle setting up the five-person match seemed haphazard compared to the usually methodical story arc leading to a TakeOver, but they had to do something to rework the TakeOver main event -- so this is what they did.

This episode was a one-match show devoted almost entirely to the fatal five-way. Only a few segments or skits on the episode were unrelated to the NXT title picture. The rest of the show was hyping the fatal five-way before the match itself. Roughly the first 30 minutes of the show involved setting up the match.

Triple H opened the episode with an in-ring promo. The crowd loved him and he professed his love for them. He talked about NXT being a place of dreams.

Some start their dreams in NXT -- and others fulfill their dreams of working in WWE by joining NXT. He added that dreams can also end in the ring. He then mentioned Ciampa needing neck surgery. That meant the NXT title was now vacant.

Not only did Triple H announce the fatal five-way to determine who meets Gargano at TakeOver, but he also announced the title match at the supercard would be two-out-of-three falls in order to ensure a decisive result.

Following Triple H’s announcement, Cathy Kelley was backstage near the men’s locker room to get reactions from the roster. She said some are excited and others are upset.

Kona Reeves said the match will be alright, but not the finest. Sure. Bless his heart. The Forgotten Sons told Kelley that her even asking them proves they are forgotten. They also mentioned them being in the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Classic, which airs next week.

Among promos from the participants in the fatal five-way was a video package focusing on Ciampa in Birmingham, Alabama. This was all devoted to his neck surgery and similar to other segments of this nature on WWE shows in the past. Surgeons explained the surgery process and recovery time. Ciampa was shown with his family before and after the surgery.

Kelley continued to play roving reporter. She interviewed the Sky Pirates while they were doing a photoshoot. Io Shirai and Kairi Sane were cheerful. Kelley asked about their four-way match for the NXT title at TakeOver. Nothing can come between their friendship according to them.

Bianca Belair interrupted the interview to cut promos on both Sane and Shirai. She ran them down and stormed off.

Then it was time for the one and only match on the episode.

Adam Cole defeated Ricochet, Aleister Black, Matt Riddle, and NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream in a fatal five-way contender's match

Cole pinned Ricochet to conclude a PWG-style bout. The match was all action, and it played out similarly to other multi-person matches. Two would square off in the ring while the others were down selling. At times several of them did spots together.

The match began with a melee. Dream and Black were the first to square off in the ring. Mauro Ranallo noted they won the Rivalry of the Year as part of the NXT Awards.

Riddle and Dream continued to tease a future singles match between them. They faced off in the ring at one point. Later on, Dream twice jumped into the ring to break up a Bromission being applied by Riddle. Towards the end of the match, Dream found himself trapped in Riddle’s signature submission hold.

Black got to shine at certain points as he threw kicks and knee strikes. He also did a springboard quebrada. Dream came off the top rope with a flying ax handle on the floor. As usual, Ricochet flew around like it came naturally to him.

After a parade of high spots, they were all down selling. Following that was a Tower of Doom spot. That led into the closing moments.

Riddle executed a deadlift fisherman’s buster on Black. Cole then took out Riddle with the ushigoroshi. Ricochet fell victim to two superkicks from Cole -- only to counter by spiking Cole with a reverse rana.

Ricochet launched into a Space Flying Tiger Drop to the outside. That left Riddle and Dream facing off in the ring. Riddle trapped Dream in the Bromission. Spoofing the NWO on Nitro, Cole pulled the referee out of the ring so that he could not stop the match via submission.

Riddle walked into Black Mass. Black himself ran into a Dream Valley Driver. Dream climbed the turnbuckles. Ricochet leapt into action to cut off Dream. He then sent Dream to the floor with an avalanche Frankensteiner.

Ricochet jumped off the top rope with a Shooting Star Press on Riddle. As Ricochet went for the cover, Cole rocked him from behind with the Last Shot to break up the pin. Cole then covered Ricochet for the pinfall. Thus ended one heckuva roller coaster ride.