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WWE NXT results: Final build to TakeOver Phoenix

Images: WWE

Velveteen Dream clashed with the Undisputed Era on the go-home show for NXT TakeOver: Phoenix.

Hard sell video packages hyped featured matches on the TakeOver card. Likewise, other matches on this show built towards storylines beyond TakeOver.

The episode opened with a camera filming Ricochet walking around with his North American Championship belt. He and Johnny Gargano will go face-to-face later in the show.

Velveteen Dream entered the Full Sail Arena for an in-ring monologue.

Dreams described the sparkle in his eyes. His sights are set on the NXT North American Championship. At the mention of the title, the words “shock the system” interrupted as Adam Cole and Bobby Fish barged onstage.

Cole boasted that 2019 will be a banner year for Undisputed Era. Cole vowed that they all will have gold this year. Cole told Dream to “dream on." Cole and Fish tried to rush Dream, but he sidestepped and sent them packing. That riled Undisputed Era. This set up a match for later in the show with Fish facing Dream.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeated Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner

Lorcan pinned Aichner with a schoolboy to win what was a hot match. Lorcan and Barthel started off with a knuckle lock and a striking exchange. Barthel backed Lorcan in the heel’s corner as they began working him over.

A hot tag led to Aichner cleaning house and landing a missile dropkick. Barthel made the save on a pinning attempt. The match then turned into a melee. Aichner connected with a lariat from hell on Lorcan. What followed was an exciting finish.

Barthel and Aichner launched into a series of moves that began with press slamming Lorcan into a deadlift brainbuster for a spot that is almost beyond description. Barthel then did a tope to the outside while Aichner did a double springboard moonsault for a close two count.

Lorcan countered tandem offense by rolling through into a half crab. Burch exchanged fighting spirit with Barthel. Lorcan ran wild and hit a dive outside the ring. Aichner leapt to the top rope and dove to the floor with a flying crossbody.

Aichner flew back into the ring with a springboard. Lorcan avoided Aichner and rolled him up with a schoolboy for the deciding pinfall. This was great.

Io Shirai & Kairi Sane defeated Tanea Brooks & Amber Nova

Sane pinned Brooks after a tandem finisher. Shirai & Sane make a great team. Shirai got to shine at the outset. She tagged Sane and they began a series of tandem moves like they were a babyface Midnight Express.

Sane slid into her signature elbow smash. Brooks caused a distraction that allowed Nova to hit Sane with a sneak attack. Sane overcame that to land a spear before she tagged out. Shirai ran wild and flew into a shotgun dropkick. She followed that with a 619 and a springboard double dropkick.

For the finish, Shirai assisted Sane by launching her into a flying elbow drop. Sane immediately repaid the assist by giving Shirai a boost into a standing moonsault. Sane then covered Brooks for the pin.

Sane & Shirai were celebrating backstage during a post-match interview. Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir confronted and threatened them. This all leads to a match announced for the next episode.

Velveteen Dream defeated Bobby Fish (w/ Adam Cole)

Dream pinned Fish following a DVD and a flying elbow drop. Dream got his shine in the early stages, but he was soon selling his leg as Fish worked it over.

Dream eventually made a comeback that led into the finish -- but not before Fish locked in a submission hold. The referee ordered a break when Cole interfered. Despite his leg buckling once during the finish, Dream overcame the injury to defeat Fish.

Dream was looking strong in the early portion of the match in the lead-up to a Macho Man axe handle to the floor. Dream was outnumbered with Cole stalking him at ringside. A distraction allowed Fish to target Dream’s knee. Fish worked the leg for the heat spot until the comeback.

Dream went for the Purple Rainmaker (flying elbow drop) -- but Fish countered into a kneebar. Dream struggled to reach the ropes. Cole pulled the rope just short of Dream’s grasp. The referee caught him in the act and ordered a break.

Fish and Cole argued with the ref as Dream recovered. An O’Connor Roll led into Dream hoisting Fish with a fireman’s carry. Dream’s leg buckled. Fish charged toward him -- and Dream sidestepped Fish to send him crashing into Cole.

Fish was given a Dream Valley Bomb before Dream leapt off the top rope with the Purple Rainmaker. A three count on Fish followed. Cole menacingly glared at the victorious Dream.

The show closed with the go-home angle featuring the two top title matches at TakeOver. NXT North American Champion Ricochet was cutting a promo in the ring when he was confronted by Johnny Gargano. A brawl erupted between them. As Ricochet got an advantage on Gargano, he was attacked by NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa.

A conflicted Gargano hesitated before continuing with a beatdown on Ricochet. Ciampa smirked and clapped his approval.

Aleister Black rushed into the ring to attack Ciampa. Black was stomping a mudhole and walking it dry. Gargano hesitated again before he saved his former DIY teammate. He superkicked Black. Ciampa began stomping a mudhole of his own.

Gargano executed his slingshot DDT on Ricochet -- while Ciampa delivered Devil’s Wings on Black as DIY each laid out their respective opponents before TakeOver. Far from reconciled, they circled each other. A handshake between them seemed like it was coming -- but Candice LeRae came out to stop her husband.

Also announced for the next episode is a tag match with The Forgotten Sons facing The Street Profits. The Sons attacked their foes on the previous episode.