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WWE NXT results: Hanson vs. O'Reilly for WarGames advantage

Images: WWE

A singles match decided the advantage in WarGames on the go-home show ahead of TakeOver. Kyle O’Reilly defeated Hanson in the main event -- which gives Undisputed Era an advantage heading into WarGames this Saturday.

Members of Undisputed Era will enter WarGames in order ahead of the babyface team. A huge brawl ending the show teased the chaotic nature of the upcoming match.

Hard sell segments hyped other matches on the TakeOver card. Those include the NXT title bouts with Shayna Baszler defending against Kairi Sane, and Tommaso Ciampa defending his title from challenger Velveteen Dream. Also on the TakeOver card is a heated grudge match between Aleister Black and Johnny Gargano.

On this episode, one match was also made official for the TV taping in Los Angeles prior to the TakeOver card on Saturday. Seeds for future directions were also planted.

Bianca Belair defeated Mia Yim

Belair pinned Yim after executing her KOD finisher. This match was set up with a skit on the previous episode. Yim still looked strong despite losing -- but the undefeated push of Belair continues with her definitely becoming the top contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.

They were exchanging holds and trading strikes back-and-forth until Belair missed a dropkick. Yim went to work with knee strikes followed by a volley of dropkicks. Yim hit a shotgun dropkick with momentum on her side. Belair underhandedly sent Yim crashing out to the floor.

Belair proceeded to get heat on Yim as she worked the neck with a vice and a cravate. In between those holds, she also dashed a hope spot. Yim soon countered into a comeback. They would go on to trade near falls.

Yim first ran wild with strikes. A gutwrench suplex got her a two count, and then Belair caught Yim with a spinebuster for two. Yim answered back with palm strikes and kicks for another count of two. Yim hit Belair with a cannonball in a corner seemingly to set up her finisher. Belair had other ideas.

Belair countered Yim to hoist her up in a torture rack. Belair then dropped Yim into a sit-out facebuster that Belair calls KOD. Covering Yim for a pinfall, Belair remains undefeated in NXT.

Cathy Kelley went to interview the babyface team for the upcoming WarGames. She asked who would represent the team in a match later in the show. They were unsure and could not decide until Hanson hollered that he would take the match.

In a separate interview, Kelley asked Matt Riddle about his experience since coming to NXT. Riddle said his experience is “amazing” so far. Kassius Ohno interrupted the interview to confront Riddle. Ohno wanted an answer to his challenge for a match between them. Riddle accepted the offer to set up a match for the next episode. Riddle says he's glad they talked, “because now we can fight.”

Lacey Evans defeated Karissa Rivera

Evans pinned Rivera in a squash match. Rivera briefly fought back when she caught Evans letting her guard down. Evans had stopped to dab sweat from her brow with a handkerchief. Rivera only got a one count on a dropkick. That riled up Evans. The match soon ended quickly when an enraged Evans knocked out Rivera with The Women’s Right.

Evans cut a promo after the match. She said the NXT women’s division was full of a “classless nasties” that lack sophistication. Evans basically went on to say she would lead by example in bringing class to the division. If everyone else fails to adhere to her standards, she will teach them class with The Women’s Right.

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Hanson

O’Reilly pinned Hanson to give Undisputed Era the advantage at WarGames. Neither had an entourage at ringside -- but a brawl eventually erupted involving the WarGames teams after they stormed down to the ring later in the match.

O’Reilly and Hanson had a believable match with a ton of intensity. Playing cat-and-mouse at the outset, O’Reilly tried to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. He instead powdered as Hanson sent him scrambling to the outside. They did an Ali-inoki spot with O’Reilly on his back throwing kicks at Hanson.

After blocking some attempts for headlock takeovers, Hanson mowed down O’Reilly with a tackle. Hanson then began to maul O’Reilly with a mighty fury. However, Hanson fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book when O’Reilly caught him rolling back into the ring.

O’Reilly targeted the legs of Hanson like he was chopping down a tree. Hanson still managed to power out on a kick out -- sending O’Reilly through the ropes to the outside. Hanson started to rally when O’Reilly took out a knee with a chop block. Moments later a dragon screw and a kneebar looked to do further damage.

Hanson fought out of submission holds to begin a comeback. O’Reilly took a high back drop as Hanson began pummeling him. A powerslam for a two count led into them trading strikes. Hanson launched himself into a tope suicida, and he followed with a bronco buster. As Hanson climbed the turnbuckles, Adam Cole appeared to cause a distraction.

Hanson missed a moonsault and ran into a knee strike from O’Reilly. Hanson still managed to kick out for a close near fall. O’Reilly transitioned into an armbar -- and then an ankle lock. Hanson managed to get a rope break, but Cole struck him with an enzuigiri. O’Reilly tried to capitalize on the interference. Despite getting hit with Ax and Smash, Hanson still kicked out at two and half. A brawl would soon erupt.

Rowe ran down to even the odds at ringside. Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong ran in to attack Rowe. Pete Dunne joined to make the save as the cavalry arrived. Ricochet ran across the ring doing a flip dive to the floor. With the referee’s attention was on everyone brawling at ringside, O’Reilly snuck the tag team title belt into the ring. O’Reilly waffled Hanson with the title belt and covered him for the pinfall.

WarGames is Saturday. Winter is coming.