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WWE NXT results: Johnny Gargano brawls with Tommaso Ciampa

Images: WWE

The build to TakeOver: Chicago continued on episode #452 of NXT. Heated rivals Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa added some color to their upcoming street fight with Ciampa spilling his own blood during a wild brawl that closed the show.

The show opened with NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler coming to the ring for a promo. She had regained possession of her title belt after Nikki Cross stole it on the previous episode.

Baszler said she was tougher, stronger, and better than any other woman on the roster. She added that the strong will always defeat the weak, but there’s always that one person. The crowd began a “Nikki” chant. Baszler claimed that if Cross ever gets in her face again, it’ll be the last thing she ever does. That brought out a maniacal Cross to confront Baszler.

They faced off in the ring, and Baszler began cutting a promo on her. Baszler asked if Cross was crazy, and the crowd answered with a “Yes” chant. Baszler threatened to choke her out. Cross responded by repeatedly daring Baszler to do just that.

Cross bluff charged Baszler, which startled her. A brawl began, and Cross at first got the better of the exchange. Baszler briefly cut her off before Cross fired up and hit a flying crossbody off the top rope. Baszler powdered out and retreated.

On commentary, Nigel McGuinness noted it was the first time he could remember Baszler showing fear. A match between the two is now official for TakeOver in Chicago on June 16th.

TM61 defeated Mike Hughley & Robby Grand

Shane Thorne pinned Grand after clubbing him in the back of the head. Hughley was the first victim of the TM61 onslaught. He got some separation and tagged out. Grand came in -- only to eat a wicked dropkick. The beating continued until Grand began to fire up, but it was to no avail. Nick Miller was fighting off Grand when Thorne clubbed Grand in the back of the head for the pinfall.

After the match, Thorne and Miller cut promos putting other teams in NXT on notice. They suggested that all the teams should kneel at their feet and call them “the mighty,” which is a reference to their former team name -- The Mighty Don’t Kneel.

Preparing for his NXT Championship match at TakeOver against Aleister Black, Lars Sullivan was shown mauling people at the Performance Center.

Roderick Strong defeated Danny Burch

Strong pinned Burch after a distraction and a falling backbreaker. Strong was at first alone without his cohorts from the Undisputed Era. The backstory to this match was that Burch scored a pinfall on the Undisputed Era in a previous tag team match. Likewise, Strong & Kyle O’Reilly will face Burch & Oney Lorcan in a Tag Team title match at TakeOver.

They began with grappling, and Burch kept getting the better of the exchanges. Strong cut him off with a kick, then began working him over. Strong chopped and grounded Burch. After applying an abdominal stretch on Burch, Strong was sent to the outside. Burch began a comeback that led into a missile dropkick, a release German suplex, and a running lariat.

O’Reilly and Adam Cole ran down to interfere, but Pete Dunne and Lorcan made a save. In the ring, Burch applied a crossface. Cole caused a distraction that allowed Strong to execute a backbreaker for the pinfall.

Following the match, Dunne snuck behind Strong for an attack on the person that turned on him at the last TakeOver. Cole made the save for his partner, and Strong eventually left Dunne laying with a falling backbreaker.

Later on in a video posted to YouTube, O'Reilly challenged Dunne to a match for the WWE United Kingdom Championship.

Kassius Ohno was doing a photoshoot when EC3 interrupted to start “joshing” him. Ohno called him an arrogant blowhard before issuing a challenge. EC3 accepted to set up a match between them in the coming weeks.

A vignette showed NXT Champion Aleister Black cutting a promo on Sullivan. Black said Sullivan’s reality would “fade to black” at TakeOver.

Sit-down interviews with Ricochet and Velveteen Dream were spliced together to build up their match at TakeOver. The story of the feud is an indie darling against a Performance Center standout -- although they did not use those terms.

Kairi Sane defeated Lacey Evans

Sane pinned Evans with a flying elbow drop. Evans' right hand literally had Sane's name written on it. She tried to intimidate Sane at the outset. Sane answered with a flying headscissors and a Destino. Evans countered moments later with a slingshot elbow drop.

Evans shined up Sane for a comeback. Sane blocked a slap, but Evans cut off the hope spot. Evans taunted Sane by doing push-ups on her. Evans climbed the ropes and springboarded into a moonsault that missed. Sane fired up into a spear and followed up with a sliding dropkick. She applied an armbar, but Evans managed to escape.

After delivering an Alabama slam, Sane jumped off the top rope with her signature flying elbow to score the pinfall.

In the closing segment, Ciampa came out to a chorus of boos for an in-ring promo. Building their Chicago Street Fight at TakeOver, Ciampa began to address Gargano. But first, Ciampa responded to chants from the crowd by saying the fans gave up on him long before he gave up on them. The crowd taunted him with more chants.

Ciampa tried to paint Gargano as selfish. He mockingly said Gargano went from “Johnny Wrestling” to “Johnny Badass.” Ciampa went on to blame Gargano for Candice LeRae being injured in storyline a few weeks ago. Ciampa said Gargano’s wife was “broken” -- although he probably did not mean in the Matt Hardy way.

Gargano stormed on-stage with security trying to hold him back. He broke free from security and rushed to the ring to start a brawl. The fight briefly spilled out into the crowd -- where Gargano dived onto Ciampa with a plancha.

Security kept trying to break up the melee. With Gargano trying to fight off security, Ciampa attacked him from behind. Ciampa applied the Gargano Escape. With the fight seemingly broken up, Ciampa went to leave when Gargano jumped him from behind for a receipt on the ramp.

Gargano rammed Ciampa into a video screen and Ciampa got color. With Ciampa bleeding, Gargano applied the Gargano Escape as the show went off the air.