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WWE NXT results: Johnny Gargano returns

Images: WWE

Johnny Gargano returned to television in the closing angle on the latest episode of NXT. Gargano attacked NXT Champion Adam Cole to build toward a rubber match between the two. Cole had promised to defend his title against a rookie. That was a red herring for a swerve that led to the return of Gargano.

Elsewhere on the show, Kushida continued his dominating win streak by going over a main roster talent via submission. Apollo Crews tapped out to Kushida in an exciting finish of their match. 

The episode opened with a very unique match that was more similar to RINGS or Pancrase in style than WWE.

Matt Riddle defeated Arturo Ruas

Riddle defeated Ruas via referee stoppage. The match started like a shoot fight. They quickly went to the ground and scrambled. Back to their feet, they traded strikes. Riddle used a guillotine choke, but Ruas transitioned into an armbar. Riddle then countered with his own armbar.

They squared off again and Ruas got a takedown. After they traded kicks, Ruas shot in for a takedown. Riddle escaped and knocked him down with a kick. Ruas answered with his own kick. On his back, Riddle was able to kick his way free, and he leapt into a knee strike that dropped Ruas. Riddle jumped on top of him with ground and pound until the referee stepped in to call for the bell.

Killian Dain ran in wearing a hoodie for a sneak attack on Riddle after the match. Dain mauled Riddle as he administered a beatdown around ringside and up the ramp. Dain then did a senton on the stage for a stunt.

Doing the Taz/Bam Bam Bigelow spot made famous in ECW, they crashed through the stage. This didn't have quite the holy sh*t factor as when Taz and Bigelow did it in 1998, but the angle was effective nonetheless in getting over the chaos created by Dain's return.

The Street Profits cut a promo on the latest edition of “Street Talk.” They put themselves over and called upon challengers to step up if they want “the smoke.” They ribbed about them being “undisputed” in a reference to Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish -- who are the next perspective challengers for the NXT Tag Team titles.

Cell phone footage showed Mia Yim assaulting Shayna Baszler in a parking lot. This comes after Baszler dismissed Yim for trying to challenge for the NXT Women's Championship. 

Bronson Reed defeated Dexter Lumis to advance in the Breakout Tournament

Reed pinned Lumis after a big splash off the top rope. This was the final match in the first round. Reed moves on to meet Cameron Grimes in the next round. 

In a vignette before the match, Reed talked about him representing Australian Strong Style. Lumis on the other hand represented a sociopath doing a creepy gimmick where he stalked around looking menacing (much like he did in TNA as Sam Shaw).

Lumis got heat on Reed while also playing mind games. Reed made a comeback. Lumis cut him off only to miss a senton. Reed capitalized with a powerslam and a flying body press off the top rope for the pinfall.

The Forgotten Sons confronted Tyler Breeze during an interview with Cathy Kelley. The Sons tried to bully Breeze, but he made a joke about Jaxson Ryker being Buddy Murphy (who Wesley Blake previously teamed with in NXT). Blake said that Ryker is something that Breeze has never seen before, but Breeze dismissed that by saying he has seen everything.

A recap highlighting Io Shirai as a heel led to an announcement of Shirai vs. Kacy Catanzaro on the next episode. Next week is Shirai's first match on television since turning heel on Candice LeRae.

Kushida defeated Apollo Crews

Kushida submitted Crews with a Sakuraba Lock in a cool match. As part of the finishing sequence, they did a Spanish Fly where Kushida locked on an armbar as they crashed to the mat. Hot take: Kushida is a tremendous pro wrestler.

They started the match with a Code of Honor handshake before the grappling began. They ran through some cool sequences and exchanges, then taunted each other.

After playing cat and mouse, Kushida struck with handspring heel kicks to knock Crews off the apron. Crews soon countered with a gutbuster. Crews hit a delayed vertical suplex for a two count, and he then grounded Kushida. A Stinger splash by Crews was followed by an overhead release belly-to-belly suplex.

Crews missed a second splash, and Kushida struck with forearms and a kick to Crews' arm. Kushida landed a Tajiri back elbow that he followed with a cartwheel and a basement dropkick. Kushida hit a step-up enzuigiri in a corner before springing off the middle rope with a tornado DDT for a near fall. 

Kushida was targeting an arm when Crews cut him off. Kushida ran into a big boot. Crews capitalized with a hat trick of German suplexes, then followed with a standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall. 

Kushida targeting the arm earlier in the match came back into play when Crews went for a military press. Crews’ arm gave out, and Kushida set up a springboard hurricanrana. A double down was the result when Crews struck with an enzuigiri. 

Crews got back to his feet and climbed the turnbuckles. They traded strikes -- and a double heel strike by Kushida stunned Crews. Upon them doing a Spanish Fly off the rope, Kushida held on to apply an armbar. Kushida then transitioned into applying a Kimura and Crews tapped out.

Keith Lee cut a promo backstage where he talked about his tenure in NXT having starts and stops. He was promised opportunity, but now others are getting more chances. He specifically mentioned Damian Priest. This sets up a match on the next episode with Lee facing Priest.

NXT Champion Adam Cole strolled to the ring for an in-ring promo. He claimed to be a fighting champion. To prove that, he was having a match tonight with someone he introduced with a video package.

A flashback showed Johnny Gargano going back to the wrestling school where he trained. Cole also recently went to the school and cut a heel promo on the students. He focused on one student in particular -- Twan Tucker.

That was who Cole picked to defend his NXT Championship against on this show. Tucker was headed to the ring when he got a mic to say he did not come alone. 

Gargano suddenly darted onstage and ran past Tucker. Gargano stormed into the ring to brawl with Cole. They fought around ringside and into the crowd like Full Sail was the ECW Arena. Officials in striped shirts eventually poured in to separate them. But the fight continued.

Gargano ran down the stage and leapt into a flying crossbody. They brawled their way back to the ring, with Gargano hitting Cole with a superkick.

Cole then tapped and screamed for mercy when he got trapped in the Gargano Escape. Officials eventually peeled Gargano off of him. Gargano held up three fingers, signifying a third bout between them, which will be the rubber match in their feud.