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WWE NXT results: Johnny Gargano vs. Velveteen Dream

Images: WWE

Johnny Gargano wrestled with his heel demons during a match against Velveteen Dream in the main event of episode #467 of NXT. The show also featured Mr. Regal's ongoing investigation into who attacked Aleister Black.

Elsewhere on the episode, Kairi Sane sailed to another victory before clashing again with Shayna Baszler. The Forgotten Sons looked to make a return fit to remember. And the show opened with Kassius Ohno on a mission.

Kassius Ohno defeated Kona Reeves

Ohno pinned Reeves after a roaring elbow in a short match. They briefly grappled before Reeves began taunting. Ohno punched him in the face for doing so.

Ohno ate an elbow and an ax handle from Reeves. Ohno escaped a fireman’s carry and hit a roaring elbow to score the pinfall.

Ohno cut a promo after the match. He said there was a buzz when he returned to NXT -- but that faded. Ohno felt like he was an afterthought. Now he gets it. There will always be a new name with buzz. He welcomes them -- then vowed to send them to the back of the line.

The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake) w/ Jaxson Ryker defeated The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins)

Cutler pinned Ford after interference by masked assailants. Cutler ended up with a bloody nose at some point.

Early on, The Street Profits cleared the ring with double dropkicks. Ford then took a drink from his cup. That fired him up into a tope con hilo to the outside, but Ford was soon cut off. The Forgotten Sons proverbially cut the ring in half as they worked over Ford. A hot tag led to Dawkins cleaning house.

Leading into the finish, Ford delivered a DDT on Blake. Suddenly, two masked individuals ran in to interfere. Ford managed to thwart them. He unmasked one as a member of The Mighty. A distracted Ford then fell victim to a double team by the Sons. An implant/reverse DDT led to Cutler covering Ford for the pinfall.

Mr. Regal was continuing his investigation by interviewing Heavy Machinery. Otis Dozovic admitted to destroying a bathroom toilet. Tucker Knight had more relevant information. He told Regal that Tommaso Ciampa was seen hiding in the bushes near an assaulted Aleister Black.

A skit from “last week” showed Ricochet and Pete Dunne arguing after the loss to Undisputed Era. That sets up a match between the NXT North American Champion and the NXT United Kingdom Champion. Both titles are on the line in two weeks time on NXT with champion against champion.

A War Raiders vignette had a dire warning for Undisputed Era.

Before the next match, Kairi Sane appeared onstage. The Pirate Princess had a treasure chest that held her NXT Women’s Championship and gold coins. She retrieved the belt and threw bullion into the crowd. The treasure chest was a prop also used in a confrontation after the next match.

Kairi Sane defeated Trish Adora

Sane pinned Adora with a flying elbow drop. Sane looked strong as she got a takedown at the outset. She threw an ax kick and went for a stretch muffler. A rope break only prolonged the inevitable. Adora countered some moves -- only to get hit with a spinning back fist. Sane did her sliding elbow to set up her finisher. She jumped off the top into a flying elbow drop for the pinfall.

A smiling Sane was celebrating her win when Shayna Baszler interrupted the celebration. Sane’s happy facial expression melted into anger. Baszler knocked over the treasure chest and coins spilled out. Baszler cut a promo using puns related to the treasure.

A brawl then erupted. Baszler knocked Sane off her feet. Sane fired up with fighting spirit. A spinning back fist and a spear sent Baszler to powder.

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa filmed a promo on his cell phone. Ciampa said the reason no one has seen him since TakeOver is because he has no reason to be seen. He has no established number one contender. He proclaimed himself truly the last man standing.

Ciampa also claimed he is the greatest. He was filming this on his phone because he doesn't care to see the people -- nor does he want to hear their opinions. Ciampa said there are some people that really hear his message. He told them to “follow the lead” he provided.

Mr. Regal interrogated Lars Sullivan about the Aleister Black incident. Sullivan had motive and was seen near the scene of the crime. While he did intend to confront Black, Sullivan insisted Black was already attacked beforehand. Sullivan told Regal that he heard Black yell out in pain. Then Sullivan saw Undisputed Era fleeing the scene in a vehicle.

Velveteen Dream defeated Johnny Gargano

Dream pinned Gargano with a rolling Death Valley Driver. The story of the match was the turmoil within the character of Johnny Gargano. Continually giving in to his rage, Gargano displayed heelish tendencies. He also lost in a similar manner to how he did in his battles with Ciampa. His anger cost him another match.

Gargano did fly and shine like a babyface at times. The crowd seemed mixed on him. He still popped them with a tope suicida and a springboard hurricanrana. One of the coolest spots in the match led to a slingshot spear by Gargano. Dream grounded and worked over Gargano at times.

The match exploded as they traded strikes and counters. They also traded near falls. At one point, Gargano applied his crossface finishing hold on Dream. However, they were on the floor so the referee started to count. Gargano was so focused on inflicting pain that he almost got counted out. He finally broke the hold to beat the count.

Gargano was setting up for a draping DDT on the floor. He thought better of it after seeing a young fan with a sign supporting him. He apologized and climbed back into the ring. Gargano was conflicted about whether or not he should pull down the knee pad. Dream taunted him. Gargano’s anger took over as he charged towards Dream. That flash of Gargano's temper allowed Dream to counter with his Dream Valley Driver for the pinfall.

Gargano was distraught after the match. The crowd at Full Sail started dueling chants of “Johnny Wrestling/Johnny Failure” -- which shook up an already shaken Gargano. He lost another match. Now he is losing the fans.

A vocal portion of the audience chanted lyrics to “Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye”. Gargano hung his head and sulked away. Other fans started a “Johnny” chant. He stopped to give the crowd one last look before he turned to leave.