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WWE NXT results: Keith Lee makes his debut

Images: WWE

The main event title match at TakeOver was announced after developments on episode #462 of NXT, but that appears to be in serious jeopardy.

Tommaso Ciampa defending his NXT Championship against both Johnny Gargano and Aleister Black in a triple threat match appeared to be set for Brooklyn. But, due to a real-life groin injury, WWE shot an angle where Black was attacked in the parking lot after this week's show.

Elsewhere on the episode, Keith Lee basked in the glory during his in-ring debut. Likewise, Adam Cole and Undisputed Era delivered a message to Ricochet. Also, EC3 sent Velveteen Dream for a swim. In addition to other enhancement matches, a match on the show determined the final entrant into the Mae Young Classic.

The show opened with Nikki Cross raging through an enhancement match.

Nikki Cross defeated Amber Nova

Cross pinned Nova after The Purge. Cross has a distinctly different entrance that sets her apart from her former stablemates in SAnitY. Nova’s gear looked reminiscent of the great Magnificent Mimi.

Nova briefly got to work over Cross before a comeback. Cross fired up into a flying crossbody. Cross then executed a twisting fisherman’s neckbreaker called The Purge. She easily covered Nova for the pinfall.

A video package hyped the debut of Keith Lee. Clips of Lee in the ring were mixed with a motivational speech by Lee. He also used his “limitless” and “Bask in my Glory” catchphrases he got over on the indies.

During what was supposed to be the entrance of Ricochet for a match, Undisputed Era dragged a lifeless Ricochet out on the stage. Ricochet sold being laid out as Adam Cole cut a promo on him.

Cole was insulted that Ricochet called him a coward. Cole said he “doesn’t hide behind anyone.” Meanwhile, he was flanked by Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong, and Bobby Fish. Cole added that he stands tall as NXT North American Champion. After defeating Ricochet at TakeOver, Cole claims he will continue to remain champion.

An interview backstage with Vanessa Borne had her cutting a promo about taking the final spot in the Mae Young Classic.

Kassius Ohno defeated Adrian Jaoude

Ohno knocked out Jaoude with a roaring elbow to win via pinfall. Jaoude wore a sleeveless gi to the ring. He got brief opportunities to display his martial art style. Wearing a look of staunch determination, Ohno went on to win in dominant fashion.

In an entertaining skit, Velveteen Dream invited EC3 to a poolside “summit” ahead of their upcoming match in Brooklyn. As they walked around the pool, EC3 was nervous that Dream would try throwing him in it. EC3 cut a promo on Dream. Feeling disrespected, Dream began cutting a promo on EC3.

Dream dropped his sunglasses. EC3 offered to pick them up. When EC3 bent down, he instead hoisted Dream into a fireman’s carry when it appeared that Dream was going to push him in. EC3 then threw Dream into the pool. Splashing around in the water, Dream screamed for help. EC3 chided him by pointing out that the water was only three feet deep.

Keith Lee defeated Marcel Barthel

Lee pinned Barthel with a jackhammer. Lee looked like a superstar in this enhancement match. He was over with the crowd, and he more than delivered in the ring.

Lee doing a drop down into a leapfrog followed by a dropkick was a thing of beauty. Barthel got some offense with Lee hanging in the ropes. Lee soon used a headbutt to shut down Barthel. Lee continued to display his power and athleticism. He hoisted Barthel into a fireman’s carry -- and then Lee used a jackhammer for the pin.

The Street Profits cut promos seated in front of an ATM for a “Street Talk” segment. They joked about The Mighty. Street Profits are set for a match with The Mighty on next week’s episode.

Taynara Conti defeated Vanessa Borne in a Mae Young Classic qualifying match

Conti became the final entrant in the Mae Young Classic after pinning Borne in this match. They grappled early on. Borne grounded Conti. Escaping a body scissors, Conti made a comeback. Borne caught Conti in a crucifix. Conti countered with a rough-looking Black Hole Slam of sorts.

Upon covering Borne for the pin, Conti became emotional and tearful at having qualified for the Mae Young Classic.

MMA fighter Cain Velasquez was shown in attendance.

Johnny Gargano vs. Aleister Black ended in a no-contest

A striking exchange started the match. That led into a tope suicida by Gargano. Black countered a slingshot spear when he hit Gargano with a kick. Black countered with another kick moments later. A stalemate led to a double down.

Tommaso Ciampa ran in to ambush Gargano. Ciampa then attacked Black. A three-way brawl erupted. Referees poured into the ring for a pull-apart. Mr. Regal marched onto the stage to make an announcement. He announced that the title match at TakeOver would be a triple threat with Ciampa defending against both Black and Gargano.