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WWE NXT results: Keith Lee vs. Kassius Ohno

Keith Lee and Kassius Ohno met in a slobberknocker fighting over the honor of Matt Riddle. Bro, that is kind of what happened in the main event of episode #487 of NXT.

Elsewhere on the show, NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler confronted her next challenger and got slapped down by Bianca Belair. Johnny Gargano continued riding the fence in a tweener role. Meanwhile, Dominik Dijakovic got another win -- and The Forgotten Sons sent a message to The Street Profits.

The show opened with the entrance of EVOLVE Tag Team Champions The Street Profits. Them holding the EVOLVE Tag Team titles was acknowledged on commentary.

The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) defeated The Metro Brothers (JC & Chris Metro)

Ford pinned JC Metro after hitting a frog splash. The Street Profits were supposed to be more aggressive instead of relying more on comedy. That was difficult to accomplish considering they did a few comedy spots, and they were wrestling the second coming of Deuce 'n' Domino.

The Metros were doing a greaser gimmick with leather jackets, white shirts, and black pants. Not sure if they were supposed to be a pair of James Dean knockoffs, but they came off more like Lenny & Squiggy. That was a dated reference you kids might have to Google, but the gimmick is also very dated.

The Street Profits did some double-team moves, and then Dawkins supposedly shoved down Ford on accident. At first it seemed like a tease of dissension, but then Ford leapt up cackling when Dawkins punched both Metro brothers. Okay, then. Not sure what that was all about. Ford then tagged in before he leapt high into a five-star frog splash for the pinfall.

The Street Profits were celebrating with fans when The Forgotten Sons ambushed them in a sneak attack. Ford and Dawkins fought back at first until Jaxson Ryker joined in for a three-on-one beatdown.

Cathy Kelley interviewed Matt Riddle about the main event later on. Riddle wished he could corner Keith Lee, but unfortunately he is not yet cleared following the attack by Ohno. Riddle is pulling for Lee in his match, but Riddle wants Lee to leave some for Riddle to finish off.

Aleister Black cut a promo threatening NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa. He warned Ciampa their match is soon approaching. He wants his title back. Black said he would be at Full Sail next week to get the fight started early.

Bianca Belair sauntered to the ring for a monologue. She bragged about sending Nikki Cross packing out of NXT. Belair said she has 20/20 vision of the NXT Women's Championship, so I guess her eyesight is great.

Belair name dropped NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler, and Baszler appeared to interrupt her speech. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir flanked Baszler as she confronted Belair in the ring. They traded barbs, with Baszler saying she would break Belair's arm. Belair said that instead her arm will hold up the title belt in victory.

Belair and Baszler were arguing when Baszler tried to calm down her fellow Horsewomen. Baszler turned around into a slap from Belair. Duke and Shafir tried to jump Belair, but Belair escaped the ring. She laughed at Baszler as they had a staredown.

Dominik Dijakovic defeated Adrian Jaoude

Dijakovic pinned Jaoude upon execution of Feast Your Eyes. Jaoude shot in at the outset going for a takedown, which he got as they began grappling. Dijakovic exploded into offense with a suplex. Jaoude tried to fight back with strikes -- but he ate a lariat instead. Dijakovic hit a big boot shortly after and then hit Feast Your Eyes to get the win.

War Raiders were taking part in what looked like a Viking ceremony. They lit a bunch of chairs that Undisputed Era supposedly used in War Games on fire. War Raiders menacingly threatened Undisputed Era ahead of their Tag Team title match at TakeOver: Phoenix.

Johnny Gargano defeated Humberto Carrillo

Gargano pinned Carrillo after using a draping DDT. Carrillo is a super talented flyer that is apparently headed to 205 Live. He got to shine in the early portion of the match with his agile style. Gargano cut him off with a slingshot spear. Gargano slowed down the pace as he worked over Carrillo with an abdominal stretch.

Carrillo escaped the hold and launched into a handspring back elbow. That led into Carrillo doing a tornillo splash to the outside. Carrillo got a two count with a standing moonsault. He then went for a moonsault off the top rope -- but Gargano got his knees up.

Gargano delivered a superkick and threw Carrillo like a dart into the middle turnbuckle. Gargano finished him with a DDT to score the pinfall.

Gargano got on the mic afterwards to issue a challenge for Ricochet to show up at Full Sail on the next episode. Not sure where this tweener character is going, but I'm starting to care less and less about Gargano. That is probably not good, but their match at TakeOver will probably be good, so [insert Toru Yano shrug].

Tommaso Ciampa cut a cell phone promo dismissing the invitation by Black to show up at Full Sail next week. Ciampa lastly told Black to be careful what he wished for in a cryptic bit of foreshadowing.

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Kassius Ohno defeated Keith Lee

Ohno pinned Lee following a roaring elbow in a slobberknocker main event. The finish came after they bumped the referee and Ohno hit Lee with a low blow. That allowed Lee to save some face despite the need to keep Ohno strong ahead of him once again facing a vengeful Riddle.

Ohno acted like he was going to attack Lee before the bell. When the bell rang, Ohno wanted to stall before they eventually collided. Lee had Ohno reeling at the outset. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but it is worth noting that Lee does a helluva leapfrog.

Ohno took a high back drop before he cut off Lee with a drop toehold. Ohno worked over Lee as he grounded his larger opponent. Lee would battle back with hope spots that Ohno dashed to get some near falls. Lee began a comeback when he got his knees up on an attempted senton.

They were trading strikes and fighting back and forth when Lee struck with a mighty pounce body block that sent Ohno into orbit.

A desperate Ohno underhandedly shoved Lee into the referee. The ref was briefly disoriented -- and Lee was distracted. Ohno then hit Lee with a low blow, followed by a roaring elbow for the pinfall.

After the match, Riddle rushed to the ring to check on his bro. Riddle glared at a smirking Ohno as the show closed.