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WWE NXT results: KUSHIDA makes his debut

Images: WWE

In his first televised match for WWE, KUSHIDA rallied to defeat Kassius Ohno in the main event on the latest episode of NXT. Fairly unchanged from his persona in NJPW, KUSHIDA did some of his signature spots before winning with his submission finisher.

On the next episode, Adam Cole faces Matt Riddle in a singles match as a rift continues to divide Undisputed Era. Mia Yim also has a match next week against NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler.

This show opened with a trios match set up by an angle on the previous episode.

The Forgotten Sons (Wesley Blake, Steve Cutler & Jaxson Ryker) defeated Humberto Carrillo, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Blake pinned Burch after a dual double foot stomp. Lorcan did a dive to the outside early on in the match as the babyfaces ran wild. Carrillo also got to fly before he was cut off with a spinebuster by Ryker. The Sons got heat on Carrillo, and Ryker got a near fall.

Burch cleaned house following a hot tag. After a missile dropkick on Cutler, Burch applied a crossface on Blake. Ryker jumped in to break up the submission hold. Carrillo hit a flying dropkick to send Ryker scrambling out of the ring.

Carrillo went for a tope suicida, but Ryker shoved his fellow Son out of harm’s way. Carrillo crashed into his own partner, dispatching himself and Lorcan. Back in the ring, an outnumbered Burch put up a valiant fight -- but it was to no avail as The Sons swarmed him.

Ryker held both Burch and Carrillo for Cutler and Blake to jump off the top with dual double foot stomps. Ryker then pinned Burch.

Cathy Kelley approached the Horsewomen for an interview. Kelley asked about the Sky Pirates. NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler said they were buried after the beatdown of Kairi Sane. Kelley asked Baszler about Io Shirai having pinned the champion -- and mentioned that Baszler has yet to defeat Shirai. Baszler swatted the microphone to the ground and stormed off.

An angle shot at the Performance Center involved Bianca Belair and Mia Yim. Belair was mad that Yim is getting a match next week against Baszler. Belair and Yim argued with each other before being pulled apart.

Dominik Dijakovic defeated Mansoor Al-Shehail

Dijakovic pinned Mansoor after Feast Your Eyes. Dijakovic previously quickly won various other squashes with a running kick at the start. Mansoor was ready for that as he dodged a kick and fired up on Dijakovic. The monster heel shrugged it off. Mansoor jumped off the top rope into the waiting arms of Dijakovic, who proceeded to hurl him out to the floor.

Mansoor still had fight left in him as he kicked out twice. Dijakovic gave him a release suplex for two, then a backbreaker. Dijakovic jumped off the middle rope with a splash, but again only got a two count.

Mansoor made a comeback, and he even got a near fall. Nevertheless, Dijakovic went on to pummel him before hitting his finisher for the pinfall.

Following the match, valets pushed a couch on stage carrying NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream. Dijakovic had words for Dream, so Dream planned to address them. Dream cut a promo set to the “Star Spangled Banner.” He claimed this was his NXT. Dream then rode on the couch as he was rolled away.

An announcement plugged a match for next week with Adam Cole facing Matt Riddle. A promo with Undisputed Era built on that announcement. They first talked about Johnny Gargano. Roderick Strong said the focus should be on next week with Cole vs. Riddle. Cole agreed with that while also making a snide remark about Strong losing last week.

Strong lost after interference from Cole backfired in a match against Gargano on the previous episode. Strong took exception to Cole’s remark, and he walked away. Bobby Fish sided with Strong, while Kyle O’Reilly had Cole’s back. Cole tried to dismiss it, but there is apparent dissension within Undisputed Era.

KUSHIDA defeated Kassius Ohno

KUSHIDA submitted Ohno with the Hoverboard Lock. This was pretty much the same KUSHIDA seen in NJPW. He wore his usual Marty McFly outfit for his entrance. Much like when Kevin Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura debuted in NXT, KUSHIDA also suffered a bloody nose in his first match on NXT television.

KUSHIDA offered a handshake as the match began. Ohno instead kicked his hand away. The handshake -- or lack thereof -- was a story that would play into the match.

They grappled at the outset, with KUSHIDA briefly taunting Ohno. They wrestled to a stalemate. Seemingly having a sudden change of heart, Ohno extended his hand to KUSHIDA. Falling for one of the oldest tricks in the book, KUSHIDA got kicked in the gut after being swerved by Ohno on yet another handshake. KUSHIDA fought back as Ohno went on the offensive.

KUSHIDA found himself in an electric chair position, and Ohno then dropped him into a facebuster. Bleeding afterwards, KUSHIDA appeared to have busted his nose.

Ohno berated KUSHIDA, saying he does not belong here. That fueled KUSHIDA into a comeback. With Ohno reeling, KUSHIDA grabbed his hand to force him into a handshake -- finally getting his receipt from earlier. On an attempted springboard handstand, Ohno hit KUSHIDA with an elbow smash for a near fall.

Ohno went for the roaring elbow, but KUSHIDA countered with a wind-up punch. A moment later, KUSHIDA applied the Hoverboard Lock for the submission.