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WWE NXT results: Kushida vs. Drew Gulak submission match

Images: WWE

NXT television looked slightly different this week with an episode on the road from Bel Air, Maryland. Three matches taped from a house show made up the majority of the episode.

The production values were limited compared to episodes filmed at Full Sail. The main difference was the lighting -- or lack thereof in some cases. The ring was well lit, but the ringside area was much darker.

The look was similar to house show specials that previously aired on the WWE Network. New episodes were taped at Full Sail today, so the show will get back to its regular appearance in the next few weeks.

Much of this episode itself was taped last month before TakeOver XXV, so the newest champions were not on this show since they had yet to win the titles at the time.

New NXT Champion Adam Cole is advertised for next week. The opening match from this episode leads to a women’s steel cage match that airs in two weeks.

Io Shirai & Candice LeRae vs. Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir (w/ NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler) ended in a no contest

The actual finish could have been a double countout or simply just a no contest. The announcers teased getting the “official” word on a ruling, but that never came. Baszler watched much of the match from the stage, but she ran down to ringside to interfere before the match was thrown out.

LeRae looked strong against the Horsewomen until they cut her off. They got heat on LeRae while also proverbially cutting the ring in half. LeRae eventually escaped their clutches to make a hot tag.

Shirai ran wild and delivered a Tiger Feint Kick. She followed with a springboard missile dropkick. Shirai then stomped on Duke’s arm -- much like Baszler does to her opponents. This riled Baszler, and she ran down to pull Duke out of the ring away from Shirai.

Shirai did a moonsault on to the floor to knock down Baszler. LeRae then leapt through the ropes with a tope suicida. The referee soon thereafter called for the bell as a very Memphis brawl erupted at ringside.

Shirai and Baszler fought around the building. This would lead to an announcement later in the show of an NXT Women's Championship steel cage match between Baszler and Shirai that airs in two weeks.

Highlights of Velveteen Dream vs. Tyler Breeze led into a cell phone promo by Dream.

A vignette featuring Damian Priest displayed his new persona. His dark character seems similar to his gimmick in ROH -- except in WWE he is riding around in limousines and partying with women. The gimmick looks like Kevin Sullivan as the “Prince of Darkness” mixed with the stylin’ and profilin’ of Ric Flair.

Kushida defeated Drew Gulak in a submission match

Kushida submitted Gulak with the Hoverboard Lock. This was a return match after Kushida defeated Gulak on an episode a few weeks ago. This was also really good.

The opening moments in the match felt a lot like RINGS from the early 1990s, or maybe similar to matches on a Bloodsport show nowadays. Mauro Ranallo even mentioned Pancrase at one point. They shifted to doing more traditional pro wrestling spots later in the match. The match was still unique and beautiful in its own way.

They began with catch-as-catch-can wrestling at the outset. From there, Kushida went to work on an arm. He did a handspring to knock Gulak off the apron, and Kushida soon went back to working the arm.

Gulak countered with a couple reverse scoop slams, which is something not seen often on WWE or almost anywhere else either. Gulak applied a Gory Special, and then he lowered Kushida to the mat for a transition into a modified Liontamer.

Gulak stayed in control while grounding Kushida. Using kicks to escape, Kushida fired up into a comeback. Kushida did a handspring into a shotgun dropkick. A step-up enzuigiri led to a tornado DDT by Kushida. He locked in an armbar, but Gulak got a rope break.

They went through a series of roll-ups and reversals, and then they both traded ankle locks. The fight spilled onto the apron. Gulak had Kushida in an electric chair when Kushida countered into a hurricanrana that sent Gulak over the ropes into the ring.

After a double down, a slugfest ensued. Ranallo likened the spot to Frye vs. Takayama. It was not nearly that dramatic or graphically violent -- but it was still an exchange of fighting spirit. Kushida then caught Gulak in the Hoverboard Lock and he tapped out.

Gulak teased being unsportsmanlike afterwards -- only to eventually shake hands with Kushida.

Vanessa Borne & Aliyah cut a promo on Mia Yim. They were upset that Yim thinks she's next in line for a title shot. So they shamed her. Borne had a stack of books to give Yim that included some sort of fashion bible, an English book, and “Grammar For Dummies.”

Highlights of Mansoor winning the battle royal at Super ShowDown really put him over as a superstar.

A plug advertised Adam Cole for next week’s episode in his first appearance in Full Sail as the new NXT Champion.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeated Kyle O'Reilly & Roderick Strong

Burch rolled up O'Reilly with a schoolboy to win the match.

Bobby Fish came on stage with his arm in a sling. Ranallo attributed the injury to the four-team ladder match at TakeOver XXV, but that match had yet to take place when this match was taped. Nevertheless, the narrative fit a current timeline. Fish would leave before the match started.

Everyone was on edge as the match began. Moments later, a Gordon Solie Pier-Sixer broke out with everybody brawling. Lorcan dived to the outside. On the floor, Undisputed Era cut off the babyfaces for the heat spot.

Undisputed Era worked over Lorcan despite a hope spot. Burch was a house of fire upon getting the hot tag. The match really heated up in the closing moments.

Burch got a near fall and then immediately transitioned into a crossface on O’Reilly. Strong made a save to help O’Reilly get a rope break. A brainbuster by O’Reilly netted a two count when Lorcan jumped in to make a save. The match again broke down into a giant brawl.

Jaxson Ryker appeared on the stage and went towards ringside, but officials held him back. He tossed around a few of them. That distracted O’Reilly, which allowed Burch to roll him up with a schoolboy for the pinfall.