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WWE NXT results: Matt Riddle vs. Adam Cole

Images: WWE

Adam Cole and Matt Riddle tore the house down in the main event on the latest episode of NXT from Full Sail. Riddle submitted Cole in a match with a subplot that played on a continuing rift within Undisputed Era as it appears to divide them even further apart.

Riddle came off very strong with the win, and the storyline of dissension in the heel stable continues to develop. In another match on the show, underdog Raul Mendoza flew his way to a win over a returning Riddick Moss.

On the next episode, Kushida returns for another match on NXT television. Another direction on future episodes is writing Viking Raiders off the NXT show after they moved up to Raw. The Forgotten Sons attacked them as part of a vignette that aired on this episode.

This show itself opened with a women’s match where both wrestlers were looking to prove they are top contenders.

Bianca Belair defeated Mia Yim

Belair pinned Yim with a cradle while using an illegal advantage with her braid. At the outset, they traded arm drags until a stalemate. They both went for a dropkick. They kept going back and forth until Yim fired up when Belair taunted her. Yim hit a series of kicks, but she missed a cannonball in a corner.

Belair began working over Yim, and a splash by Belair netted her a two count. Belair continued to target the back, leading to another near fall. Belair began to talk trash again. That rallied Yim for a hope spot. She caught her in a guillotine choke, but Belair countered into a suplex.

There was more aggression and fire from Belair as she showed a mean streak. Nevertheless, Yim blocked a splash with her knees. Belair fed into a comeback by Yim. A shotgun dropkick by Yim led into a cannonball in a corner.

Yim applied a Tarantula in the ropes, and soon thereafter did a sunset flip. Belair grabbed the ropes to break up the pin and the referee ordered her to break her grip. Yim then rolled her up for a two count, and Belair reversed the pin. This time, Belair used her braided hair to hold the ropes for extra leverage and a three count.

In a skit from the Performance Center, The Horsewomen set up a camera to film their training. As Shayna Baszler supervised Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke while they sparred, Io Shirai ran into the ring to attack Baszler. A pull-apart brawl ensued.

Raul Mendoza defeated Riddick Moss

Mendoza upset Moss after pinning him with a springboard torneo splash. Doing a gimmick based on his "Riddick Regimen," Moss warmed up with stretches on a resistance band. He then locked up with Mendoza.

Moss pushed Mendoza into a corner and referee Jessika Carr started a five count. Moss told her something about his own count being part of his regimen. He then flexed his muscles. She was unimpressed.

Mendoza fired up with a series of lucha moves, but Moss soon caught him on an attempted springboard. Moss proceeded to give Mendoza a fallaway slam. Moss followed with a gorilla press he released into a powerslam for a two count.

Moss took a break to drink some water. Part of his regimen is staying hydrated. He mockingly offered Mendoza some water, and Mendoza slapped the bottle out of Moss’ hand. Mendoza then launched into a comeback that concluded when he springboarded into a torneo splash for the pinfall.

Mendoza looks to be getting a push as Moss sold his astonishment after losing. A return match is highly possible. Poking fun at Moss’ new gimmick, Mauro Ranallo said this was all about the “Raul Regimen.”

After highlights that recapped Kushida's debut from last week's show, the announcers plugged Kushida back in action on the next episode.

Matt Riddle defeated Adam Cole

Riddle submitted Cole with the Bromission in a helluva great match. Interference by Roderick Strong backfired, and Cole blamed him for the loss. The rift within Undisputed Era appears to deepen as the slow build continues.

Riddle used a waist lock to take Cole down to the mat at the start. Cole scrambled free, but Riddle simply transitioned into attempting a Bromission. Cole took a powder to the outside to escape and regroup. Riddle easily countered Cole when they locked up again to trade headlocks. Riddle took control before he did a hat trick of deadlift gutwrench suplexes that left Cole reeling.

Cole pulled Riddle off the ropes and hit a superkick to shift the advantage. Cole applied a headscissors figure four and went to work on Riddle. Cole used a neckbreaker to set up a Dragon sleeper. Riddle eventually escaped for a hope spot that Cole quickly cut off.

Cole taunted him, and Riddle fired up as they traded strikes. Riddle countered Cole to execute a release German suplex. Strikes and a kip up by Riddle led into a flurry of offense.

Riddle dodged an enzuigiri to catch Cole with a German suplex for a close near fall. A bicycle kick and an ushigoroshi by Cole netted him two and a half. A ripcord knee strike by Riddle cut down Cole, but a moment later he countered to deliver a backbreaker on Riddle.

They traded strikes in a fighting spirit exchange. Cole stomped on Riddle's bare foot, but Riddle still hulked up for a plethora of high spots down the stretch.

The action was fast and furious. Riddle delivered two fisherman busters, but Cole blocked him on a third attempt. Cole then suplexed Riddle into a ushigoroshi for another near fall.

Riddle blocked a Canadian Destroyer. They traded roll-ups, and a superkick by Cole set up The Last Shot for a close near fall. Riddle was pushed as the first person to kick out of Cole's finisher.

They traded more strikes. A GTS by Riddle was followed with a powerbomb and a knee strike that sent Cole spilling to the outside. Roderick Strong ran down to help Cole. Riddle gave Strong a penalty kick from the apron.

Riddle went for a Money Clip, but Cole cut him down with a superkick out of nowhere. Cole went for a cover, and Riddle countered to apply the Bromission. Cole would go on to tap out.

The rest of Undisputed Era arrived to keep Cole from fighting with Strong. The smoke cleared and they all left the ring. Bobby Fish was still siding with Strong, and Kyle O'Reilly was by Cole's side listening to him complain about Strong constantly costing him matches. And those are the days of our lives as the turnbuckles turn.