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WWE NXT results: Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain

Images: WWE

Killian Dain and Matt Riddle brawled in the main event on the latest episode of NXT. The next challenger for the NXT Championship was also established. Other matches for the coming weeks were made official, including a match for the NXT Tag Team titles, and future bouts were teased as well.

The show opened with an in-ring promo from Undisputed Era. They are coming off a TakeOver where Adam Cole retained his NXT Championship, so he bragged about that. The rest of the group had excuses.

Roderick Strong complained that Velveteen Dream pinned Pete Dunne in their triple threat match, so Dream has therefore not defeated Strong. Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish showed video proof that the illegal man was pinned in their challenge against The Street Profits for the NXT Tag Team titles.

They wanted a rematch, and Fish called for William Regal to come out. Regal didn’t, but later in the show an announcement made the Tag Team title match official for next week's NXT television. A challenger for Cole was also set up in this segment.

Jordan Myles confronted Undisputed Era as they were leaving. Myles presumably was going to challenge Adam Cole for his championship. Cole mocked and taunted him. He suggested that Myles challenge NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler instead. Cole also suggested challenging a champion from NXT UK or 205 Live instead of himself.

Myles was determined, so he dropped the title shot contract he won in the Breakout Tournament and smiled at Undisputed Era. Later in the episode, the match was made official for two weeks time with Cole defending against Myles.

Damian Priest defeated Mansoor

Priest pinned Mansoor after The Reckoning. Mansoor tried to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, but he was still squashed. He seemingly had Priest reeling, but was soon cut off. Priest delivered his finisher for the pinfall.

A plug announced the move to USA Network and the expansion to two hours. 

Mia Yim defeated Vanessa Borne (w/ Aliyah)

Yim pinned Borne after hitting Protect Ya Neck. The match would serve as a backdrop for an angle afterwards.

Aliyah interfered early on by tripping Yim. That led to the heat spot. Borne put a “lower” sticker on Yim to taunt her. Yim soon fired up and started a comeback. Chops from Yim and a hairmare led to a cannonball senton in a corner. Yim followed with her finisher for the pinfall.

NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler came to the ring to confront Yim. Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir jumped on the apron and the Horsewomen surrounded Yim. Instead of continuing their feud, Baszler wanted to recruit Yim into the stable. She said Yim would be "nice and warm under the dragon's wing.”

Baszler made Yim an offer to join the group. Yim responded by attacking Duke, and the other Horsewomen then ganged up on Yim. Officials poured out to break up the beatdown. Yim and Baszler seemingly look to continue their feud through a few more weeks of TV.

An announcement of Dominik Dijakovic vs. Keith Lee for next week led into a lengthy vignette building up the long-anticipated rematch.

Shane Thorne defeated Bronson Reed 

Thorne pinned Reed after a shining wizard. Thorne continues his quest to vanquish NXT newcomers. He would still sell big for Reed after being cut off early in the match. Reed sat on him at one point, which only accentuated their size difference.

Thorne fired up for a near fall. Reed answered back with a series of splashes. Thorne went outside to regroup. That led to a cat-and-mouse game where Reed sent Thorne back in the ring. Reed climbed the turnbuckles, only for Thorne to trip him up. Thorne then delivered a shining wizard for the pinfall.

Velveteen Dream lounged on a couch that was rolled onto the stage. Dream was there to cut a promo on Roderick Strong. He made a joke related to the Visa “priceless” tagline. Dream said the spotlight is now on Strong to prove he deserves a one-on-one match.

With this promo and the Strong promo from earlier, a singles match between these two is near.

Killian Dain defeated Matt Riddle

Dain pinned Riddle after a series of Vader bombs. This was a heckuva brawl, and very believable. The story going into the match was Riddle had injured ribs from a previous assault by Dain. That would play into the match and the finish. 

Riddle started the match with a sneak attack receipt on Dain, but he fought back. A brawl then ensued. Riddle hit him with a series of kicks, and Dain powdered. Riddle followed with a flying forearm on the outside. A Rainmaker shoulder block and a flying crossbody by Dain turned the tide in his favor.

Dain got heat on Riddle as he worked the ribs. He stretched Riddle and pounded on the ribs. Riddle reversed a vertical suplex and answered with a Bro Buster suplex. That led into a Riddle comeback. Riddle hit a running forearm smash and an exploder as Dain bumped and fed. A Bro-ton and a PK netted Riddle a near fall.

Riddle was raining down elbow strikes when Dain got a rope break. He soon cut off Riddle. When Dain went for a senton, Riddle caught him in a sleeper. Dain escaped only to get a Bro to Sleep, followed by a powerbomb and a running knee strike for a close near fall.

Dain got his knees up on a Riddle senton, and Dain then posted Riddle. Riddle was outside against the steps selling, and Dain charged towards him. Riddle moved and Dain went splat into the steps.

There was what looked like a botched backdrop on the floor. Dain then delivered a senton on the steps. Back in the ring, Dain began a trifecta of Vader bombs that would lead to the pinfall.

Dain looked strong in winning, but he only won the battle. The war still raged on as Riddle got to his feet and attacked Dain as the show went off the air.

After the episode, WWE uploaded a video where Riddle and Dain brawled outside of Full Sail. It ended with Dain hitting a senton onto a ladder that he put on top of Riddle: