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WWE NXT results: Mayhem and a double main event

Images: WWE

On a show billed as having a double main event, doses of mayhem were also prevalent as the march to TakeOver continued on episode #486 of NXT. Wrestlers headed to the main roster also continue to put others in NXT over on their way out.

Nikki Cross put over Bianca Belair in one half of the double main event. A return match between the two was built for months. Belair won clean and looked strong heading into her NXT Women's Championship match at TakeOver: Phoenix.

EC3 lost to Adam Cole in the other headline match. Interference by Undisputed Era caused EC3 to lose -- but the focus shifted beyond EC3 when War Raiders ran in to close the show.

The episode opened with an in-ring promo from Johnny Gargano. He first wished everyone a happy new year. He admitted that 2018 was a “roller coaster” for him. He said success is measured by wins and championships. In 2019, Gargano says he “will be better.” He added, “I will win.” Gargano also vowed to become a champion within the year.

Gargano brought up NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa, and the crowd chanted “DIY” at him. He dismissed their recent moment of cooperation in the cage. He claimed it meant nothing and that it was a one-time thing that won’t happen again. Gargano called Ciampa a “piece of trash” -- and said he still wants Ciampa’s title.

Gargano mentioned NXT North American Champion Ricochet and talked about a tweet from the champion.On a previous episode, Ciampa was trying to goad Gargano into challenging Ricochet. Ciampa seemingly wants Gargano alongside him to rule NXT instead of challenging him for his proverbial throne. While Gargano still wants to challenge Ciampa for his title, Gargano also found himself getting distracted by Ricochet -- just as Ciampa intended.

Ricochet confronted Gargano in the ring and talked about Gargano wanting a shot at the title. Ricochet got a dig in about Gargano maybe doing another sneak attack instead of facing him. Gargano chuckled. Just wait for it, Ricochet.

Ciampa interrupted them and began to speak. Gargano told him to shut up and leave. The lights suddenly dimmed as Aleister Black’s theme song began to play. An image of Black appeared on the video screen.

Black threatened Ciampa in a pre-taped promo. The lights in the arena went out and quickly came back on. Black was behind Ciampa -- and a brawl erupted. Black chased Ciampa to the broadcast booth. They fought atop the table, but Ciampa broke free to flee the scene. Black chased him as Ciampa tucked his tail and ran.

Meanwhile, Gargano shocked Ricochet with a cheap shot when he laid him out with a superkick. Gargano sauntered away with the North American Champion down in the ring counting the lights.

Later in the show, Cathy Kelley caught up with Ricochet to get his thoughts on Gargano’s cheap shot. Ricochet cut a brief promo on Gargano as their title match at TakeOver: Phoenix is all but official. Now Ricochet wants the match for revenge.

Bianca Belair defeated Nikki Cross

Belair pinned Cross after delivering her finisher. They began with a shoving match that led into a sequence of exchanges. Cross trapped Belair in the ring skirting. Cross then climbed the turnbuckles. Belair caught her and pressed Cross overhead. Belair used a moonsault press for a two count.

Belair worked over Cross until a comeback. Cross countered a suplex, and then she spiked Belair into the mat for a near fall. Cross fired up as she ran wild on Belair for more pinning attempts. Belair cut her off by hitting Cross with a spear. Belair tried -- but failed -- to follow up as Cross got her knees up on an attempted splash. Cross executed her finisher -- the swinging fisherman’s buster. Belair rolled out of the ring to avoid getting pinned.

They had a callback to a spot in one of their previous matches. Outside the ring, Cross jumped on Belair’s back. Belair fell backwards as they bumped on the metal ramp -- much like in their match months ago. The bump still looked just as painful. They at least sold it big with a double down.

They rose to break the count. A slugfest developed as they brawled on the floor. That was also a callback to their prior match, which ended in a no contest after they brawled around the Full Sail Arena.

For the finish, Cross missed a flying crossbody and Belair capitalized by delivering her finisher. She picked up Cross in an Argentine backbreaker and then dropped her into a sit-out facebuster to score the pinfall.

Next on the program was a gem. The Street Profits were wandering around a shopping complex just enjoying life. After beatboxing and a freestyle rap, they began taking a stroll around the strip mall. They talked about doors not being open for them. They tried to open a few doors. The doors were locked -- except for one that wasn't. That will be 2019 for them.

The Street Profits talked about taking on other tag teams and closed their promo by plugging the third season of Street Talk.

Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel defeated Stanley Watts & Hector Kunsman

Aichner pinned Kunsman after a wicked combo. The match itself was mostly a squash, although the enhancement wrestlers were not quite eaten alive. Watts in particular got in some offense -- only to get mowed down. Kunsman took a powerbomb into a German suplex for a wickedly cool finisher.

In a backstage interview, Keith Lee said he was unsettled by Kassius Ohno’s attack on Matt Riddle. Lee challenged Ohno for a match on the next episode.

Adam Cole (w/ The Undisputed Era) defeated EC3

Cole pinned EC3 after hitting the Last Shot. They seemed evenly matched at the outset -- but EC3 soon overpowered Cole. Despite being surrounded by Undisputed Era, EC3 gave chase when Cole took a powder. On commentary, the announcers likened it to EC3 going into a lion’s den.

EC3 would at first seem to escape unscathed. Cole rolled outside again and EC3 gave chase. EC3 would not be so lucky a second time.

Cole sent EC3 crashing into the ring steps. That set up the heat spot as Cole began working over EC3. Cole dashed a hope spot. His comrades helped him dash another attempt at a comeback. Bobby Fish caused a distraction while Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly jumped EC3. Making his own comeback, EC3 fired up on Undisputed Era. However, EC3 turned around to eat a superkick from Cole. The Last Shot then led to Cole scoring the pinfall.

Undisputed Era ganged up on EC3 for a post-match beatdown. They were stomping and pummeling EC3 when War Raiders ran down to make the save. Hanson and Rowe cleaned house on Undisputed Era despite being outnumbered. O’Reilly fell prey to War Raiders as they executed their double-team Fallout finisher.

War Raiders stood tall in the ring as Undisputed Era dragged themselves up the ramp to flee.