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WWE NXT results: Nikki Cross vs. Bianca Belair

Images: WWE

Nikki Cross and Bianca Belair fought to a no contest in the main event of episode #468 of NXT. Much of the show focused on enhancement matches. Other segments on what was mostly a transitional episode hyped upcoming matchups.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeated Adrian Jaoude & Cezar Bononi

Burch pinned Jaoude after executing an implant DDT. Returning as a team, this was a showcase for Lorcan & Burch. They looked impressive doing double-team moves as their chemistry remains.

During the match, Jaoude and Bononi got heat on Burch before a hot tag. Lorcan cleaned house leading into the finish.

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa slinked to the ring as his new theme song played. According to Ciampa, the new entrance music is everyone’s cue to shut up. Ciampa addressed speculation that he attacked Aleister Black. Ciampa denied attacking Black -- saying he would have attacked him in front of an audience so everyone could watch.

While he intended to jump Black, Ciampa said someone else beat him to it. Ciampa is curious about who the assailant is. He wishes to congratulate him. Nonetheless, Ciampa went on to say the outcome of the potential triple threat is that Black loses, Gargano loses, and Ciampa wins.

The title belt spoke to Ciampa. Offering to translate, Ciampa said the belt thanked him for bringing it back to main event status. He is the greatest success story ever in NXT. That is the reason he is champion. If you too want to win, follow the lead of Ciampa. He then embraced the title belt by hugging it close to his chest.

Shayna Baszler defeated Violet Payne

Baszler won via ref stoppage after applying a rear naked choke in a squash match. Showing her mean streak, Baszler looked like a killer. She toyed with Payne before viciously working an arm. Baszler stretched Payne and stomped on the arm. Baszler momentarily stalked around the ring. She then locked in a chokehold on a defenseless Payne.

The referee called for the bell. Baszler refused to break the hold. Finally, she did so -- only to savagely lock in the chokehold again. Referees poured into the ring to force a break. Not yet finished, Baszler tossed Payne out of the ring. On commentary, the announcers played up Baszler wanting a title rematch with NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane.

Outside the building, Heavy Machinery were conducting an independent investigation looking into the attack on Black. Luckily they were filming it on a cell phone for the world to see. Many thanks for that. The skit led to Ciampa confronting Heavy Machinery. He had words with Otis Dozovic.

Mr. Regal suddenly entered the scene doing the Mr. Belding gimmick. Mr. Regal broke up the confrontation -- then he ordered Ciampa to his office.

Undisputed Era cut promos on War Raiders. Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish mocked the Raiders. Adam Cole interrupted the chiding to address the Ricochet vs. Pete Dunne champion vs. champion match set for the next episode. He claimed that match should be called the “Adam Cole Invitational” because the winner will eventually lose to Cole.

Lars Sullivan defeated Raul Mendoza

Sullivan pinned Mendoza with the Freak Accident. This match was set up on the previous episode where Sullivan squashed Mendoza in an unofficial match. This time, the squash was official. Mendoza tried to play cat-and-mouse to no avail. He found himself in the clutches of Sullivan for a Freak Accident and a pinfall.

Outside the building, an interview with NXT United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne hyped the title-for-title match on the next episode. The matchup is a result of fallout from Dunne and Ricochet losing a tag match to Undisputed Era. Dunne blamed Ricochet for the loss -- but Dunne admitted the quarrel with Undisputed Era was his fault.

Dunne said he is the longest reigning champion while Ricochet just won his title. Dunne was not worried about losing. Rather, his only worry was how to fit another title belt into his luggage.

Cathy Kelley interviewed NXT North American Champion Ricochet. Responding to Dunne’s comments, Ricochet himself said he has only been champion for a month. Ricochet countered by saying he faced many other challenges throughout his career. Dunne is just another obstacle. Ricochet vowed to be “The One and Only” dual champion. Their champion vs. champion match is set for next week’s episode.

A vignette with the Forgotten Sons showed them lurking around looking menacing. They walked around stomping through puddles in their boots because FTW.

An angle shot for YouTube set up a match next week with Dakota Kai teaming with Deonna Purrazzo against Lacey Evans & Aliyah. The skit felt like something written for the main roster -- which is not necessarily a good thing.

Mr. Regal was finishing an interview with NXT Women's Champion Kairi Sane when Kassius Ohno barged into the office. Ohno was upset Regal had yet to question him as part of the ongoing investigation. Regal informed Ohno that was because Sane just gave Ohno an alibi.

Regal instead wanted to talk about Ohno’s attitude. Ohno basically wants more of a push. The two solved nothing as Ohno stormed away -- but not before Ohno smarted off to Regal. Could this possibly be a heel turn? Time will tell.

Nikki Cross vs. Bianca Belair ended via double countout

This match turned into a brawl where both were counted out of the ring. The match began by playing on Cross’ unhinged character. Belair cut off Cross with power moves -- including an impressive military press. Cross fired up into a flurry of offense. When Cross climbed the turnbuckles, Belair rolled out to the apron.

Cross tripped her up --- then trapped Belair in the ring skirting. A moment later, Belair shoved Cross into the ring steps. She also whipped Cross with her long braid.

In a callback to a previous spot in the match, Cross jumped on Belair's back to apply a sleeper hold. Belair fell backwards to sandwich Cross on the entrance ramp. The bump looked extremely painful. From there, they were both counted out. But the fight itself was still far from over.

A brawl erupted as referees ran down for a pull-apart. They fought near the commentary booth. Belair threw Cross over the desk. Cross then climbed onto the table and jumped off into a flying crossbody. Belair and three referees went down like bowling pins. With everyone down selling, the show closed with Cross flashing a maniacal grin.