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WWE NXT results: The plot thickens ahead of TakeOver

Images: WWE

More matches became official for TakeOver: Brooklyn on episode #461 of NXT  -- and the plot thickened in the main event title picture.

The trend of outstanding matches on NXT continued with Shayna Baszler against Candice LeRae. Elsewhere on the show, a victory speech by NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa turned into a heated angle involving Aleister Black and Johnny Gargano.

Ricochet will challenge NXT North American Champion Adam Cole at TakeOver: Brooklyn. Also, EC3 accepted a match to face Velveteen Dream at the special, and Tyler Bate & Trent Seven look to regain the NXT Tag Team Championship when invoking their rematch clause to challenge Kyle O'Reilly & Roderick Strong.

The show opened with a tag team grudge match.

Heavy Machinery (Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic) defeated The Mighty (Shane Thorne & Nick Miller)

Dozovic pinned Miller after Heavy Machinery executed The Compactor. The Street Profits caused a distraction leading into the finish in this grudge match. In their feud with Heavy Machinery, The Mighty attacked Knight in a previous angle. Knight and Dozovic were looking for revenge.

The Mighty got heat on Dozovic in the body of the match. Knight made a hot tag as The Mighty bumped and fed. Knight did the Ray Stevens flip over the ropes and launched into a cannonball off the apron. The Mighty cut him off when The Street Profits caused a commotion in the crowd.

The Street Profits distracted The Mighty -- then Heavy Machinery bulldozed through the finish. A splash sandwich called The Compactor led to Dozovic pinning Miller. Heavy Machinery seemingly settled their score with the help of The Street Profits.

Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) defeated Matt Knotts & Brandon Taylor

Seven pinned Taylor after a double-team finisher. Knotts mocked Bate at the outset. Bate then schooled him and dropped him with a punch. Moustache Mountain did some tandem offense. Taylor tagged in to also get schooled. Seven hoisted Taylor into a torture rack as Bate came off the top with a flying knee drop for the pinfall.

Moustache Mountain cut promos afterwards. Seven apologized to the audience for losing the tag titles. He spoke to Mr. Regal, and they have a plan. Bate said his partners’ health meant more to him than losing, so he threw in the towel in a previous match. Bate went on to announce they were invoking their rematch clause at TakeOver: Brooklyn.

EC3 defeated Kona Reeves

EC3 pinned Reeves with the One Percenter. This was a showcase match for EC3. The crowd was behind him with “NX3” chants. Reeves got in some offense and applied a cobra clutch, but EC3 fired up into a comeback that led to a swinging neckbreaker.

EC3 looked to finish the match when Velveteen Dream interrupted. Dream did a promo where he proposed a match. Dream invited EC3 to experience and bask in the Dream’s world. Reeves tried to capitalize on the distraction for a near fall. Reeves started talking trash when EC3 caught him in the One Percenter to score the pin.

In a post-match interview after a commercial break, EC3 first hydrated before he confidently accepted Dream’s challenge for a match at TakeOver.

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler defeated Candice LeRae in a non-title match

Baszler won via submission when she choked out LeRae in the closing moments of an outstanding match. For the first time in a televised WWE match, LeRae seemed to show that intense fire she displayed so often in thrilling matches on the indie scene. She's had good matches so far in NXT, but this was on another level. Given the platform to do so, LeRae delivered a memorable performance.

An overconfident Baszler held the ropes open for LeRae at the outset -- offering her the chance to leave before the match could start. Instead, LeRae dropkicked Baszler out of the ring. A stunned Baszler ate a baseball slide from LeRae. Baszler getting a bloody nose only added to the dramatic nature. LeRae ran wild until Baszler countered a springboard. Landing with her midsection on the top rope, LeRae bounced and thudded to the floor.

Baszler sent LeRae crashing into the ring steps. She sold her shoulder as Baszler began to target the arm. Baszler worked her over, but LeRae fought back. Still selling her arm, LeRae fired up into a comeback. She dove through the ropes with a tope suicida. LeRae followed with a Downward Spiral for a near fall.

A false finish involved a callback to their match last year in the inaugural Mae Young Classic. LeRae went for an avalanche finisher off the top rope. Baszler transitioned before impact to catch LeRae in a chokehold. Baszler previously defeated LeRae after that high spot. This time, LeRae got a rope break to escape the hold.

In one last flurry of offense, LeRae did a double stomp before attempting a lionsault. Baszler rolled out of the way and measured LeRae for a penalty kick. Baszler then choked out LeRae to win via submission.

After the match, Baszler struck again as she clamped on the sleeper. She was refusing to break the hold when Kairi Sane ran in to make the save. Baszler shoved down the number one contender when Sane went to check on LeRae. Referees and officials held back an angry Sane. Clutching her championship belt, Baszler smirked and backed away.

Moustache Mountain cut a promo when confronted TMZ-style. They talked about their upcoming match against Strong & O’Reilly before running into the War Raiders. Hanson & Rowe cautioned Moustache Mountain that the War Raiders were the next challengers in line after TakeOver.

Mr. Regal officially announced a match for TakeOver with Adam Cole defending the NXT North American Championship against Ricochet.

The closing segment began with a victory speech from newly-crowned NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa. The crowd showered him with boos. Ciampa soaked up the heat.

Ciampa talked to the belt, and he acted like the belt replied back. Ciampa put himself over as he spoke to the crowd. He was met with chants telling him to shut up. He laughed. Ciampa taunted a woman in the front row. This dude is such a heel.

Ciampa kept putting himself over and burying Johnny Gargano. When Ciampa began to bury Aleister Black, the theme music for Black interrupted him. Black walked to the ring. Out of nowhere, Gargano sprinted to the ring as he blew right past Black. Gargano attacked Ciampa to send him reeling and backpedaling. Ciampa fled the scene.

An enraged Gargano ranted into a microphone. He repeatedly insisted that he was the sole reason for Ciampa winning the title. Gargano walked into a Black Mass kick from Black. Gargano fell in a heap, and the crowd chanted “You deserve it.”

Black sat down cross-legged next to Gargano. He said Gargano was right about being the reason for him losing the title. Black then strolled away with Gargano laid out.