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WWE NXT results: Ricochet vs. Adam Cole

Images: WWE

Ricochet vs. Adam Cole in a battle of former NXT North American Champions headlined episode #492 of NXT. Undisputed Era were heavily featured throughout the show as they cut promos and did run-ins.

A new tag team in NXT seemingly emerged as Vanessa Borne partnered with Aliyah to help her against Taynara Conti. The Street Profits won a match that led to tag team turmoil. Also on the show, the push continued for Dominik Dijakovic.  

The episode opened with a graphic honoring Pedro Morales

Donovan Dijakovic defeated Shane Thorne

Dijakovic pinned Thorne after executing Feast Your Eyes. Thorne is now a singles competitor since his partner left the promotion. Dijakovic muscled him around at the outset, but Thorne fired up and threw a barrage of kicks. Dijakovic briefly cut him off with a lariat. Thorne came back on Dijakovic as they teased a superplex.

Dijakovic landed on his feet after being flipped off the top rope. He then superkicked Thorne off the turnbuckle. Thorne landed on the floor as Dijakovic followed up with a tornillo splash to the outside.

Back in the ring, Dijakovic signaled for his finisher -- and then delivered Feast Your Eyes to score the pinfall.

Undisputed Era cut promos backstage. Adam Cole referred to their rough start to the year as speed bumps. Kyle O’Reilly agreed with him, and he added that they plan to reclaim their NXT Tag Team titles. Bobby Fish also agreed. With them back together as a team, Roderick Strong said he's going after a singles title. He vowed they all will claim gold.

Cole concluded the promo by talking about his upcoming match with Ricochet. Cole again called him a “one-trick pony” and “a flash in the pan.” This year will still belong to them, and the year will be “Undisputed.”

Io Shirai and Kairi Sane were interviewed backstage after they defeated NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir in a six-woman tag match last week. Shirai said she's coming for Baszler's title after pinning her in the tag match. Sane said they're both coming for the title.

Belair then interrupted them. She said she doesn't have a problem with Shirai and Sane, but Belair had Baszler beat at TakeOver: Phoenix and in the six-woman tag. Belair said Shirai and Sane need to fall back -- because the title is hers.

Humberto Carrillo & Stacy Ervin Jr. were waiting in the ring for their opponents when Kassius Ohno interrupted to cut a promo on “the notorious Full Sail crowd.”

From the bottom of his heart, Ohno basically said he despised and hated the crowd. “I’m out of here,” he declared.

Keith Lee appeared on stage to knock out Ohno.

“Oh no,” Lee jested. Lee said it could have been worse because he could have given Ohno a receipt for a low blow. “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out,” Lee said. Ohno remained sprawled out selling the knockout blow.

The Street Profits entered the scene as they headed to the ring for their match. They paused to taunt and mock Ohno.

The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) defeated Humberto Carrillo & Stacy Ervin Jr.

Ford pinned Ervin after a Doomsday Device into a blockbuster. The Street Profits showed a lot of fire while also displaying some slightly heelish tactics. Carrillo got to shine with his high-flying arsenal. Ford at one point folded up Ervin with a vicious back suplex.

Street Profits got heat on Ervin as they worked him over. A hot tag led to Carrillo running wild into a handspring back elbow. A standing moonsault from Carrillo a moment later got a two count. Ervin leapt high off the top rope to deliver a tsunami-sault. A near fall was broken up.

Ervin went for a Frankensteiner -- only to get blocked. He found himself in an electric chair to take a super blockbuster for the pinfall.

In a post-match promo, The Street Profits talked about wanting a shot at the Tag Team titles. They were ready for war with the War Raiders. Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner stormed to the ring to interrupt them. Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan also marched to the ring.

All three teams argued until War Raiders entered the scene. The NXT Tag Team Champions were unimpressed because they just wanted to fight.

“We’re right here. Make a move,” Hanson said.

Undisputed Era ran down for a sneak attack on War Raiders. That lit the fuse for a brawl to erupt. The other teams stomped on Hanson & Rowe. War Raiders fought back to stand tall after the dust cleared following a Gordon Solie Pier-Sixer.

Aliyah defeated Taynara Conti

Aliyah submitted Conti with an armbar following an assist by Vanessa Borne. Aliyah supposedly had gear designed by fashion designer Donatella Versace. She talked a lot of noise as the match started -- and almost ended up in an armbar. Aliyah made the ropes to break the hold.

Borne appeared at ringside to distract Conti. That allowed Aliyah to momentarily gain the upper hand. Conti soon made a comeback. She got caught climbing the ropes. Conti countered to apply an armbar in the ropes. Conti went back to climbing -- only for Borne to grab her leg.

Aliyah took advantage of the assist as she locked in a Kimura. Aliyah also threw kicks before Conti tapped out.

Aliyah and Borne embraced afterwards to celebrate. Shayna Baszler then stormed to the ring -- and the newly-formed team took a powder.

Baszler smirked at them as the other two Horsewomen attacked Aliyah and Borne. Duke and Shafir joined Baszler in pummeling them all, including Conti.

Baszler declared that was a notice sent to everyone else on the women’s roster. They are not to be messed with -- and don’t piss them off. Isn’t that Jeff Jarrett’s old gimmick, minus the guitar? Nevertheless, the Horsewomen sent a message to the rest of the roster.

Ricochet defeated Adam Cole

Ricochet pinned Cole in a great match. These two have excellent chemistry. They jockeyed for position early on -- and Cole was soon sent outside to the floor. Ricochet dived to the floor with a Fosbury Flop.

They teased a high spot off the top rope. Cole went for a sunset bomb, but Ricochet blocked him. Cole still managed to superkick Ricochet, and Ricochet tangled his leg in the ropes as he fell off his perch.

Cole targeted the leg as he worked over the limb. Cole dissected the leg as Ricochet grimaced in pain. Ricochet tried for some hope spots -- only for Cole to target the leg. Ricochet countered a suplex and landed on his feet. His injured leg almost gave out. Cole went back to work. Ricochet went to roll through to execute a cutter, but his leg buckled.

Ricochet somehow countered to hit a lariat that briefly turned the tide. Ricochet launched into a comeback that led to a springboard uppercut and a standing moonsault for a near fall. Cole again targeted the leg to cut off Ricochet. An enzuigiri was followed by the ushigoroshi -- but Ricochet still kicked out at two.

Ricochet fought back from underneath to give Cole a Northern Lights suplex. Cole countered for another near fall. Cole went for the Last Shot to no avail. Cole tried again for the Last Shot -- and Ricochet spiked him with a reverse rana.

The closing moments were back and forth as they exchanged strikes and high spots. Ricochet jumped off the top while still selling his leg. Cole superkicked Ricochet for one last near fall.

Ricochet soon caught Cole with a hurricanrana. Ricochet then delivered an axe kick. He gave Cole a Northern Lights, and he rolled through into a delayed vertical suplex. Ricochet then dropped Cole into a Vertigo bomb to score the pinfall.

Undisputed Era ran in after the match to attack Ricochet. They were stomping mudholes and walking them dry when Aleister Black tried to make a save. Undisputed Era administered a beatdown on Black. Strong dropped Black just before the show closed, setting up a match between them for next week.

Undisputed Era stood tall over the wreckage as the show closed.