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WWE NXT results: Roderick Strong vs. Tyler Breeze

Images: WWE

The latest episode of NXT was a smorgasbord that displayed various kinds of pro wrestling. Roderick Strong faced Tyler Breeze in the main event match on the show -- but the real main event of the episode was quite possibly a skit involving NXT Champion Adam Cole.

Cameron Grimes advanced in the Breakout Tournament after winning a first round match against Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. 

Kushida and Bianca Belair each won squash matches on the show. Mia Yim also looked strong in the opening match where she continued to prove she is the top contender.

Mia Yim defeated Aliyah (w/ Vanessa Borne)

Yim pinned Aliyah by using her Protect Ya Neck finisher. Aliyah taunted Yim at the outset, so Yim charged her. Aliyah was begging off while Yim showed fire. Aliyah was reeling, then her partner interfered to turn the tide. Borne pulled Aliyah to safety, which caused Yim to miss a cannonball into a corner.

Aliyah worked over Yim until she found herself trapped in a tarantula during a hope spot. Aliyah cut her off for the moment, but Yim would soon start a comeback. Yim hit Aliyah with a cannonball in a corner, and she followed with a suplex that sent Aliyah scrambling outside to regroup. Borne consoled her -- but Yim soon dived onto both with a tope suicida.

Yim hit a fallaway slam to set up her finisher, and then she executed Protect Ya Neck for the pinfall. Yim threw Borne into the ring steps on her way up the ramp. Yim took a detour and went over to the commentary booth.

Yim called out NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler. Yim said she was not only going for the NXT Women's title, she also warned Baszler that "I'm coming to whoop that ass!"

Cathy Kelley was interviewing William Regal when The Forgotten Sons interrupted by barging into the office. They wanted to name themselves as the next Tag Team title challengers. Regal reminded them that Jaxson Ryker cost them a match with the champions. Ryker said they would not forget Regal denying them the title match.

Regal noted to Kelley that The Street Profits recommended Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch as the next challengers, and Regal agreed. So next week is a Tag Team title match with The Street Profits defending the NXT Tag Team Championship against Lorcan & Burch.

The highlight of the show was the next segment with week two of Adam Cole and the Bay Bay Championship Celebration Tour:

Last week the tour left off with Cole going into a restaurant named Gargano. Cole had ordered several pizzas. While the owner -- Frank Gargano -- retrieved the order, Cole hung his picture on the celebrity wall with a message that claimed Gargano now has a champion to make him proud.

As the cocky Cole left the pizzeria, Frank Gargano -- who sported an NXT T-shirt -- saw the picture and pulled it off the wall. He was not impressed with the new champion.

Cole then went to the school where Johnny Gargano was trained to wrestle. Cole cut a promo burying all the students. He scoffed at the thought that any of them could be NXT Champion. They looked on in disbelief as Cole crushed all their hopes and dreams. Back in May, Gargano visited the school after winning the NXT title. He encouraged all of them to chase their dreams. Now the new champion was heeling on them.

Cole left them with one last message before departing: "Get out of this town. Get out of this city. Find yourself a new hero."

Kushida defeated Jeff Parker

Kushida submitted Parker with the Sakuraba Lock (formerly called the Hoverboard Lock). This was a showcase match where Kushida dismantled Parker.

Kushida scored some takedowns and ran through his move set. That included a handspring back elbow and technical holds targeting the elbow. Parker was able to avoid the Sakuraba Lock, but Kushida dropped him with a wind-up punch. He then applied the double wristlock finisher and Parker tapped out.

Kelley interviewed Tyler Breeze about The Undisputed Era. Breeze took exception to them saying this was their NXT. Prince Pretty then said he would prove it was “NXBreeze” since basically back in the day.

A haunting vignette hyped Killian Dain. He was watching video from a reel-to-reel projector, so maybe he is an evil film buff -- or maybe not. Time will tell because he is coming soon.

Cameron Grimes defeated Isaiah "Swerve" Scott to advance in the Breakout Tournament

Grimes (formerly Trevor Lee) pinned Scott (formerly Shane Strickland) after catching him with a running double stomp. Grimes now advances to the second round. Some vignettes profiled the new characters, and they followed with a good match.

This was the most competitive match on the show, with neither gaining a great advantage in between the back-and-forth action. Scott got to shine with his aerial arsenal, while Grimes showed his prowess.

Scott looked to finish off Grimes down the stretch. Instead, Grimes countered a crossbody block into a running powerslam. He then delivered a double stomp before covering Scott for the pinfall.

Bianca Belair defeated Priscilla Zuniga

Belair pinned Zuniga after delivering the KOD in a squash match. Zuniga got in a few spots, but Belair mostly ragdolled her for a beatdown. She threw Zuniga around the ring and gave her a couple of sit-out powerbombs. Then Belair executed her finisher for the pinfall. 

A video package and vignette put over Matt Riddle. He was training in a gym and talking about his training in MMA leading him to WWE. He claimed the training put him ahead of the rest when he finally came to NXT. He also said no one else on the roster could figure him out in the ring.

Roderick Strong defeated Tyler Breeze

Strong pinned Breeze after dropping him with the End of Heartache. Strong came to the ring alone to start the match, but his cohorts would join him for the finish. Fellow henchman from Undisputed Era would wreak havoc when Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly looked to interfere.

The match itself began with grappling. Breeze escaped an attempt at applying the Boston crab called The Stronghold. Breeze soon fired up and went for an Unprettier. Strong was able to escape -- but not for long.

Breeze caught Strong with a neckbreaker and then a series of kicks. Breeze was showing a lot of fire when he started arguing with the referee. Strong struck in the meantime, and the action spilled outside. Strong dropped Breeze on the ring steps, then also dropped him on the barricade with a falling backbreaker to set up the heat spot.

Strong worked over Breeze in between some hope spots. Strong applied La Tapatia (Romero Special) while further targeting the back. The irony was that Breeze began a comeback before catching Strong with a backstabber for a near fall.

Strong gave Breeze a superplex for a two count. They would trade more near falls in the closing moments. Breeze would escape the Stronghold, and Strong would kick out after being hit with a Supermodel Kick.

After a double down, a slugfest developed. Breeze looked to be gaining an advantage when Fish and O'Reilly ran down to cause a distraction. Breeze fought them off and dropped Fish with a superkick. Nevertheless, the interference allowed Strong to give Breeze his falling backbreaker finishing move to score the deciding pinfall.