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WWE NXT results: Six-woman tag team main event

Images: WWE

A six-woman tag team match and challenges being issued headlined episode #491 of NXT. Bianca Belair teamed with the Sky Pirates against the Horsewomen in the main event. Matt Riddle also answered an open challenge to face Drew Gulak in a submission clinic on this episode.

Other challenges set up matches for the coming weeks. Ricochet challenged Adam Cole for next week’s episode. A confrontation at the beginning of the show led to the announcement for a title match. Velveteen Dream challenges Johnny Gargano for the NXT North American Championship in two weeks.

The show opened with Gargano in street clothes sauntering to the ring with the NXT North American Championship belt draped over his shoulder. The crowd chanted that he deserved it. Gargano said we deserve it. He said “Johnny Wrestling” is back.

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa interrupted him. He claimed to be there to celebrate with Gargano. Ciampa said the final scene at TakeOver with them both holding up titles meant this was “our moment.”

Gargano dismissed the notion, saying there was no “us.” Velveteen Dream then came out to interrupt. Dream mentioned that he won the Worlds Collide tournament -- meaning he gets a shot at the titleholder of his choice. Dream wanted a shot at the North American title. Later in the show, the match was announced for the NXT episode in two weeks time.

Gargano noted he not only won the title, but he also was in the Royal Rumble during the same weekend. Gargano cautioned Dream that he may get “Johnny Jackass” instead of “Johnny Champion."

Gargano and Ciampa exchanged glances as the three-way confrontation dissolved.

Jaxson Ryker (w/ The Forgotten Sons) defeated Mansoor

Ryker pinned Mansoor in a quick squash. Ryker mauled him from the start and then tied him in the tree-of-woe. Mansoor tried one offensive move when he jumped off the middle rope, but Ryker speared him out of the air. Ryker pinned Mansoor after giving him a chokeslam into a sit-out powerbomb.

Following the match, Ryker gave Mansoor a second sit-out powerbomb. Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler jumped into the ring to restrain Ryker.

Cathy Kelley was planning to interview Ricochet after he finished with a photoshoot. Adam Cole barged in flanked by the rest of Undisputed Era. Cole called Ricochet a “one trick pony” -- which got Ricochet’s attention as he confronted Cole.

They exchanged words, arguing over who should get a shot at the NXT North American Championship. Ricochet challenged Cole to a match next week, and Cole accepted the challenge. Later in the show, an announcement confirmed the match for the next episode.

Drew Gulak defeated Eric Bugenhagen

Gulak submitted Bugenhagen with the Gu-Lock. Bugenhagen is seemingly a throwback to the 1980s. He played air guitar on his way to the ring -- because he wanted to rock and roll. He also showcased his air drum abilities. Gulak made him pay for those antics.

Gulak began punishing Bugenhagen. However, Bugenhagen countered to apply an abdominal stretch. Then he played more air guitar -- and that infuriated Gulak. Gulak locked in his submission finisher soon after, and Bugenhagen tapped out.

Gulak cut a promo after the match. He is a submission expert and he felt disrespected that he was given “Ben Stiller from Dodgeball” as his opponent. Gulak issued an open challenge for anyone to come out and get stretched.

Matt Riddle entered the scene to take Gulak up on his offer. Gulak dared Riddle to kick off his flip flops and get in the ring.

“You’ve chosen wisely, bro,” Riddle said.

Matt Riddle defeated Drew Gulak

Riddle submitted Gulak with the Bromission in a really good match. This was a submission clinic. Riddle brings an element of realism, and that was very evident in the finish. Gulak was a perfect opponent for this showcase.

They grappled and traded holds to a stalemate during the early portion of the match. Gulak got heat on Riddle as he tied him in knots. Trapping both of his arms behind his back, Gulak continued to torture Riddle. “Let’s go bro,” chanted the crowd.

Riddle made a comeback as they traded strikes. Riddle delivered a cradle suplex during his rally. Gulak tried to cut him off with a dragon screw leg whip. Gulak ended up on the apron when Riddle caught him in a sleeper hold and dragged him back in the ring.

They traded holds and Riddle got tied up again. He escaped to trade strikes. Riddle executed a delayed deadlift powerbomb, then followed with a knee strike. Riddle fumbled a pinning attempt -- which allowed Gulak time to kick out.

Knowing he needed to finish the fight, Riddle threw a barrage of elbow strikes. He then applied his finisher before Gulak tapped out.

They shook hands after the match.

Bianca Belair, Io Shirai & Kairi Sane defeated NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir

Shirai pinned Baszler -- which could possibly set up a title match for down the road. Belair’s gear was a tribute to Black History Month. She started the match against Baszler. When Belair started doing flashy moves, Baszler was having none of it and tagged out.

Sane soon tagged in. Belair pressed Sane over her head and Sane fell into a flying elbow on Duke. After Duke tried to keep Sane in the heel's corner, Shirai came to her aid. Moments later, Baszler caused a distraction to allow Shafir to ground Sane.

That set up the heat spot. Baszler worked over Sane. The heels tagged in and out as Sane sold for them.

Sane escaped their clutches to make a hot tag. Shirai cleaned house before a 619 and a springboard missile dropkick set up a near fall where the pinning attempt was broken up. Sane hitting a flying elbow drop led to another two count as the heels got another save.

Belair came in like a house of fire. She executed her finisher, but there was another save by the heels. Sane did a dive to the outside on the Horsewomen. Meanwhile, a springboard moonsault by Shirai allowed her to score the deciding pinfall on Baszler.

Although they were victorious, Belair was noticeably bothered by Shirai pinning the champion.