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WWE NXT results: Tag Team titles on the line

Images: WWE

The Undisputed Era reigned supreme on episode #458 of NXT. In the main event, Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong regained the NXT Tag Team titles in a rematch against Moustache Mountain.

Tyler Bate & Trent Seven previously captured the titles several weeks ago in the United Kingdom. Back in the United States for the return match at Full Sail, O’Reilly & Strong exploited an injury to once again become champions.

The title change concluded a clean sweep on this episode by Undisputed Era. Adam Cole opened the show in a singles match against Danny Burch.

NXT North American Champion Adam Cole defeated Danny Burch in a non-title match

Cole pinned Burch using the Last Shot. They had a good competitive match where Cole eventually bested Burch.

They grappled early on with Burch gaining the upper hand. The tide turned when Cole sent Burch colliding into the ring post. Cole followed with a neckbreaker on the floor. Another neckbreaker in the ring got a two count.

Cole continued to work over Burch. Upon making a comeback, Burch ran wild into a missile dropkick. A German suplex followed by a lariat got Burch a near fall. As Cole kicked out, Burch transitioned into a crossface. Cole escaped, only to get dropped by a headbutt.

Burch delivered the Tower of London for a close near fall. Cole soon cut off Burch, and he dropped Burch into an ushigoroshi. Burch got his shoulder up at two.

For the finish, a superkick and another ushigoroshi by Cole set up the Last Shot. Cole then covered Burch for the pinfall.

In a skit taped in the parking lot, Candice LeRae confronted NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler. LeRae was upset over comments Baszler made on the previous episode. LeRae took exception to Baszler, in storyline, burying the women’s division.

Baszler suggested LeRae “stick to being the cute little sidekick.” LeRae slapped Baszler and the fight was on. They had a pull-apart brawl. LeRae is seemingly being set up as a future challenger for Baszler. Yes, please.

Cathy Kelley conducted a backstage interview with Dakota Kai. She asked Kai about Baszler’s comments last week. Kai was answering the question when Lacey Evans interrupted the interview.

Dressed like she was going to the Kentucky Derby, Evans cut a promo saying the women’s division needs more class and sophistication. Kai told Evans she would “kick the class off your face” in a match on next week’s episode.

Kairi Sane defeated Vanessa Borne

Sane submitted Borne with The Anchor. Borne showed aggression, and Sane displayed her usual babyface fire.

Sane was out-wrestling Borne at the outset. Borne caught Sane with a Samoan Drop to begin the heat spot. Borne did a twisting vertical suplex as she worked the back. Borne missed a splash -- leading to a Sane comeback.

Sane kept selling her back as she rallied. Borne dashed Sane’s hope with a biel throw off the top rope. Nevertheless, Sane countered her way into applying The Anchor. Borne tapped out for the submission.

Sane addressed the audience in a post-match promo. Sane said she knows Baszler is strong, but she beat her before. Sane said she would win again. “Again, Again, Again,” the crowd chanted. Sane vowed to capture the treasure -- meaning the NXT Women’s Championship.

An announcement plugged a fatal four-way to determine the number one contender for the Women’s title. Sane faces LeRae, Nikki Cross, and Bianca Belair in a match on the next episode. The winner gets a title shot against Baszler.

NXT Champion Aleister Black was supposed to do an in-ring promo. Johnny Gargano met Black as he was entering the building. They had a tense confrontation where Gargano insisted to Black that Tommaso Ciampa can't become NXT Champion.

As Black entered the building, Ciampa jumped him in a sneak attack. Ciampa delivered a draping DDT on the concrete floor to lay out the champion. Black defends the NXT Championship against Ciampa on the show in two weeks.

Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong) defeated Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) to win the NXT Tag Team Championship

O’Reilly & Strong recaptured the titles after Bate threw in the towel. Effective tag team psychology was the order of the day in a match structured differently than their UK encounter. The story of the match was Seven selling a knee injury, which Undisputed Era capitalized on.

O’Reilly & Strong attacked the champions before the bell. A brawl erupted into a Gordon Solie Pier-Sixer. Seven was wearing a brace on his knee, and Strong targeted the knee during the melee. Strong slammed Seven’s knee into the ring steps. Undisputed Era then cut the ring in half as they worked the leg. Meanwhile, the crowd responded with lengthy dueling chants of “Moustache Mountain” and “Undisputed.”

Undisputed Era kept blocking the hot tag. Seven was eventually able to crawl over to tag out. Bate cleaned house. He got a near fall after a standing Shooting Star Press. As a trainer checked on Bate's injured partner, Bate himself displayed a feat of strength. He had Strong in a fireman’s carry when he also grabbed O’Reilly for a giant swing. Bate swung O’Reilly in circles while still carrying Strong on his shoulders.

Bate delivered a Tyler Driver and went for a cover on Strong. O’Reilly jumped in with a running dropkick to break up the count. Seven continued to sell on the apron even while he wanted to make a tag.

Worried about his injured partner, Bate became easy prey for Undisputed Era. O’Reilly used a penalty kick and a brainbuster for consecutive near falls. Moments later, Bate fell into his corner. The injured Seven tagged in. Seven fired up on one leg. A Rainmaker from Seven got a two count. Seven unwittingly went for a Torture Rack -- but his injured knee gave out.

Strong applied a leglock. Bate stormed in the ring to make a save. That is an important detail because tag teams are only allowed one save under WWE rules. O’Reilly dropped a flying knee on Seven’s knee. O’Reilly followed by locking in a heel hook. Seven valiantly escaped the hold -- only to have O’Reilly apply a double kneebar.

Seven writhed in pain selling the submission hold. Unable to make a tag, a helpless Bate teased throwing in the towel. The drama built as Bate finally threw the towel into the ring to stop the match. O’Reilly & Strong once again became Tag Team Champions after winning via the stoppage.