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WWE NXT results: Tag Team titles on the line

Images: WWE

The Tag Team Champions retained their titles and the women’s division got a new number one contender on episode #484 of NXT.

Wrestlers heading to the main roster did jobs on their way out. Heavy Machinery lost in their challenge against Undisputed Era. Likewise, Lacey Evans dropped the fall to Bianca Belair in a match that established Belair as the next challenger for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Mauro Ranallo on commentary several times reminded viewers that the show was premiering on Boxing Day. The multiple references bordered on annoying at times. Nevertheless, Happy Boxing Day everyone!

Bianca Belair defeated Lacey Evans, Mia Yim, and Io Shirai in a fatal four-way number one contender's match

Belair pinned Evans to become the number one contender in the NXT women’s division. Clearly pushed as the star of the match, Belair’s entrance was last during the introductions. The announcers strongly put her over. She did lay low during the body of the match before winning in the end.

Evans also looked strong throughout. She dominated on offense much of the way. Before that, Evans powdered to let the other three fight among themselves. Belair was sent outside early when Shirai and Yim teamed up for a brief moment. Yim flew through the ropes with a tope suicida.

Shirai went for her own dive when Evans cut her off. Evans then sent Shirai sailing through the ropes into a flying crossbody. Shortly thereafter, Shirai and Yim were teaming up again when Yim accidently kicked Shirai. Evans capitalized on the miscue. Meanwhile, Belair got back into the ring -- only to quickly be sent outside again.

Evans worked over Shirai and got a few near falls. Belair rushed back into the match to break up a count. Belair picked up Shirai in a torture rack to set up for her finisher. Evans stopped Belair, and they argued. As they had a shoving match, Shirai springboarded into the ring with a missile dropkick. Belair mowed her down with a spear in arguably the highlight of the night.

The fight continued after all four were down selling. Shirai rose to her feet to deliver a 619 and a missile dropkick off the top. Shirai also leapt backwards off the top for a moonsault press on Evans.

Belair broke up a pinning attempt by using her hair to whip Shirai. She then threw Shirai out of the ring with a modified powerbomb. That left Evans alone in the ring with Belair, and Belair would soon execute her finisher to pin Evans clean.

Belair becomes the number one contender to face Shayna Baszler at TakeOver: Phoenix during Royal Rumble weekend.

Jaxson Ryker (w/ The Forgotten Sons) defeated Mitch Taverna

Ryker pinned Taverna upon execution of his slingshot powerbomb finisher. Poor Taverna got squashed. Ryker ate him alive as he mauled, clubbed, and generally pummeled Taverna. Eventually, the beating ended after the slingshot powerbomb.

At ringside, The Forgotten Sons hollered at Ryker to “never forget” -- whatever that means.

A vignette hyping Velveteen Dream included a promo from Dream where he name-dropped WWE legends that tweeted about him. The final catchphrase used in the promo was “Dream on.”

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa cut a promo filmed on a cell phone. Ciampa said he was a man of his word that delivers on his promises. He feels like a broken record that is constantly talking to a wall. Still no one listens. However, someone was listening. Johnny Gargano listened. He pinned Aleister Black in a match on the previous episode. Ciampa said Gargano deserved an opportunity.

Instead of giving Gargano a match for his own title, Ciampa instead suggested that Gargano pursue the NXT North American Championship. Ciampa insisted that Gargano think about it. They wanted something like this as kids.

“Two kids taking over the world. Johnny, think of the possibilities,” Ciampa said before pulling the plug on the promo.

NXT Tag Team Champions Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong) defeated Heavy Machinery (Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic) to retain their titles

Strong pinned Dozovic to end a heckuva match. Undisputed Era targeted Knight early in the match. O’Reilly threw kicks at his leg -- but Dozovic soon tagged in to clean house. Heavy Machinery did some tandem moves, including stereo overhead belly-to-belly suplexes.

O’Reilly and Strong tried to set a trap. The first one failed, but Knight found himself trapped by the second ploy. Strong then gave Knight a falling suplex off the apron to the floor. It looked very, very painful. Undisputed Era worked over Knight. Dozovic eventually ran wild after a hot tag. He even did The Worm.

Heavy Machinery displayed a new double-team move they call “The Hoss Toss." Knight climbed the ropes and jumped off to miss a moonsault. Strong in turn missed a running knee strike. Dozovic got a two count off a lariat that flipped Strong inside out.

They did a Tower of Doom spot with O’Reilly powerbombing Strong while he superplexed Dozovic. With Knight dispatched on the outside, Undisputed Era had a two-on-one advantage on Dozovic. Somehow, Dozovic still kicked out for a near fall.

In a flash, Undisputed Era regrouped to finish Dozovic with a high-low combo. Strong hit Dozovic with a running kick while O’Reilly swept a leg. Strong then covered Dozovic for the pinfall.

Adam Cole and Bobby Fish joined their Undisputed Era stablemates to gloat and celebrate as the show closed.

The announcement of the nominees for the NXT year-end awards will take place on next week's episode. Also next week, Matt Riddle faces Kassius Ohno in a rematch from TakeOver.