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WWE NXT results: Tag Team titles on the line

Images: WWE

The Street Profits defended their Tag Team titles against Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch in the main event of the latest episode of NXT. Also on the show, Jordan Myles (formerly ACH) advanced in the Breakout Tournament.

Much of the episode focused on getting over new characters or changing personas. That was evident with the opening segment highlighting a change in personality for a new heel.

The show opened with the now heel Io Shirai dressed in all black coming to the ring for a promo. On a previous episode she turned against Candice LeRae during a post-match angle after Shirai lost to Shayna Baszler.

The Full Sail crowd booed and chanted “Io sucks” while Shirai glared at them. She then briefly addressed the audience by heeling on them.

"I don't need any friends," Shirai said. She then told the fans, "I don't need any of you."

Shirai stormed off, and she is now clearly aligned as a villain. 

NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream held a press conference. Someone asked about his next challengers, but Dream shut them down because that was not an approved question. Cathy Kelley asked about Roderick Strong being a challenger. Dream dismissed that before ending the press conference.

Damian Priest defeated Blanco Loco

Priest pinned Loco following The Reckoning. This was a squash with Priest showcasing his move set. Priest then mercifully finished off his opponent.

Priest wiped out Loco with a high kick at the outset. The mauling continued from there with a back elbow and a Falcon Arrow. Loco slapped Priest, which only angered him further. Two lariats later and a cyclone kick set up The Reckoning for the pinfall.

A Killian Dain vignette aired with him watching archival footage of The Troubles conflict in Northern Ireland. Everything was taken from him, so now he plans to take anything he wants. The character development in this was great for establishing his new persona. 

Jordan Myles defeated Boa to advance in the Breakout Tournament

Myles pinned Boa using a 450 splash in this first round match in the ongoing tournament. Myles is pretty much the same as he was when his name was ACH, except part of his new gimmick is he smiles a lot -- like a whole lot.

Boa kept Myles grounded as they worked a headlock. There were reversals and counters. The pace quickened as they ran the ropes. Myles did backflips into a dropkick, and he then stepped back to shoot the phantom three-pointer. He teased the three by showing his dribbling technique before the match.

Boa fired up on Myles and hit him with a series of kicks. Boa got him in a clench and hit him with knees and more kicks. Boa stayed on the offensive while also dashing a hope spot. Myles got a near fall with a roll-up, and Boa punished him with more kicks. 

Myles soon made a comeback with kicks of his own. Thus began a flurry of offense with a Destructo Discus, then a 450 splash -- called Midnight Star -- for the pinfall. Myles advances to the next round of the tournament.

NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler was in a media scrum when she addressed Mia Yim wanting a title shot. Baszler mocked her backstory. It is going to take more than a story to impress Baszler. Besides, the story ends the same way -- tap, nap, or snap.

A Keith Lee vignette positioned him for a push. Lee has been in NXT for a year, and he has yet to be seen as the chosen one. He said he will still end up on top. He has yet to reach his goal of being “limitless,” so in his second year in NXT he will be “infinite.”

An interview with William Regal led to an announcement of Kushida vs. Apollo Crews for the next episode. Also on next week's show is an NXT Championship match with Adam Cole’s first title defense against an unnamed opponent.

While the NXT Champion has his first defense next week, the NXT Tag Team Champions defended their titles on television for the first time on this episode.

NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) defeated Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch to retain their titles

This was mostly a babyface match with neither team really heeling on the other. They shook hands for a Code of Honor before the bell.

Ford and Lorcan started the match with grappling. The other partners tagged in briefly before The Profits cleaned house and cleared the ring. They did the Los Guerreros Laguneros spot with a leapfrog and splash on an opponent draped on the ropes.

Burch used a subtle heel move to turn the tide. They executed double team moves on Dawkins. They worked over Dawkins, with Burch applying a crossface. Ford jumped in to break the hold and make a save.

Ford ran wild on Lorcan and Burch after a hot tag. Ford got a near fall and flew around with corkscrews. Dawkins assisted him in delivering Sliced Bread. They looked to finish Lorcan and Burch off, but Dawkins was sent crashing to the outside.

Lorcan and Burch fired up with a flurry of offense. The high spots were just beginning. Everybody was in and out doing all kinds of stuff. The Profits cut off their foes to set up the finish. A spinebuster by Dawkins left Burch prone for a five-star frog splash from Ford for the pinfall.

The Street Profits were celebrating their win with their title belts when Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish strolled on stage for a staredown with The Profits. Undisputed Era could possibly be the next challengers.