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WWE NXT results: TakeOver XXV fallout

Images: WWE

Fallout from TakeOver XXV was the focus of the latest episode of NXT. Besides highlights from the supercard last weekend, this show also featured two matches taped prior to the TakeOver broadcast.

The two matches were woven into a show that was mostly recaps and highlights. Many of the recaps included great video packages. The show opened and closed with recaps.

The closing segment focused on Adam Cole winning the NXT Championship from Johnny Gargano. That package was extremely well done. Much of the production was very good, but the show itself is mostly skippable for anyone who watched TakeOver.

One notable part of the episode was Drew Gulak challenging Kushida to a submission match, which was accepted and then booked by William Regal. Gulak insulted Kushida for his Back to the Future persona.

The two matches on the show were good -- but in different ways. The first match was good for showcasing Keith Lee.

Keith Lee defeated Kona Reeves

Lee pinned Reeves after delivering the Limit Breaker. Lee mauled Reeves as he toyed with him at the outset. Playing possum, Reeves started selling his knee. That baited Lee in -- and Reeves capitalized with a headbutt. Reeves was only able to get a one count before Lee started teasing a comeback.

Reeves cut off the hope spot -- but not for long. An angry Lee soon made a comeback. Reeves countered and hit an uranage for a two count. Lee cut him off with headbutts and a pounce. Lee then delivered his modified jackhammer finisher for the pinfall.

WWE Photo

Mia Yim defeated Bianca Belair

Yim pinned Belair after executing a super Protect Ya Neck. The crowd was seemingly split in their support for the two. This was a return match from the previous episode, where Yim was also victorious.

Yim gained an early advantage with a flurry of offense. A sunset bomb netted Yim a two count. Belair cut her off with a lariat for her own two count. Belair applied an abdominal stretch, but Yim escaped -- only to get cut off and hit with a gutbuster. Belair then began to target Yim's midsection with a bow-and-arrow. Yim countered to cut her off.

They fought outside the ring with Belair applying a stretch that wrapped Yim around the ring post. Yim countered to smack Belair into the post, and soon thereafter sent Belair crashing into the ring steps. They barely broke the 10 count to continue the match.

Yim trapped Belair in a Tarantula in the ropes, then delivered a Code Blue for a near fall. Belair fought back with a wild suplex for a two count.

In a callback to their previous match, Belair tied her braid up on her head so Yim couldn’t grab it like she did last week. Nevertheless, Yim still managed to counter an attempted powerbomb into a guillotine choke like she did the prior week.

From the top rope, Yim delivered an avalanche version of her finisher for the pinfall.

A tearful Yim displayed pure emotion in winning the match. She cried tears of joy. The announcers put it over as the biggest win of her career.