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WWE NXT results: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Otis Dozovic

Images: WWE

Two singles champions on the NXT brand were each part of non-title matches on episode #470 of NXT. Also, William Regal’s investigation continues.

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa faced Otis Dozovic in the main event after an angle on a previous episode set up a non-title match. Ciampa managed to somehow escape unscathed.

NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane also had a non-title match on the show. Shayna Baszler confronted Sane after the match -- which led to official confirmation of the two meeting at Evolution in a rematch for the NXT Women’s Championship.

The show opened with Mr. Regal addressing the audience. He is nearing the end of his investigation. Before he could elaborate, Undisputed Era interrupted Mr. Regal’s in-ring monologue. Adam Cole was flanked by Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly as the trio tried to intimidate Regal.

They complained about War Raiders. Cole was trying to shake him down to obtain a rematch with Ricochet for the NXT North American Championship. Cole wanted a title match right then and there. Regal had other plans already in motion.

Regal brought up the screwjob finish from the last episode. Much to the chagrin of Cole, Regal informed him that he would get his title match in a triple threat facing Ricochet and Pete Dunne. That match happens in a few weeks. Mr. Regal had another announcement for Cole’s stablemates. They would defend their NXT Tag Team Championship against War Raiders on an episode in three weeks. Undisputed Era were flabbergasted by the news.

Johnny Gargano found himself in a press scrum outside the building at Full Sail. Gargano was apologetic for losing himself recently. He wants to be Johnny Wrestling again. There was a hint of heelishness in his statement. Gargano was joined by wife -- Candice LeRae -- when she was confronted by Lacey Evans. She chastised LeRae for not being supportive enough to her husband. Gargano separated them and left with his wife.

Cathy Kelley tried to interview Velveteen Dream during a photoshoot. Dream was dismissive. He said he would rather not talk about “Johnny Failure,” Tommaso Ciampa, or Aleister Black. Kelley pressed him for more information on the Black attack. Dream insinuated Ciampa was the culprit.

A Lars Sullivan vignette hyped him ahead of a squash match on the show.

Lars Sullivan defeated Victor Orchant via DQ

EC3 ran in to attack Sullivan for a disqualification. Orchant (formerly Vordell Walker) still had “Walker” written on his tights. He was getting mauled by Sullivan when EC3 attacked. EC3 eventually stood tall as Sullivan powdered. They had a staredown as the segment ended. This angle set up a match between Sullivan and EC3 for next week’s episode.

Mr. Regal was headed into his office when he was stopped for a interview about the ongoing investigation. Nikki Cross was leaving his office -- presumably looking for Mr. Regal. She wanted to “play” again with Bianca Belair. Cross kept manically repeating “I know, I know” as she wandered away. Regal questioned her sanity.

The Mighty (Shane Thorne & Nick Miller) defeated The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins)

Thorne pinned Ford with a bridging figure-four. The Mighty had the chain and Solo cup that they previously stole from The Street Profits. The Mighty mocked the Street Profits. That led to Ford dropping Ford with a punch to start the match.

Street Profits cleaned house and cleared the ring. Ford did a tope con hilo to the outside. Dawkins continued the momentum until a distraction cut him off. The Mighty briefly worked over Ford before he made a hot tag. Dawkins ran wild. His leg became trapped between the ring post and the steps after he was sent crashing into the post.  Thorne sandwiched Ford’s leg with a dropkick to the steps.

The Mighty worked over Ford. A hope spot led to Ford’s leg buckling under the stress. Thorne then applied a figure four leglock, and he bridged into a pinning combination on Ford to score the win.

NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane defeated Vanessa Borne in a non-title match

Sane pinned Borne after a flying elbow drop. Borne angered Sane when she put on her pirate hat and kicked the hat out of the ring. They traded strikes. Borne caught Sane with a suplex. That set up a brief heat spot on Sane. She soon fired up on Borne to deliver a spear. Sane then leapt off the top rope with the flying elbow drop for the pinfall.

Much like after Sane’s last showcase match on the show, Shayna Baszler stormed out to interrupt the victory celebration. Baszler demanded a rematch for the championship. Sane informed her the rematch would take place at Evolution. A defiant Sane vowed to defeat Baszler again. They stared each other down as the segment ended.

A confrontation between Keith Lee and Kona Reeves set up a forthcoming match between them. Lee was being interviewed about what is next for him in NXT. Reeves made some condescending remarks to Lee. Reeves also faked him out on a handshake. Lee responded by chiding Reeves over his losing streak. They are seemingly on a collision course.

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa defeated Otis Dozovic in a non-title match

Ciampa pinned Dozovic with a draping DDT. Dozovic utilized his power and strength advantage throughout the match. He ragdolled Ciampa to send him scrambling. Ciampa was reeling on the outside when Dozovic teased a dive. He instead did the worm -- much to delight of the crowd.

As the fight spilled outside the ring, Dozovic took a back bump on the metal entrance ramp. That led to a near fall where Dozovic kicked out. A running knee strike by Ciampa resulted in another two count. Ciampa tried applying a sleeper hold -- only to get slammed to the mat.

Dozovic started clubbing Ciampa with strikes. A lariat led to a close near fall for Dozovic. Ciampa bailed out of the ring. He retrieved his championship belt and went to flee up the ramp. Dozovic’s tag team partner -- Tucker Knight -- blocked Ciampa’s path.

Forced back into the match, Ciampa bumped and fed for Dozovic. Ciampa was suplexed repeatedly. Ciampa used referee Jessika Carr to cause a distraction that led to him raking the face of Dozovic. A struggle continued until Ciampa caught Dozovic with draping DDT on the apron.

Another draping DDT inside the ring finished off Dozovic as Ciampa covered him for the pinfall.