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WWE NXT results: Triple threat North American title match

Images: WWE

An outstanding triple threat title match headlined episode #472 of NXT. Ricochet defended his NXT North American Championship against Adam Cole and United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne in the main event.

Keith Lee basked in the glory of his match with Kona Reeves in another bout on the show. With the investigation into the attack on Aleister Black continuing, Nikki Cross takes on a greater role in the mystery.

The episode opened with NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa doing an in-ring promo. He loves his title belt and showed his affection for it with a warm embrace. He put over his entrance theme as the greatest ever. I’m not convinced. He also called himself the greatest sports entertainer. Ciampa started cutting a promo on Velveteen Dream.

Dream came down to the ring for a confrontation with Ciampa. If you can believe it, they had a heated discussion where they insulted each other. The title belt was talking to Ciampa. It chided Dream for not being "tough enough" to hold the championship. Dream responded by saying he was more man enough than Ciampa could handle. Dream wanted a title shot.

Nikki Cross suddenly interrupted to steal the scene. Maniacal as ever, she stormed around the ring. The crowd chanted “triple threat” and “Nikki knows a secret!” She taunted both Dream and Ciampa. She heard the NXT title belt talking to her much like it does to Ciampa. He attempted to speak, but Cross slapped the microphone out of Ciampa’s hand. The crowd gasped and chanted for Cross.

Cross knelt down to speak into the mic laying on the mat. “I know what you did too,” Cross said in dramatic fashion. She charged towards Dream and he begged off.

Ciampa bent down to pick up the mic. Cross kicked it away from him and repeatedly said “I know” -- with the crowd picking up on it to start a “she knows” chant. Ciampa clutched his championship belt and looked worried.

Keith Lee defeated Kona Reeves

Lee pinned Reeves with the Super Nova. Reeves got some heat on Lee before Lee hulked up into the finish. Reeves tried to taunt Lee at the outset. Lee laughed at him. That set a tone for the match.

Lee had Reeves reeling when he suplexed him over the rope to the floor. Reeves soon cut off Lee to ground him. Lee started no-selling and hulking up. Lee then quickly ended the match with a fireman’s carry into a jackhammer for the pinfall.

A hype segment plugged the NXT Women’s Championship match at WWE Evolution. Another training vignette with Shayna Baszler showed her preparing for the rematch. Meanwhile, Kairi Sane answered questions for reporters. Sane said she is very excited to defend her title at Evolution -- and she also remains confident she will defeat Baszler again.

An unknown reporter asked William Regal about the ongoing investigation into the attack on Aleister Black. Regal declined to comment on known suspects, but he hinted he would like to speak with Nikki Cross.

Kassius Ohno confronted Regal to ask the whereabouts of the “shiny new toy” that recently arrived to NXT. They bickered for a few moments. Regal went into his office and Ohno found himself face-to-face with a smirking Nikki Cross. She told Ohno that she knows what he did. Ohno looked bothered and concerned by the allegations.

NXT North American Champion Ricochet defeated Pete Dunne and Adam Cole to retain his title

Ricochet pinned Dunne with a 450 splash. Dunne had Cole covered for a pin when Ricochet flew in with a splash to score the pinfall.

Early on, Dunne and Ricochet hit Cole with tandem offense. Dunne soon turned on Ricochet, and then tortured him with joint locks. Ricochet escaped by utilizing mat wrestling techniques. Cole rushed in to break up a cloverleaf submission hold applied on Dunne by Ricochet.

Cole went on the offensive. Dunne answered with an enzuigiri. Out of nowhere, Ricochet springboarded back into the melee. Ricochet then springboarded out of the ring to the floor with a moonsault on Dunne. A springboard uppercut by Ricochet on Cole resulted in a two count.

A series of rapid fire exchanges between the three led to Dunne applying a double half crab as he hooked a leg from both Ricochet and Cole. Ricochet soon caught Dunne in an octopus hold. Cole then hit Ricochet with a backstabber for another two count.

They all traded strikes before Cole delivered a running knee for a near fall on Ricochet. Next came what Mauro Ranallo called a “cavalcade” of kicks. In a callback to a spot in the last TakeOver match between Ricochet and Cole, a springboard quebrada by Ricochet was met by stereo superkicks from Dunne and Cole.

Cole and Dunne got into a slugfest. Cole went on to give Dunne a DDT on the apron. Dunne retaliated moments later by stomping Cole’s hand on the ring steps. Ricochet landed on his feet on an Asai moonsault to the floor -- only to eat a superkick from Cole. Dunne rushed into action, hitting his own Asai moonsault on Cole.

Back in the ring, Dunne got a close near fall on Ricochet when Cole jumped in to break up the pinning attempt. Ricochet dazzled with a super double Frankensteiner.

Dunne executed the Bitter End on Cole. Ricochet leapt in attempting a splash -- but he landed into the waiting grip of a triangle applied by Dunne. As Dunne went into the finger break spot on Ricochet, Cole cut off Dunne with a superkick.

Cole followed by hitting Ricochet with the Last Shot. An ushigoroshi by Cole netted a 2.5 count on Dunne. Countering Cole, Dunne delivered the Bitter End. Dunne was covering Cole when Ricochet springboarded into a 450 splash on Dunne for the deciding pinfall.

The next episode of NXT has what is billed as a double main event. Undisputed Era (Kyle O'Reilly & Roderick Strong) defend the NXT Tag Team Championship against War Raiders. Also, Nikki Cross and Bianca Belair meet in an anticipated rematch that's been brewing for weeks.