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WWE NXT results: Triple threat number one contender's match

Images: WWE

The next challenger is set for a shot at the NXT Women’s Championship. Kairi Sane is now the number one contender after winning a triple threat match in the main event on episode #459 of NXT. Sane challenges Shayna Baszler for the title at TakeOver: Brooklyn 4.

Sane defeated Nikki Cross and Candice LeRae to become the top contender. Elsewhere on the show, two knockouts led to pinfalls in other matches.

Lacey Evans defeated Dakota Kai

Evans pinned Kai after knocking her out with the Woman’s Right. Playing the bully from the start, Evans looked strong in winning.

Kai fired up at the outset when Evans mocked her. Evans cut her off on an attempted facewash. Then she used the tag rope to tie Kai upside down in the tree-of-woe. Evans taunted Kai while also keeping her grounded. Kai countered into a cradle for a near fall. Evans soon cut her off to apply a submission holds.

Evans missed a moonsault off the middle rope. Kai made a comeback with a flurry of kicks and strikes. Kai facewashed Evans several times -- yet Evans still kicked out of a pinning attempt. Kai would eventually get hit with the Woman’s Right for the pinfall. Evans continued the trash talking after the match as she hovered over Kai.

Backstage, Cathy Kelley interviewed Ricochet. She asked him about the Undisputed Era. Though Ricochet said he didn’t like Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong, he at least put them over as fighting champions.

Ricochet then called out Adam Cole for being the opposite of a fighting champion. He went on to say Cole hides behind his title. Whenever Cole does face him, Ricochet vowed to win the North American Championship.

In a skit, the Street Profits were training at an outdoor basketball court.

EC3 was doing a TMZ-style interview when a fan stopped him for a picture. Another fan stopped him, so EC3 gave him a T-shirt. EC3 then came face-to-face with Kona Reeves. They had words and seem destined to meet in the ring.

A video package recapped the feud between NXT Champion Aleister Black and Tommaso Ciampa.

Kassius Ohno defeated Ramirez

Ohno pinned Ramirez in a very quick squash match. This ended almost as soon as it began. Ohno delivered a roaring elbow to quickly finish off his opponent.

The Undisputed Era were shooting the breeze when they decided to cut promos. Cole warned and threatened Ricochet.

A great vignette highlighted War Raiders. Their accomplishments in Japan were heavily hyped. Hanson & Rowe were even shown with the IWGP Tag Team Championship belts. A photo showed them with Hiroshi Tanahashi.

War Raiders are basically modern day Vikings. They told some of their backstory. They previously fought each other before deciding to team up afterwards. Footage from ICW and PROGRESS was prominently featured in the segment.

In a pre-taped promo with special effects, Velveteen Dream put over his matches at TakeOver events. He hinted at wrestling on the next TakeOver card in Brooklyn.

Kairi Sane defeated Nikki Cross and Candice LeRae in a triple threat number one contender’s match

Sane pinned LeRae in a good, action-packed match. There was rarely a dull moment. NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler provided guest commentary. Sane won this match to advance to a title shot at TakeOver: Brooklyn.

The pace started rather fast as all three exchanged schoolboy attempts. Sane was firing up on Cross until Sane was sent colliding with the ring post.

LeRae did a tope suicida onto Cross. She went for another tope, but Cross cut her off. The maniacal Cross began working over LeRae. Sane suddenly re-emerged to waylay Cross. Sane followed that by jumping off the top rope into a Del Rio foot stomp on LeRae. Cross jumped back in to break up Sane from applying The Anchor.

The match soon spilled outside. Cross DDT’d LeRae on the metal entrance ramp. Cross then turned around into a flying elbow from Sane. Teasing her finisher, Sane climbed the turnbuckles. Cross cut her off to set up a Tower of Doom spot.

A slugfest developed. LeRae did a combo DDT and flatliner at the same time on both of her opponents. LeRae springboarded into a lionsault. She went to cover Sane, but Cross broke up the pin. Cross then dispatched LeRae with a draping corkscrew neckbreaker on the floor.

Cross stalked Sane. LeRae re-joined the melee before hitting another lionsault. This time the quebrada was on Cross. LeRae went for a cover, but out of the sky fell Sane with a flying elbow drop. Sane then pinned LeRae to become number one contender.

A staredown between Baszler and Sane closed the show.